Intelligent Web Marketing

Intelligent web marketing begins with the correct assessment of the needs of the target demographic and its response to the idea or product put forward. Many factors go into the mix that decide how effective an Internet site is in the marketplace. The design of the website, the subject matter, the copywriting, how easy the website is to use, interactivity and other criteria make up the website itself and must be addressed before placing the site on the World Wide Web. But once all those issues are addressed, the challenge comes in smartly crafting a plan that will get the site noticed and visitors to explore. As posited in the first few words, there is smart promotion and not so smart and the challenge is to know the differences and use the good ones.

First, a website really does have to be wonderful in content, pleasing to the eye and creatively written but the site must be simple. No one wants to have to slash through a bunch of hype and images and pages and other stuff to get to the meat of the site. Let the first page get to the heart of the matter. Intelligent web marketing understands that the most valuable commodity in the twenty first century is time. Don't make your website visitors waste theirs by either having them frustrated with having the core of the message on multiple pages or perhaps triggering seizures by having a bunch of flash animations jumping around in dizzying fashion just because they look interesting. Think of the issue this way. A man, when he goes shopping for anything, wants to get in, find the thing and get out as fast as possible. Make the first page of the website appeal to a man's simple minded nature.

Blogs are an excellent way to get one's thoughts, ideas and yes, invitations to visit a website. Now this all goes to the heart of what the entrepreneur is all about. A person cannot write about the business they are in if they are not passionate about the subject. Think about the difference between the student who is there because the law says he has to and the one who is in school with hopes of going to an Ivy League school. If a person isn't truly passionate about the work they are in and the subjects that work represents, the blog will reflect that in the writing. Intelligent web marketing understands that the process all begins with passion and if business is all about lining one's pockets, perhaps not today or next week, but eventually the disconnect will show up. A blog is an invitation to visit a website and ought to include links to get there, but the blog is about information that everyone is hungry to have, and in that context, sharing invitation to even visit rivals' blogs is a good thing. You want visitors to come back again and again to hear more of what you have to say in a conversational style of communication and that is part of intelligent web marketing.

So many people have the mistaken idea that the Ten Commandments, or the law, were given for us to follow without failure, but God never intended the law to be followed perfectly because He knew none could. Instead, God gave us that law to show us how sinful we are and to lead us to the knowledge of needing Jesus Christ as Savior. "Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ what we might be justified by faith." (Galatians 3:34) Intelligent web marketing will also the innovative use of such things as podcasting and even the social networks that everyone seems to be visiting and commenting on each day But the conversation about intelligent web marketing must also include issues like viral and email marketing and affiliate networks to be included in the mix. Their effect on website traffic can be remarkable.

Viral marketing is an effort that is built around encouraging recipients of one's advertising to pass it on to others. Some of the most noteworthy viral campaigns have been videos touting certain products that were seen are extreme videos on YouTube and other social networking sites. But nothing so elaborate as that need be part of a good viral email campaign. When emails go out, include messages at the bottom that include a "Recommend It" button at the bottom which opens an opportunity to send the email to a friend. Offer free stuff, like membership to one's own blog, or a link to a newsletter that you compose or maybe someone else's blog or newsletter about the same business of which you are a part, written by someone else.

Use the power of word of mouth to spread the gospel of the business one is in. Think about the fact that one's family, friends, constituents, have social circles that have social circles. Having a mailing list is one thing, but taking advantage of that mailing list in a viral sort of way is true intelligent web marketing. Bu when the issue comes to offering the free stuff, one must be prepared to handle what could turn out to be a very large volume of requests for the newsletter or other service. It is a lot of work to conduct intelligent web marketing, but the results can be very rewarding in every way. The alternative is to have one's website lost among the five billion pages of the Internet, and that can be the recipe for the perfect storm of invisible existence.

Internet Based Marketing

Internet based marketing is used widely among the thousands of ecommerce companies that must do business with lots of consumers in order to survive. Just survival, of course, is not the typical goal for most businesses that want to make significant profits from prospective traffic that is drawn to a web company through solid, Internet based marketing strategies. Offline advertising campaigns are still critical to launching a multi-front advertising strategy for any business, but online marketing methods provide some cutting edge advantages to those who use them.

Some methods are extremely cost effective, easy to use and productive while others can be costly to implement and 'iffy' on returns. Technology continues to be developed that can be used by entrepreneurs and ecommerce owners to attract the desired consumer traffic for optimum returns on advertising investments. There are many Internet based marketing methods that can used such as email campaigns, search engine optimization, blogs, forums, webinars, and link usages. Email campaigns are among the oldest and perhaps overused advertising options of all the Internet based marketing strategies. This probably accounts for the negative reactions that many potential consumers give to unsolicited emails by dumping them in the trash can or reporting the sender to the 'spam police'.

However, using email for opt in lists and voluntary subscribers to newsletters can still be productive by respecting the privacy of Internet users. "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither: and whatsoever he does shall prosper." (Psalm 1:1,3) A careful distribution of information to selected email recipients can prove to build consumer relationships while avoiding their wrath. Many Internet based marketing strategies include email auto responders that can send information to compiled lists of prospective consumers.

There are any number of ways to attract the attention of would-be clients or customers through tasteful use of email advertising methods. Search engine optimization or SEO is a major player in Internet based marketing methods that can prove to be the 'big Daddy' of advertising techniques if used properly. Many web site owners hire professionals who are trained in proper SEO techniques in order to elevate their listing in the major search engines and to insure a steady stream of incoming traffic. Paying for professional SEO marketers can become expensive unless a web company has a global appeal in drawing in mega traffic that will more than pay for the advertising. For smaller sites that need only to draw in some customers or that rely on business in a local area, super-charged, SEO techniques may not warrant the advertising expense.

It is helpful, however, for all web businesses to makes sure that their ecommerce site is properly optimized from the start so that interested visitors can easily find the business on the Internet. Blogs and forums can be part of a good Internet based marketing plan for any business. Forums offer an opportunity for business owners to post information in a community of similar interests that will get the word out about the particular company. Blogs are becoming more and more popular in the business world by providing a casual way for business professionals to daily post relevant information about goods or services. Businesses that use blogs can legitimately build a following of people who are waiting for the next blog to be posted. Professionals who offer bites of information every day in a simple, easy to read format can develop a wide audience.

Inserting ads and links within a blog can prove to draw in prospective customers who have grown to trust friendly, professional advice from any company. Webinars are becoming a cutting edge phenomenon that can be used within Internet based marketing strategies for any web owner. Webinars provide a medium for experts, business owners and professionals to appear in person on the Internet. Webinars or web seminars can be conducted on any subject and in any lecturing or educational format. This particular Internet marketing method adds the benefit of personal contact and a sense of meeting the expert.

While technology provides unparalleled opportunities for advertising via Internet based marketing strategies, the personal touch still is the most productive in many instances. That is the appeal that webinars, chat rooms, forums and online discussions bring to businesses and consumers alike. Even though web based advertising is always important for ecommerce success, don't ever underestimate the power of personal outreach to prospective customers. Not everyone checks their email everyday or opens their web browser, so sometimes it's up to more personal methods of marketing to reel in prospective customers for a web based business.

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