Internet Marketing Consultants

The main goals of Internet marketing consultants are to optimize and advertise web sites for the advantage of ecommerce ventures, no matter what the business niche is targeted. Many online business owners hire Internet marketing experts based on the owners technical abilities, time considerations and budget concerns. Marketing and SEO strategies can be time consuming, costly and too advanced technically to properly implement, so many prospective or seasoned ecommerce owners resort to marketing specialists to help them get the most out of an online store or commercial endeavor. There are several reasons why securing the professional services of a SEO strategist makes sense for just about anyone who is serious about a web presence.

Issues such as effective, technical savvy, written information, time constraints, future productivity, budgetary options, and experience are all important components that Internet consultants can bring to the table. Technical savvy is perhaps one of the initial reasons that many ecommerce owners decide to hire one of the many Internet marketing experts that offer professional services. While there are many easy web design programs that allow small business owners to design and lay out business web sites which include shopping carts, traffic analysis and payment gateways, the high tech concerns that can stimulate a web site to high search engine rankings may be inaccessible to simplistic web designers. "I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me...That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures." (Proverbs 8:17,21)

More than knowledge of how to design an appealing web site with generally good navigation features is needed when seriously considering ecommerce concepts. Technical issues that relate to HTML knowledge such as meta tags, title tags, site maps and other strategic coding are some of the advanced information that quality Internet marketing experts should know. There is a multitude of strategies and readiness requirements that must be addressed to fully optimize a web site for search engine appeal. Why should search engines be drawn to a site when it's really designed for people? People use search engines to find particular sites of interest and will usually click on those that arrive nearest the top of their browser in response to their first keyword search. Web sites that are optimized accordingly will naturally reel in the traffic which results in higher sales or contacts.

There are many things that search engines assimilate in order to determine which site will reach the top of rankings and remain there for extended periods of time. Internet marketing consultants are proficient at programming web sites in all technical areas to be the most conducive to crawlers and spiders from search engines that constantly troll the World Wide Web in order to propel friendly sites to the top of rankings. This in itself is a huge reason for many online businesses to hire the services of Internet marketing experts. This advantage is punctuated by the statistical fact that an estimated 80% of all traffic finds their way to web sites through search engines. While aggressive advertising is also very important to stimulate prospective customers to a web site; search engines remain number one in getting traffic.

Well written web information is another important issue that a good SEO strategist can offer to anyone who needs assistance in online marketing. Web design is important, but content is still mega important in the overall search process, since search engines use keywords as their attraction indicator. Internet marketing consultants have fine tuned their skills in writing web copy that will attract crawlers through effective keyword research and subsequent articles or other informative segments within a web site. There is a skill involved in writing keyword rich content that is neither redundant nor offensive to search engines, but is still attractive to visitors through fresh, quality content. Many times a web site is designed with little thought of its content until the lay out is almost finished. Perhaps that is putting the cart before the horse, as the saying goes, because content still remains "king" in SEO strategies.

Designing a site with the right content in mind first can be the best strategy as many professionals know. Another concern for ecommerce owners is the future productivity of ad strategies that are implemented early on when the site first goes live. Pay per click advertising can of course provide a traffic flow, but when an owner quits paying for clicks, what happens to the traffic? Quality Internet marketing consultants can provide long term structures for continued traffic success well after their job is finished. Budget concerns are always the driving factor among ecommerce owners who wonder if it is worth investing money toward professional optimization strategies. Professional strategists will help guide in this process as well and can help make every dollar count toward the most highly optimized site possible for the investment. Two things that cannot be adequately quantized that successful Internet marketing experts always add to any online marketing plan...experience and time saving abilities. No matter how hard an online entrepreneur attempts to cut corners on these two considerations, it is typically an uphill battle. The best plan is usually to secure the services of a professional who can put all of his or her tools to the best advantage of any aspiring ecommerce site.

Email Marketing Consultant

It is important to know what an email marketing consultant is and what he or she can do; if you plan on using email as a marketing tactic for your business. The reason it's so critical is that he or she can make or break your presence on the internet. The internet is on the world wide web. What this means to you is that not only can your neighbor hear about you, but so can the media, the government, and even people in foreign lands. Just as with any other service, anyone can hang a sign and claim to be an expert in a field. It is up to the consumer, in this case the business owner, to determine whether the individual is up to the task at hand. The marketer should know about more than email clicks and opens. There are 9 essential marketing weapons that an email marketing consultant should include in their arsenal: 1) campaign strategies, 2) reputation management, 3) database managers, 4) application programming interface platforms, 5) templates, 6) auto response vehicles, 7) authentication methods, 8) compliance options and, 9) email metrics and testing.

In order to develop a comprehensive campaign strategy, the email marketing consultant must know the results sought by the business owner. The plan may merely be to familiarize people with products or services. Perhaps, the main result is to develop a relationship or market the individual and not a specific product or service. The goal may be to sell a particular product or group of products. The business owner may even be trying to be seen as an expert in their field of expertise and want the consultant to send people to a website to learn more about the field. There are some people who may want all of these tactics as part of an overall campaign strategy. The main factors that will be under consideration are: focusing in on the target market, creating specific information pieces that are of interest to this market, and ultimately affecting the behavior of the target market. "But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother, but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat." (1 Corinthians 5:11)

Because of the poor reputation that spam has on the internet, web-based marketing is very different from "junk-mail" in the real world. For that reason, reputation management is another critical weapon that the email marketing consultant should bring to the table. Firstly, because no one wants their messages to be tagged as spam and then be filtered through the junk and spam filters. These messages usually end up being dumped and never read. Secondly, with good reputation management, the campaign will seek to gather addresses in a natural way and have people opt-in. Even then, there are additional safeguards to ensure the person wants to receive emails from this company. There is the notified opt-in which informs a person that they are now a subscriber and gives them an opportunity to opt-out. And there is the double opt-in method. This method requires that an action be taken like clicking through a link in order to confirm the opt-in subscription. When a person opts-in, they are up to 58% more likely to read the emails once they hit the mailbox.

Before a list can begin to be developed, the information that will be gathered in developing this list will require a database manager. The email marketing consultant must have a keen sense of the ultimate goal of the campaign in order to get the appropriate information into the database. The information for the database could be gathered all at once, yet part of a good long-range strategy would include gathering additional bits of information along the way. For example, the first two pieces of information to become part of the mailing list are a name and email address. Then, within the body of one of the emails there might be a special offer that requires a bit more information in order to take advantage of the offer. Then, there might be a webinar, a podcast, or a live event that would require even more information from the customer. It is imperative that the database management software be capable of meeting the requirements that are put forth in the strategy.

A set of invaluable tools for an email marketing consultant are application programming interface (or API) platforms. These tools are pre-programmed services that can be plugged into various web-based programs. API offer features such as; list and campaign management, address validation services, migrating existing mail addresses, and text messaging. A business owner could save a lot of money by requesting the open source version of these API platforms instead of getting customized programs designed. An auto responder is an API that is a critical piece of the puzzle. An auto responder offers a well structured set of emails that are automatically sent when a recipient clicks a link, fills out a form, or signs-up for something. Another cost saving tool for this endeavor are templates. Templates, like API platforms are plentiful. There are literally thousands of template companies and many more thousands of templates that can be used for everything from designing a simple form to creating a complete website without much programming knowledge.

The main purpose of hiring a specialist is to meet your marketing goals. Any email marketing consultant worth his or her salt will offer a budget variety and a custom version of a campaign proposal. Up until this point, the marketing weapons presented have been essential to any type of strategy. But in order to achieve maximum results, an excellent strategist will also include measurements, analysis, and provisions like; authentication to help to build your reputation and keep others from ruining your reputation once you are established, compliance software to help you monitor, archive, and automate legal language such as a disclaimer or an opt-out option in every email, and email metrics and testing software. As a matter of fact, it's the testing, the re-testing, and the re-re-testing that will make all of the difference between a good email marketing campaign and an excellent one. All of the tools described will turn out to be useless if used ineffectively. An email marketing consultant must not only know about these tools, but know how to use them effectively.

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