How To Increase Website Traffic

Every business longs to know how to increase website traffic and therefore gain more exposure from the Internet. Internet advertising firms abound in droves to quickly advise would be clients with the latest and most advantageous methods with which to use websites to gain more hits, and hopefully more sales. Developing website sophistication that not only dazzles the eye but contributes to detailed data about the prospect is the newest desire for businesses looking to impress and lure customers. Since most businesses must pay for each mouse click on their website, the issue becomes trying to know why the customer left the site, as well as why there was an initial click on the site. "And he said to his disciples, 'Therefore I say unto you, take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what you shall put on.'" (Luke 12:22)

Before a person considers cost regarding retaining internet advertising firms to advise on how to increase website traffic, there are some simple techniques that small businesses can use first. One technique is called viral marketing, which is to simply put an invitation at the bottom of every email the business sends out to visit its website, and a link to take the reader directly there. As interesting emails are passed to others, as routinely happens, invitations to visit the site may end up in very fertile territory. Another cheap way to drive business to a site is to have the business' resident experts write regular columns and submit them to many of the free article posting sites on the web. Of course, an invitation to visit the company website would be included at the bottom of each article submitted. A great way internet advertising firms advise companys of, is to create interest at a website by posting blogs, which are really online commentaries about almost any subject. Personalize a blog and include photos and stories with the invitation to go to the website for more comprehensive information. This can be a way to herd the traffic in the right direction.

Other techniques include giving away something free when surfers visit the blog or the newly constructed site. For example, if a landscape artist wants to know how to increase website traffic, why not consider giving away one of his paintings as a screen saver download? With every download, there is a link back to the website to show off more of the artist's work. Depending on the content of the site, hundreds of ideas can be conceived to draw clients and customers in for freebies.

Since a business must pay for a hit from the giant search engines that may cost ten dollars or more, more must be done than to just have a person visit the desired website; there should be as many sales from the visit as possible. A responsibility of internet advertising firms is to guide and advise customers about how to make the most of their websites, not simply how to get a maximum number of hits. If the utmost hits are the only focus in answering the question of how to increase website traffic in any internet advertising firms' pitch to a customer, the interested party should run the other way. Absolute honesty in telling the truth about weaknesses or ineffectiveness should also be included as part of the firm's service.

Driving traffic to websites takes not only creativity, but also proactive steps to create activity. There are probably many businesses that do not actively seek out the opinions of customers. This is a huge mistake. Since customers make the business, the customers should be heard, right? No business owner should be second-guessing client needs. Go out and get them! Create surveys, quizzes, questions, etc. People enjoy filling out surveys anyway, because they can provide a window of insight into customers on which businesses can capitalize. The best marketing gurus will tell students is to captivate the audience by grabbing the heart. Emotions are what sell products and services, not necessarily the bells and whistles of the gadget. Understand the emotions that underlie the buying motives of the customer and the deal is done. Another tool to pull in visitors is to create a newsletter full of juicy information that is also interesting. The newsletter should be chock full of key words and phrases for which people are searching to drive traffic to the website.

When constructing the website, be sure it is extremely easy to navigate around. People get easily frustrated when page after page must be visited before getting down the actual information desired. It is time consuming and will get a customer to leave the site quicker than anyone can sneeze. Get the customer to understand how the services or products on the site will be of use to them and get to the point quickly.

Do not forget to mention fellow businesses that have sites, on your website. Patting others on the back and making comments on peer sites will help to drive traffic where it is desired - to the product or service being promoted. The whole idea is to be seen by as many people as possible every day. The more people that see it the better. Businesses never got anywhere by not advertising, and all the suggestions above can be considered serious advertising. Once a person begins visiting and commenting on other websites, the favor will be returned, and soon the business will be taking off. This is another way of networking which is crucial to success. So, start writing, visiting and commenting. It is the best way grow the business.

How To Advertise A Website

Today's entrepreneur needs to know how to advertise a website promoting the goods and services offered by the company in order to effectively compete in an increasingly media-saturated world. By educating oneself on the pros and cons of various internet advertising services, the business owner can make intelligent decisions while designing an effective marketing strategy that fits within the company's advertising budget. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the internet is that it brings together buyers and sellers so efficiently. Geographical limitations are practically nonexistent in the worldwide web marketplace. Buyers can easily compare prices and benefits of a desired product from multiple sellers in order to get the best value for their money. Sellers can offer products and services to closely targeted niche markets without the overhead expenses of a physical retail location.

An individual pondering the topic of how to advertise a website should first analyze the site's purpose. Is it to offer information on a specific topic so that the individual can establish himself as an expert? Or is the site an online store with specific products? Perhaps the site is a combination of the two. What is the purpose of the marketing strategy? Does the business owner want to increase market share or introduce her products and services to a new target audience? The more thought given to these and other basic marketing questions, the clearer idea the business owner will have about the type of advertising campaign will most effectively help her reach her goals. With this information, she can begin researching internet advertising services and options that will successfully meet her clearly stated objectives in a cost-effective way. The business owner can also identify which marketing methods she can do on her own and which ones will require the assistance of a professional consultant.

Budding entrepreneurs often make the mistake of thinking that they must do whatever it takes and spend as much money as it takes to make it to the top of the rankings for one of the major search engines. Of course, this is a legitimate goal within a larger marketing strategy. But getting to the front page listings for a search engine takes time and patience. In fact, some consultants suggest that the first step for a successful ranking begins before the entrepreneur opens the doors, figuratively speaking, to the business. Popular products being sold by a million different vendors should probably be avoided. The popularity is easy to research by typing the appropriate keyword in the search engine's input box and noting the number of results. For example, typing the keywords "gold watches" into a major search engine yields more than a million results. Obviously, it would be foolish for a prospective seller of gold watches to pin his entire advertising strategy on using the keywords "gold watches" to get into the top of the rankings immediately after opening for business. A better idea is to find a less popular product with fewer competitors. Without taking the concept to a ridiculous extreme, the number of results should be low enough that competition will be minimal without being so low that a viable market may not exist for the product. Consider this Scripture: "The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness" (Proverbs 15:2). Even a little bit of knowledge can help a prospective online business operator choose the appropriate product or service, one that has the right balance of target market and competition.

In further considering the issue of how to advertise a website, an entrepreneur needs to understand the demographic of the perfect customer for the goods or services. What are the gender, age, annual income, and education level of the typical consumer for this particular product? Where will this particular person most likely search for the product? How can advertising for the product most effectively reach the consumer? Young stay-at-home moms will probably be browsing completely different internet sites than a highly educated retired professional. Though the demographics for a product's consumer base may overlap -- after all, everyone needs toothpaste -- the more specialized the product the more its customer base will fit a particular niche. By identifying this niche as strongly and clearly as possible, the entrepreneur will be more effective at identifying the internet advertising services that are best designed to reach that niche market.

Multiple advertising avenues exist on the web. In a sense, the different methods will either take a lot of time and little money or a lot of money and little time to put into place. The entrepreneur needs to determine the time/money balance that works best for the product being offered and the company's growth strategy. On the "lot of time" end of the continuum, the entrepreneur can locate and research other websites that complement her own and ask the other site owner to trade links. In effect, the two owners are advertising for each other. This can be a very time-consuming, though quite cheap, strategy. On the opposite "lot of money" end of the continuum are third party companies that offer a range of internet advertising services including site promotion and marketing through directories and affiliate programs. By turning over the advertising component of the business to the professionals, the business owner's time can be spent on other aspects of the company. As with any business decision, the entrepreneur needs to determine the proper balance between the time it takes to do a task oneself and the cost-effectiveness of contracting the work out to professionals. The entrepreneur has to make many decisions when deciding how to advertise a website. The more the individual knows about the chosen product, the niche market, and the advertising options that are available, the wiser the decisions will be made that will put the company on the road to success.

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