Email Marketing Agency

An email marketing agency can help businesses gain exposure to new customers and increase traffic to a participating e-commerce website. Using electronic mail to market a product or service can be surprisingly effective. Sending an ad out in bulk to targeted potential customers can bring additional visitors to a site within a very short turn around time. Agencies may offer a wide variety of services from ad design to access to lists of electronic mail address of likely customers. Some organizations may offer clients a choice between a full service campaign and a campaign that allows the client to handle some marketing issues on their own. A self service software system will present clients with a more affordable option than a more full service approach. These bulk email solutions can send out hundreds of thousands of messages out within one hour. The software will also track the number of messages that were opened as well as the number of links that were clicked. In some cases, a business may simply require access to targeted electronic mail lists. Clients supply the criteria that best describes likely customers. An email marketing agency will then supply this client with a list of addresses of likeminded email recipients. In many cases, these lists can be compiled very quickly, sometimes within one business day. Other features that these agencies might offer could include opt in address lists, fully designed marketing campaigns, and guaranteed web traffic increases.

There can be a wide variety of options and features that are offered by an email marketing agency. Customizable electronic mail templates can make creating effective messages easier for clients. Some organizations will also offer software and wizards that direct clients as they create their own advertising campaigns. The ability to generate and add to a list of targeted contacts is another popular feature. If speedy results are a requirement, many agencies can track and report activity instantly. In addition to these services, most agencies will also offer advice and support every step of the way. Some clients may feel intimidated at the prospect of producing an HTML campaign. A reputable email marketing agency will be able to simplify the process by utilizing user friendly software and easy to incorporate templates. These templates can be easily customized with a client's logo, choice of colors, type font, and graphics. Use of these templates is completely voluntary. If a client already has material prepared, they may generally use this material instead. When training is needed, most agencies can oblige. Some organizations offer online tutorials for clients. Reporting services allow clients to see how many messages were opened and how many recipients clicked through a link to visit the client's website. Tracking bounced messages is also a useful feature.

Another service that is frequently offered by an email marketing agency is opt-in electronic mail list rental service. An opt-in email list involves participants who volunteered to have a personal electronic mail address added to a targeted list. Why would any individual sign up to get advertising messages in their inbox? An incentive in the form of free merchandise that is offered to participants is the answer. A consumer will volunteer, or opt in to a list of potential customers. When that consumer receives and opens an electronic mail message from an email marketing agency that consumer will earn incentive points. Should the consumer then click on a link and visit the client's website, the consumer will earn more points. After accumulating sufficient points, participating consumers can redeem the points for free merchandise. This free merchandise could include electronics, sports merchandise, DVD players, gift certificates, and other products. In this manner, an agency can gain access to something more than just a random list of electronic mail addresses. Participating consumers will have filled out a questionnaire that helps to pinpoint interests and buying habits. Agencies will then match consumers up with the appropriate clients. Both the client and the consumer have a say in the types of messages that cross their paths.

One creative marketing technique involves electronic mail messages that actually talk to the recipient. An email marketing agency can generally provide clients who wish to stand out from the pack with this option. An audio message will speak directly to potential customers whenever the message is opened. A downfall of marketing through electronic mail is that these messages can be easily and quickly deleted and ignored. Talking messages offer just one more way to grab a potential customer's attention. In most cases, a thirty second audio message will begin to play the minute that the email is opened. For many businesses, using professional agencies to help spread the word about a product or service can make a big difference in a company's bottom line. The Bible contains many assurances about the faithfulness and trustworthiness of God. "And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee." (Psalm 9:10)

In addition to designing effective campaigns, an email marketing agency can also provide clients with specialized software products. These programs can aide clients in collecting and building electronic mailing lists. Using this software, customers can opt in for mailings and information from a particular business. Many customers are interested in receiving informational newsletters from a particular business. These newsletters can contain data on new products and services that a customer might be willing to purchase. Among the many marketing options that are available, clients should be able to find a good fit that will increase sales and make a product or service more widely recognized.

Email Marketing Company

An email marketing company is the answer for small businesses overwhelmed with the often complex task of creating an effective Internet mail campaign. As Internet users become more and more sophisticated in their use of the Web, the job of creating emails that people are willing to open and read is becoming more and more difficult. An email marketing company that thrives on successful mail campaigns to make a profit keeps its finger on the pulse of current market trends and the newest innovations in Internet mailing strategies. Large companies have the trained staff to man their own marketing campaigns, but smaller companies must rely on an email marketing company to assist in developing successful advertising endeavors on the Web. Broadcasting an extensive Internet mail delivery has become a science that is often best left to experts to make.

Emailing to thousands of addresses is a daily routine for most companies of any size, because the process is cheaper, faster and the results can be quickly recorded and analyzed. Unlike a direct mail effort that really has no way of being judged except through days or weeks later responses, Internet mailing when conducted correctly can be analyzed from the moment the mailing leaves the delivery server until the very last message is opened or deleted. Extensive analytical reports on the mailing's impact can help to shape a more favorable response on a follow-up campaign. No other message delivery medium can offer as many feedback modules as an Internet mail campaign. And while bigger companies can have the software and infrastructure to handle such an analysis, an email marketing company can handle all the feedback information that a small business could ever want or desire.

One of the formidable obstacles for a small business conducting a successful Internet mail campaign is the ownership of an extensive mailing list. It can often take a business a number of years to build up a list of customers and businesses with which the company has done business. This list of contacts will have been comprised of customers coming to the store, buying online, and perhaps opting in online at the company's website. For business to business list building, the names come from trade show contacts, reply cards and networking efforts. It takes considerable effort to build relationships with both businesses and customers who will welcome or at least accept and open an email from a company without deleting it out of hand. An email marketing company that is worth the price that it charges to conduct an Internet mail campaign can offer quality opt in mailing lists for those small businesses that do not have their mailing lists already in place. An opt-in mailing list is comprised of customers or businesses that have already agreed to receive Internet mail from a particular address or person.

An email marketing company must have as one of its highest priorities, the ability to offer a delivery service that is not viewed as spam by a recipient's security program and this is one of the reasons why an opt-in mailing list is so important. But a business offering Internet mailing services can offer a great deal more than just quality mailing lists. For example, research has shown that certain email designs and motifs are more amenable to viewing than others. An email marketing company can offer expertise in designing Internet mail pieces that are eye catching and have copy that grabs the reader's attention. In addition, a competent business can offer a client the ability to offer individually customized emails so that a one size fits all approach is bypassed in favor of a custom fit for each recipient. Jesus promises His followers that they can have peace in a world that is very unpeaceful: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." (John 14:27)

When choosing an email marketing company, there are several issues with which to be concerned. First would be the reputation of the company. It is important to ask for a list of clients the company has already served and contact them for references. If a client provides a delivery or marketing company with their own mailing list, care should be taken to ensure that the list is not sold to another company. The costs for using an Internet mail marketing company varies widely within the industry. Some companies can charge as little as seventy five dollars for a hundred thousand addresses while others may charge several hundred dollars for delivery to ten thousand addresses. But make sure one is comparing apples with apples, for the breadth of service will widely vary from deliverer to deliverer.

Of course, there is the option of doing a mailing in house for those wanting to cut costs. Software companies have developed programs that enable a small business to put together its own campaign and track the progress of the effort. The typical software will offer templates for constructing an Internet mail message, database management, filters for email lists, bounce management and the ability to personalize any or all messages. The cost for such software is again along a wide spectrum and personal investigation is needed to find the exact program best suited for one's own applications. Just like using a marketing business, plenty of investigation into the use of the software by other companies ought to be conducted before investing in any package.

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