Broadcast Email Marketing

Businesses use broadcast email marketing to communicate their message to a manifold number of potential customers. As the word broadcast implies, information about any merchandise or services that a business wishes to promote is communicated to thousands of recipients at one time using electronic mail. Systems that accomplish this type of advertising can generally also manage large electronic mail lists. If a recipient wishes to unsubscribe from continuing messages, or if a message is bounced because the address is no longer a valid one, these systems can handle such needs as well. A quality plan for broadcast email marketing can be an effective and relatively simple method for reaching a targeted group of likely customers. As with any form of advertising, presentation and content are very important. There are professional services that can help organizations quickly and effectively design, write copy, edit, and lay out successful messages that can be made available to a mass audience. In addition, compiling a list of recipients can be challenging, but most professional services can provide help in this area as well. These services can also handle such issues as duplicate addresses, adding to the list of recipients, and tracking how many of the messages have been opened once they were received. In addition, there are many software products available that can perform similar tasks for the client. If a potential customer should click on a link that was included in the message, this can be traced as well.

When selecting a broadcast email marketing service, there are some important features that an organization should look for. One major choice involves whether or not a business wishes to hire an outside service to handle these issues or to create an in house system. In house systems will require special software that can perform the needed tasks. Of course, this software will need to be installed by IT professionals and continue to be maintained. If an organization already employs these IT professionals, an in house approach might make sense. In addition, some businesses have a strong desire to keep all of their customer information confidential. This confidentiality can generally be best served by keeping information in house, although there are agencies that can offer effective data security. For companies that do not have an IT team on their payroll, outsourcing these needs might be the most practical way to achieve a successful broadcast email marketing program. When advertising needs are outsourced, a business can choose between self service and full service programs. A self service program is usually a web based service that will forward messages and newsletters that the client created. This combination approach can work well for organizations that are medium sized and have the skilled personnel who can create effective campaigns. A full service agency offers many other features including message or newsletter design, copy writing, editing, or even full marketing campaign designs.

A full service agency that handles broadcast email marketing needs can also address important technical issues. Businesses that do not want to have to deal with such details as software upgrades, security issues, bug repairs, or general maintenance will often go the full service route. In some cases, an organization will enjoy an overall savings in costs by outsourcing these campaigns completely. Any business that does not have an in house marketing team, or that does not wish to overburden their IT staff can usually save money by hiring a service with the capability of handling all of these marketing needs. There are agencies that will allow clients to send out only occasional promotions and make individual payment for each promotion as opposed to an ongoing campaign. Other agencies will operate on a subscription basis with payments made each month. Services that a broadcast email marketing agency might offer could include tracking and reporting features. When a promotional message has been broadcasted, an agency will generally provide clients with a list of important information. This list will include the number of messages that were sent out, the number of messages that bounced back, the number of email recipients who linked through the message to the subscriber's site, the number of opened messages, the number of new subscribers, and the number of opt outs.

Often, a business will choose to go with a more integrated approach to broadcast email marketing. In addition to sending out thousands of email messages to potential customers, a business might also choose to add direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. This three pronged approach can be very effective in getting an organization's information out there. By broadcasting information via email, direct mail, and telephone, a marketing message can be continually brought before a multitude of possible clients. The Bible talks about how important it is for a believer to persistently express praise to God. "Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified." (Psalm 70:4)

Another approach to broadcast email marketing is one that involves taking advantage of social networking. Similar to affiliate marketing, a campaign will provide links that can be attached to messages sent on social websites. When recipients of these messages link back to the company's site, the marketer will receive a fee. Some marketers will also place the link on their own personal profile page. With all of the choices that are available to organizations that are interested in this form of advertising, there is generally a plan that will best meet the individual needs of any business.

Bulk Email Marketing Service

A bulk email marketing service can provide an effective form of advertising and outreach between an organization or business and valued customers or contacts. The costs that are associated with standard advertising can be very high. Reaching potential customers through electronic messages can be extremely reasonable by comparison. A merchant may wish to inform interested individuals about a new product that has become available or an upcoming sale. Organizations might need to raise funds or make contact with thousands of members or volunteers. Using bulk email as a marketing tool can be a very effective way to get the word out to interested parties. Unlike spam, these messages are targeted to recipients who have previously shown interest in a business or organization. Random solicitations are seldom welcome and crowding inboxes with junk is not a good way to win new customers. A bulk email marketing service can help clients zero in on likely patrons and effectively share information about products or opportunities. Thousands of messages can go out to interested individuals and potential customers with lightening speed. Because these messages are only going out to recipients who have agreed to receive them, these messages will never be mistaken for spam. The results of this type of marketing can be easily proven. Increased web traffic and sales is one very positive indicator. Tracking software that indicates the number of opened and linked messages also work to keep clients informed.

Proponents of this marketing technique feel that it is the most effective method of advertising available. Direct mail will pepper an entire area, ending up in the mail boxes of folks who are not even remotely interested. Classified as junk mail, these pieces of correspondence will more likely end up in the trash can as opposed to earning a sale for the advertising vendor. Online banner advertising can run the risk of getting lost in the chatter of Internet graphics. A bulk email marketing service can provide clients with electronic mailing lists that include contacts who are most likely to turn into paying customers. These services can handle every aspect of a campaign, or can work in conjunction with an organization, allowing the organization to participate at whatever level they desire. Many services employ experts who will conduct market research and profile a client's best potential contacts. Shopping on the Internet continues to grow in popularity. Many customers first discover a business through targeted email marketing. In addition, the sales conversion rates that are associated with this method of advertising are generally very high. But an increase in sales will not happen without a corresponding increase in web traffic. An effective bulk email marketing service can conduct campaigns that may increase both web traffic and sales dramatically.

Working with a bulk email marketing service can mean taking advantage of a number of options that these services can provide. Of course, not all services are alike. If an agency cannot demonstrate a proven track record of success, a potential client might be wise to move on. A major key to success is the ability to compile lists of contacts that are compatible with a client's needs. If this skill is lacking, it will most likely show up in the track record and sales conversion numbers that an agency presents. Many services will also keep professional copy writers and graphic designers on staff who can help clients craft quality messages that will yield tangible results. Clients are usually given final approval over all copy and graphics before any campaign is launched. Once messages have gone out, a reputable bulk email marketing service will analyze statistics and make any adjustments that are necessary to guarantee a client's success. A professional agency will take the success of a client very seriously. This attention to detail is the only way to build a lasting and profitable relationship with clients. Another service that an agency may offer to clients is the availability of multiple contact lists that are grouped according to interests. These multiple lists can help businesses better target individual advertising efforts. A client should insist on a no spam policy. Services that sell lists to other organizations for spamming purposes may not have the client's best interests at heart.

There are common misconceptions that are associated with a bulk email marketing service. The most prominent misconception is that this type of advertising is actually a form of spamming. As long as the recipients of these messages have consented to receive them and can opt out at will, no spamming has occurred. Working to market a product or service can entail a belief that effective communication can make a difference. The Bible talks about the faith and hope of Biblical figures like Abraham. "Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, so shall thy seed be." (Romans 4:18)

Some businesses prefer to participate in the creation of any advertising campaigns that are conducted by a bulk email marketing service. When this is the case, an agency might offer clients help in areas such as copywriting and graphic design. Copy that is not polished and professionally executed will reflect badly on the merchant and could discourage potential customers. The same is true for poorly crafted graphic elements. It is in the best interests of both the agency and the client to exhibit high standards of quality in any advertising endeavor.

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