Email Marketing Tips

With a few email marketing tips, companies and businesses can make the most of online campaigns and maximize profits. Gaining in popularity, electronic mail is an easy and inexpensive method to market products and services. Saving valuable resources like paper, printing, and postage, this communication also is much faster than traditional methods of direct marketing, compiling efforts that once took weeks into a few fast minutes. But like the ever-increasing pile of junk mail people receive each week, inboxes quickly fill up with product information and the latest offers. Marketers have to work extra hard to cut through that clutter to reach their intended customer. Each email must have value - enough value to entice recipients to open the mail. There are hundreds of email marketing tips on the Internet. The key is to find out what works for a particular audience group and stick with it. Campaigns that work well use variants of proven techniques and don't experiment with radical ideas that can waste time and money.

One of the unique aspects of electronic mail is its ability to personalize communication with potential customers and current clients. Each group has specific needs and questions that businesses should address separately. One of the most important email marketing tips include list segregation, dividing customers into categories according to specific criteria. Messages can then be tailored to target each specific group. When consumers receive information that is usable, they are more likely to read materials and act on them and less likely to delete the message. The Bible uses many examples of this type of communication. After David had Uzziah killed, God sent Nathan to him with a very personal message. Appealing to David's heart as a shepherd, Nathan told him a story about a rich man who had slaughtered a favored lamb of a poor man. "And David's anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die: And he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity." (2 Samuel 12:5-6) Only then did he realize what he himself had done to Uzziah's family. For marketers, this means doing a lot of research. Join relevant newsgroups and mailing lists, conduct surveys or focus groups, and test messages before releasing them. Emails can also be customizes with the customer's first name and a personal name in the "from" field. Recipients are more likely to trust sources that appear personal than messages from generic sources.

In order to do this, companies must manage mailing lists. Many email marketing tips focus on how do this effectively. Purchasing a list may not always be the best option. Building a list takes time. Putting a sign-up form on a website is a start, but it usually isn't enough. Solicit subscribers at every point of contact: blogs, sales pitches, customer service calls. Freebies and prizes can also entice consumers to sign up, but make sure that these items are compatible with the target audience. Otherwise, subscribers will simply unsubscribe once they receive the free gift. Include an opt-in option on every form. Opt-in subscriptions are permission-based. Consumers have to specifically request information. Another form of opt-in is a double opt-in, which requires the individual to reply from a confirmation email. This option confirms that the email is legitimate and that the individual does in fact want the information. Advertise on other websites. Send out press releases to various media. Add a "tell a friend" feature communication pieces. Get as much information as possible from prospective customers or a current client database to segment messages.

Once a subscriber base is in place, email marketing tips advise to focus on the design and content of the message. Electronic communication includes dozens of opportunities to connect with customers from e-newsletters and product updates to networking forums and informational blogs. All pieces of communication must work seamlessly together, reflecting the company's corporate look and feel in color, images, fonts, wording and tone. Using a template is easy for the marketer to edit and familiar for the recipient who might otherwise mistake the message as spam. Create a layout that is easy to follow and directs customers to a clear call to action. Always place the best offer or most intriguing part of the message at the top and in the subject line to get consumers interested in opening the email, reading further and then clicking on a link to find out more information or purchase a product. Other email marketing tips include making sure that all links are absolute, meaning that they include the entire URL, not just a relative link, using bold face type to emphasize words or phrases and sticking to a regular schedule, if sending a newsletter.

Marketers often seek out email marketing tips to avoid messages appearing like spam, unsolicited and unwanted email that is frequently sent in bulk quantities and can result in legal action if enough recipients complain. Spam is illegal in many states, so marketers must know the laws of their specific states and strive to stay within them. Reputable companies only use opt-in registrations to avoid being tagged for spam. Make it clear to people who subscribe what they are signing up for and how often to expect mail. Privacy and email policies should be made available and easy to access. Every message should include an unsubscribe or opt-out option that is easy and processed immediately. Companies who share or sell lists should also include a check box that allows subscribers to specify that they don't want promotional material from other companies. Before starting a campaign, businesses should inform its Internet Service Provider (ISP) of intended marketing activities. Even when following all the rules, some people will report messages as spam.

There are many more email marketing tips available on the web. Some marketing companies even offer newsletters featuring different tips each week. Businesses that are serious about electronic marketing can research various online companies that provide email marketing services. Many features provide various informational articles and tips.

Email Marketing Tool

An email marketing tool is designed to expertly draw in customers from every walk of life, providing exactly the proper hook to grab the interest of the web surfer and email reader. Consumers appreciate emails that are pleasant to look at, easy on the eye and informative. Just as discount stores place products on the shelves at certain levels, depending on what products they want to move the fastest, in the same way emails can be designed to accomplish the same purpose for the seller. The best Internet mail tool will be easy to use, improve marketing program performance and will provide the legal information necessary for the user to be able to meet issues head on with ease. These software tools will also provide a means to analyze return on the investment as well as how well the marketing campaign is performing.

Almost any type of business and non-profit can benefit from an email marketing tool, such as churches, missions, department stores and upscale establishments, people who provide services to others, businesses that serve food and those in the recreation, leisure and travel industries. Anytime an establishment wants to provide exceptional service, response to the customer and connection to those served, the wisest investment is a marketing tool that is comprehensive in nature. Comprehensive means almost intuitive. Users can create surveys to discover the customer's reaction to the product or service, impressions of service good or bad and any number of other considerations vital to keeping the business ahead of all the rest and visible. Using the right email marketing tool can mean the difference between getting 500 customers and 50,000 customers. The goal is not only to get customers, but to keep them coming back again and again, while still attracting more. This software will enable the user to discover why customers do not return, how often they visit and exactly what they are looking for.

Other types of assets within an email marketing tool are the ability to send out newsletters to keep customers up to date, invitations to events and more. Send out coupons and information on upcoming new products and services. The possibilities could be endless! If a person has ever thought that Christians were a little different, a little happier, a little more laid back about life, it's true. "If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things of the earth." (Colossians 3:1, 2)

One of the most widely used of the email marketing tool strategies for business to business Internet mail campaigns is the use of a White Paper. It is usually presented as an authority on some problem or issue germane only to a niche market. It has the look and feel of a college presentation or a thesis, and is usually between ten and fifteen pages in length. The White Paper is usually offered in such a way as to create buzz or raise a question that may be on many peoples' minds within the industry in question. The paper will be presented as a link on an email with some provocative teaser such as "Five Ways to Make Your Sales Team More Productive" or "Ten Mistakes Not to Make with Your Next Internet Mail Campaign." This tool takes advantage of the fact that in each business segment, there is a hunger for that next magic pill or untapped resource and business leaders want knowledge that they don't already have. The White Paper can be that untapped email marketing tool.

An email marketing tool that is very important for businesses that are just start-ups is the renting or purchasing of an Internet mail list. The most fertile and productive mailing lists are those that a company produces themselves through years of customer business, tradeshow contacts, reply cards, sales team references and opt in websites. Those lists certainly produce the most company friendly responses to future email campaigns. But if those lists are not available, there are online companies ready to offer extensive Internet mailing lists both for sale and for rent. Many experts suggest that a rented list may be more carefully maintained and up to date. But be careful and not abuse the use of an Internet mailing list by using broadcast after broadcast without definite intermissions.

The most profitable email marketing tool may be the use of the opt-in or opt-out choice a person has when the email is first presented to the recipient. The creator of an Internet mail campaign that involves hundreds of thousands or even millions of email addresses risks raising the ire of many of the recipients. Often this anger over being spammed can be shared with the originating company's ISP, which could, in some circumstances, close down a website in response. While this action may be rare, the fact of turning large numbers of potential customers off to a company's name or product line is enough to give any mail campaign originator pause. The opt-out tool is the most commonly used, giving the recipient the opportunity to get out of the email altogether through a link within the first paragraph. While fewer than 25% usually opt-out, the response to future Internet messages from the remaining addresses is often quite low. On the other hand, when given the choice to actually open an email, only 25% usually decide to do so, but those remaining addresses are highly responsive to future Internet mailings from the originating company.

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