When Is Mother's Day

Mother's Day devotionals can speak to the heart of any mother on Earth, if carefully chosen. Devotionals are meant to minister to women's deepest spiritual needs, and can convey the love of Christ in a concise and touching manner. Also, devotionals come in several different forms, meeting the needs of those who either love books, cards or enjoy hearing messages on pod casts. These short messages can be meant for one a day for a year, one month only, or for many years at a time. Women will appreciate also that these messages are written mostly by other mature Christian women who know how to minister to others, and understand the heart of a woman.

Devotionals can speak to a myriad of issues in a person's life. Many come in the form of small devotional booklets of about 20 pages. These little devotionals are long enough to cover well a subject without beating it to death. They are short enough so that they keep the attention of the reader, and include enough information to make the point. What kind of subjects can one expect inside these compact booklets? Well, how about issues devoted especially to the individual? What about marriage, relationships or prayer? There are devotionals dedicated to losing weight, relationships with sons, daughters, teenagers and other people.

So when is Mothers Day? On the second Sunday in the Month of May, and is situated in a wonderful month that is prelude to summer with blooming flowers and refreshing breezes. The holiday was started over one hundred years ago by a mother who was concerned about the plight of poor people in Appalachia. Not until 1905 did a woman named Anna decide to raise the awareness of and was successful in establishing a national holiday in 1914, when it was signed by Woodrow Wilson. She did this in honor of her mother who worked to end the sanitation problems in Appalachia. The holiday quickly became an occasion for commercial gain when people began buying Mother's Day cards and gifts, which disappointed the founder.

A holiday for mothers didn't only begin in the U.S. however. Moms have been honored in other ways since ancient times. One may ask, "when is mothers day in other countries?" For example, in Britain servants and apprentices who worked for professional people were allowed visits to employee's moms. Gifts in the form of sweet breads were given in honor of them. The day came to be known as "Mothering Sunday" and was celebrated prior to the Easter season. In ancient Greece they worshipped a Greek god called Cybele. The Romans worshipped a god called Juno. The Romans dedicated a holiday to Juno on behalf of moms on a day called Matronalia. So, one can see that honoring moms is not a new idea, but has only been improved upon over the centuries.

What better way to celebrate a holiday honoring moms than to present them with wonderful Mother's Day devotionals selected especially for them? Devotionals come in many forms, from poems in cards to CD's with scriptures read out loud, to small and large books on almost any topic imaginable. There are Mother's Day devotionals written by moms who are serving or who have served on the mission field, with experiences that can be related to daily experiences of moms any where else. Wives of famous Christian leaders also write devotionals, such as the wife of Billy Graham, Ruth Graham.

Mother's Day devotionals are available for helping women overcome jealousy, anger, depression and loss. Pastors who have radio ministries usually are also prolific writers of devotionals not only for men but for women as well. Some books focus on how moms relate with mother-in-laws, the experiences of child raising, and also quote moms regarding life experiences. Still others discuss the changes moms have undergone over the centuries regarding their roles in the family, in the church and in society. Culture plays a huge role in how moms interact within the family and elsewhere. Culture helps form who a person is and who they ultimately become. Devotionals are designed to help keep a godly perspective on life, and keep the focus where it should be, within the Christian realm so that moms can do what they need to do with patience, love, faith, kindness, goodness - and other fruits of the Spirit.

In churches, Mother's Day devotionals may be given out in the form of small booklets, along perhaps with red roses or carnations to all moms whether young or old. Older moms may write a poem and decide to stand up in church to read it out loud. Sunday schools may ask children "when is mothers day" and emphasize famous mothers of the Bible to study how these women demonstrated Godly qualities to families. Some Biblical moms are Mary, the mother of Jesus; Sarah, Abraham's wife or the very first mom, Eve. Members in churches could also spend some time honoring Grandmothers for many long years of faithful service to families and in the church. Often older folks are overlooked, so this holiday is a perfect time to honor them. The Bible says people should honor mothers: "Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;" (Ephesians 6:2).

Children may ask "when is Mothers Day"? Moms can be proud to tell the children all about the long history of this well-known holiday, and the spiritual significance of it as it relates to Christianity. "When is Mothers Day" is the type of question moms love to hear from anyone, as it reflects the love people all over the world have for them, and how precious they are.

Mother's Day Greeting Cards

Mothers Day greeting cards are everywhere a shopper goes, whether to local drug stores, grocery stores, retail and discount stores or even on the internet. Not only are they available almost anywhere, but there is such a great variety that there is likely a card to suit any mood or sentiment. Mothers Day greeting cards can be sent to any kind of mother as well such as grandmothers, sisters who are mothers, aunts who are mothers, neighbors, daughters or even friends who are mothers. Mothers Day greeting cards can be found with hand-drawn artwork, craftwork, photographs, animated, and then there are those with nothing on the inside so the sender can write down their own thoughts. There are also all shapes and sizes to please anyone. So there is no reason why anyone should come home without having purchased the perfect card!

Local drug stores usually carry a full line of greeting cards by many companies at reasonable prices ranging from less than one dollar to as much as six or seven dollars each. However, if the goal is to refrain from spending money, a trip to the local craft store will provide an abundance of materials to create that very special card no one else has. From this material one can make many cards, reducing greatly the cost. There are local card shops that can provide low cost cards as well, and will provide a good variety for any shopper willing to take the time to select just the right one. Card searchers will find Mothers Day greeting cards situated between other card sections that are themed, so browsing in the correct section will be easy. There are musical cards that play a tune when opened, selections created in such a way that children appear to have made the creation, which touches the hearts of mothers. For an unusual touch, how about a Mothers Day card made out of some type of chocolate or candy?! The problem with this though, is that it won't be around to look at later when mom is feeling sentimental.

Some people enjoy doing all shopping online, and cards are no exception. There are thousands of free Mother's Day ecards to be had all over the internet! A person can create the whole card, beginning with the picture or decoration on the front, to the message written in the middle, and ending with a special song attached when it is opened. Any type of message is available if a person isn't too creative writing verse. There are funny messages, serious and sentimental messages meant to evoke deep feelings in the reader, so that the thoughts will be remembered for years to come. How about sending free Mother's Day ecards with classical art on the front, or cards with a religious theme for mothers with great faith? There are software packages in stores that allow the purchaser to create free Mother's Day ecards which even eliminates the necessity to search out the perfect card online. Utilizing packages such as these enable the creator to put personal family pictures onto the cards, making the recipient even more touched.

Now there are cards online that contain a variety of video choices! How about that!? Just choose a video, either write or choose a message and send on its way. These video cards also come in a very wide variety of choices in messages and sentiments. This is a way to create a very unique card that not everyone sends each year. A more interesting choice is to send a card that tells the story of real life mothers from various parts of the world. These stories are of poor mothers who have managed to pull themselves and the family out of poverty which is heroic! Mothers everywhere will enjoy this type of card. Perhaps mother would appreciate receiving a card from various countries of the world if she likes to travel. Paris would be a very romantic choice, or even Tuscany in Italy. Another idea would be to purchase a special gift to slip inside that card such as cooking lessons in Italy! Some mothers may appreciate a gift card to purchase a special flower arrangement or move gift certificates tucked inside of their cards.

No matter how the sender wishes to present the chosen card, it is sure to be appreciated and loved, because it is from a son, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousin or just a special friend. The more thought the sender puts into the selection or creation of a card, the more appreciation there will be, because the mother will know that a lot of care went into the purchase. Cards are very special, which is why they are always tucked into a spray of flowers or a planter - the addition makes the gift just that much more special. A wonderful way to show appreciation for mothers would be to add a verse from the Bible: "Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates" (Provers 31:31 KJV).

Coffee has become an extremely popular drink among any age group, and moms are no exception because there are young, middle-aged and older mothers who all enjoy sipping cups of coffee. A great gift would be to add a gift certificate to a coffee house with the free Mother's Day ecard. This card will be enjoyed every time she ventures out for coffee. How about attaching a card to the collar of a new puppy or kitten for the mother who loves animals? There are so many different and creative ways to both send and create free Mother's Day ecards that the ideas are limitless! Don't wait until the holiday is imminent. Plan ahead and send it so that it arrives either just prior to or on the special Day. The next time there will be a big smile on her face!

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