Christian Home Loan Application

Christian home loan applications are the first step in the journey toward owning a new house. This is often an overwhelming task, especially for the first time buyer. Often, the home loan application process is time consuming and requires a lot of preparation and patience on the part of the borrower. However, this process does not have to be as harrowing as it first appears. With the proper steps, a consumer can soon be on their way to owning a house. "The God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build" (Nehemiah 2:20).

Before beginning the process, gathering basic information and a number of documents is required. Many financial documents will be needed to fill out the home loan application. This information will help the individual or mortgage broker fill in sections such as employment information, monthly income, assets and liabilities, and general borrower information. The consumer will need a Social Security number, recent pay stubs, information on employers and places they have lived, copies of credit card statements, past loan information, copies of bank statements, and information about any stocks or investments. This will make filling out home loan applications much easier.

The application process will ask for the property information of the home the consumer wants to buy or build, such as what type of property it is and the name under which the title will be held. The individual will also have to note how they will pay for the down payment. Other types of information needed for a home loan application can depend on the bank or lender, so it is important to be prepared for anything. Fees for home loan applications are nonrefundable and usually cost a few hundred dollars. These fees are used to process credit reports and appraisals. After completing the application process, the bank or lender will go over the information to make sure everything is filled out. This information will then go to the underwriting department, where it may take between one day and a few weeks to receive notice of approval or rejection.

The Internet is a very convenient source of information for individuals interested in building or purchasing a hew house. Home loan applications are now available online at many major bank websites, and offer an easy and secure way to apply for loans. Because of the convenience the Internet brings, some lenders even offer a free home loan application just for filling them out online. The process if often much quicker and easier than visiting a local mortgage broker. The use of technology in this field takes much of the work away from the broker, often saving the individual time and money.

Home loan interest rates are the single most popular deciding factor in making a purchase on a piece of property. When a home loan interest rate is low, buyers are able to afford more. When the index is high, the buyer gets less house for their money. Since the majority of the interest is paid within the first 15 years of a mortgage, it is important to be sure that the annual percentage is as low as possible. When the balance is the largest, the percentage going to the lender is higher. Saving money with a long term loan is dependent upon the annual percentage being paid to the lender, and the remaining amount within the payments going to the principal balance.

The main purpose for a refinance is to either pay off a current mortgage and refinance it at a lower percentage or to shorten the term of the mortgage. Owners can use good home loan interest rates to enjoy the added income saved. There is no need to put off repairs of the most valuable investment--the home--when an owner can take advantage of a low home loan interest rate and get the cash needed for the repairs. If a buyer is hesitating to buy their first home because of the high cost of housing prices, those high prices can be offset with a lower percentage being paid to the lender. Financing can be made for many different lengths, including 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, 25-year, and 30-year loans. Finding the right funding and repayment schedule that fits the family budget and lifestyle is recommended.

With the proliferation of online lenders, a buyer can compare terms, home loan interest rates, and the lenders' services. With online shopping, a seeker will find calculators and worksheets that will help find the best home loan interest rate. The Bible says, "One that ruleth well his own house," to show us that the family is the center of our responsibility (1 Timothy 3:4). Buying a home can be an important part of this responsibility. Parents who love their children will use their resources to make sure those children have a good place to grow and learn. Appropriate financing can help a person buy a home for their family. Low interest has helped families not only buy a home but also maintain a respectable and responsible budget once they are settled into the newly purchased property.

Christian Home Loan Mortgage Companies

Home loan mortgage companies are adept at leading home buyers through the complex maze of real estate legalities, liens, and liabilities---all the way to property ownership. A broker in a home loan mortgage company is paid to bring together lenders and borrowers, like a talent scout, often evaluating a buyer's credit situation and matching him to the right lender. Brokers bid a home buyer's application to more than one lender. Once the lender has been chosen, the broker stays through the process until the financing deal closes. Brokers are working for the best deal for the lender, so it is a good idea for a potential property buyer to watch to see what terms are offered and shop around for the best reasonable option. An interested party may want to work with more than one brokerage agency. Even though a broker might have multiple funding options to choose from, he is not obligated to find the best deal for the purchaser unless he is acting also as a purchasing agent.

These brokerage agencies are not banks or credit unions. Officers in a bank sell and process housing applications, but only for the funding programs that their employer originates. Many of the choices might sound the same as those offered by home loan mortgage companies, but the choice of rates is reduced. Here is the difference. A home loan mortgage company might be local or online, finding the buyer a lender that could be anywhere in the country. A lender outside of the purchaser's community may process the mortgage more slowly than those who know the particular real estate area best, but it is also true that distant lenders may accept a wider range of credit risks. Specialized sales can be found in many brokerage agencies. It pays to question issues like repayment terms and processing time when negotiating with any mortgage brokerage firm. "For God giveth to a man that is good in his sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy" (Ecclesiastes 2:26).

Sometimes it isn't clear whether a purchaser is dealing with a broker or an actual lender. The buyer may have to ask; it isn't always mentioned and in the information received, it will give the buyer a clue who is being paid a multitude of fees. When the purchaser pays "points" during the finance closing or in combination with the interest rate, they may be compensating a home loan mortgage company employee for their services. This is why it is important to shop around for different home loan mortgage companies. Fees are generally estimates that can be negotiated but familiarity with terms such as title examination fees, abstract of title, property survey, document, and recording fees will help the buyer discuss options on an even playing field with the brokerage representative. A property buyer's expectation, backed by the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, that the mortgage company will give a good faith estimate of charges to be incurred, is the right of a potential home buyer.

Home loan mortgage rates vary greatly on a daily basis and depend on the type of interest points that are locked in at the time of financing. Consumers are often concerned about a home loan mortgage rate when looking to purchase or refinance a property or if an owner wants to take out a second mortgage or equity line of credit on their current property. Regardless of the reason, interest affects monthly payments as well as the overall amount spent over the term of the borrowed balance. Individuals can access the current interest index by researching on their own or by using the services of a financial institution. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him" (James 1:5).

If one is looking to find out the current interest index; an Internet search is a good place to start. When searching the Internet to determine the best home loan mortgage rates, there are basically five things to consider in the research process and any good online resource center should be able to provide this information. First the seeker should look at where the interest index is today. Then find out which direction interest is expected to head in the near future. Often times, mortgage experts will gauge the state of the home loan mortgage rate over the next 30-45 days. This also allows a buyer to follow the interest index trends. The fourth piece of information needed is the average percentage available to others with similar credit and income histories in the area. Finally, it is time to crunch the numbers and discover the exact amounts of a payment that will go towards principal each month, and what amount will go to the lender as interest.

Interest percentages are often based on the term of the financing contract, the number of points being paid, and whether the funding is based on a fixed or adjustable rate. The two most popular lengths of terms on a funding note are 15 and 30 years, and recently the addition of the 40 year mortgage has been offered. Points refer to a lump sum of interest that the Christian borrower pays up front and can definitely impact home loan mortgage rates. On a fixed funding contract, one point equals one percent of the mortgage amount. Therefore the more points being paid up front at the time of financing, the lower home loan mortgage rate is received. Fixed contracts are loans in which the interest index is constant through out the term of repayment resulting in equal payments for a set period of time. Adjustable interest indexes are when the payment and interest index vary according to the financial index the funding is based upon.

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