Viral Email Marketing

An increasing amount of companies are using viral email marketing in order to reach a nearly unlimited base of potential customers. Thanks to the Internet, companies are finding new ways to attract average consumers, and online messaging has become a modern marketing goldmine. Businesses are eager to promote their services and products to an international sphere, all with the aid of the World Wide Web. And really, the premise is rather simple. Viral email marketing operates on the assumption that if each person forwards an email to a couple of friends, the amount of people receiving promotional materials increases exponentially over time.

Many companies have taken viral email marketing and honed the practice into a science. Advertisers teach courses on the best way to reach an audience, down to how to phrase messages and how the layout of the body of the email should appear. Companies can be as sophisticated, or as simple as they wish. The results are largely based on the content, not always the technical gadgets, of the message. Consider how a person will forward, or pass on, an amusing, touching, or disturbing email to their friends. The recipients will then, depending on how they feel, choose to delete the message, or perhaps send the mail on to some of their friends. And before long, the particular piece of electronic mail is one of the most widely read and discussed topics on the Internet.

While this is only an example, of course, this does highlight what companies find so alluring about the viral email marketing campaign. The potential for success is rather staggering when one begins to do simple equations about how many people can be reached through a handful of forwarded messages. But beginning this type of marketing campaign can often be tricky. There are many companies that have learned the hard way that certain tactics do not work, while others excel. Beginners should definitely heed warnings and consider tips from seasoned professionals in order to maximize the likelihood of success.

One thing that seems to do well in viral email marketing is giving stuff away. Everyone perks up a bit at the mention of receiving something for nothing. So a person offering a free product, service, gadget, etc. will find that interest is automatically higher than if one were advertising the "sale of a lifetime." The freebie will vary, of course, depending on one's business and what a person is looking to promote. And naturally, offering something free of charge is not necessary in this brand of marketing, but it will encourage people to forward the mail on more quickly.

Another area where those who advocate viral email marketing excel is in understanding their target audience. Knowing what drives a person, or a generalized demographic, can be helpful when attempting to sell a product. Not only does having a real understanding of one's audience help to personalize advertising efforts, but it also makes sure that time and money is not being wasted pitching to a group that will largely be uninterested in a product. For example, it would be not be the best investment of a company's time and money to peddle skate boards and accessories to a group of retirees. Notwithstanding the possibility of purchases being made for younger family members, for the most part, the company would not see much profit from this endeavor. This is why it is both efficient and productive to know one's audience beforehand. Because if the initial contacts are not going to purchase the product or service, chances are, they will not pass the message along either.

Keeping the customer happy should be the first priority for any business, and the first goal in any viral email marketing plan. Being careful not to inundate an individual with emails is important. It lessens the chances of people getting frustrated and simply skimming over future correspondence, or worse, not reading it at all. A few, carefully planned messages will do more benefit than rapidly firing them off several times a week. Aggravating people, which can be easily and unintentionally done, is a guaranteed way to earn someone's ire rather than his money.

Before sending emails out to anyone, however, someone needs to be in charge of quality control. And that simply means that someone should have to make sure that every outgoing communicative is checked before being sent. A business should ascertain that there is nothing in the body of the message that could be construed as offensive or inappropriate. Since there is no way to know who will eventually end up having the email forwarded to them, remaining on the safe side is the best option. Having disgruntled parents or other consumers, who are angry about something said in the mail, would defeat the purpose of this brand of advertising. But if the mailings are read with a critical, and unbiased, eye, avoiding such conflicts should be relatively easy.

As with anything, follow through and dedication are extremely important. "Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded" (2 Chronicles 15:7). And one can only be expected, with the increasingly sophisticated types of technology, and the staying power of the Internet, that these types of email-based efforts will continue to remain popular and successful. As long as plan is carefully thought out, the product or service is of good quality, and the company is committed to making the business a success, a viral email marketing program can be a major asset when it comes to advertising.

Video Email Marketing

The use of video email marketing can be a wise move for businesses that wish to reach potential customers in a way that will stand out from other advertising messages. Videos can add a whole new dimension to electronic mail advertising. As with other email marketing techniques, these messages can be easily tracked and measured for efficiency. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the impact of a picture that moves. As dial up Internet connections go the way of the dinosaur, the ability to receive messages that are rich in content is expanded. Potential customers expect a certain level of quality, even when it comes to advertising and information that comes via electronic mail. These expectations have changed the way that an Internet marketer does business. Poor quality messages, or even messages that are merely basic in nature, will be quickly deleted. To deliver a message effectively, cutting edge technology is mandatory. Making a good first impression must be achieved quickly and with professionalism. There are agencies that can help companies create a video email marketing campaign. These organizations may offer a variety of services including professionally produced electronic media that uses streaming visual media, auto responders that tracks the reactions of recipients, website building services, viral banners, and multi media presentations. In addition, there are also opportunities to use this technology to create personal messages such as holiday greetings and electronic birthday cards.

Agencies that specialize in video email marketing will generally maintain a library of streaming visual media clips that customers can elect to incorporate into an electronic advertising message. The subject matters that are covered in these clips could include environmental clips, travel scenes, disaster footage, transportation clips, and videos that portray any number of professions. Clients can usually opt to take advantage of these media libraries or they can create and incorporate their own personal clips. Some clients may prefer to use their own electronic mailing software program, or they can take advantage of the software services that belong to the professional agency. Help lines may also be available and could be conducted by electronic mail, live chat, or telephone. Another service that video email marketing agencies could offer would be the addition of sound or music to an advertising message. Musical choices could include classical, historic, orchestral, techno, country, jazz, new age, pop, dramatic, comedic, rock, patriotic, rhythm and blues, futuristic or any number of other choices. In addition to music, many agencies also offer professionally produced graphics and customized logos. Whatever a client might need to make their advertising message effective and eye popping can generally be achieved by a reputable organization.

While many companies might prefer to handle this marketing technique on their own and have talented staff members who can achieve it, some business might prefer to hire an agency that can handle every detail of video email marketing from start to finish. If the advertising budget is large enough to accommodate it, some companies may wish to hire full filming crews who can create the kind of streaming visual media that will meet individualized needs. The prices for this tyoe of service will depend largely on the location of filming and the size of the film crew that will be required. The format quality and type of equipment that may be needed will also be determining factors when it comes to price. If a business wishes to create a full commercial that can be broadcasted via electronic mail, many video email marketing agencies will have professional staff that can create quality scripts. In addition to these services video editing may be required and a reputable agency should be able to accomplish this. If professional announcers and voice artists are needed, many agencies can either bring in this talent on a contract basis, or may even have these artists on staff. In some cases, special effects can give a message the extra spark that it needs. Access to these services can usually be provided by a video marketing agency. While taking advantages of many of these services can be expensive, when compared to the costs of advertising over a medium like television, these expenses are relatively small.

It is not just businesses that can enjoy the benefits of video email marketing. Many individuals and families are tapping into this creative use of electronic mail. Holiday greetings, wedding invitations, electronic birthday cards, and any number of personal communications can be enhanced by streaming visual media. In addition, families that are separated by many miles can share family milestones through the use of video emails. The Internet can be a very effective and far reaching communications tool. A believer's comfort in knowing that God will always be there is described in the Bible. "Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee." (Deuteronomy 31:6)

The benefits of video email marketing could appeal to a large variety of businesses. In general, even simple electronic messages can help companies increase customer good will while reducing advertising costs. Real estate agencies might use visual media to send virtual home tours to interested clients. Fundraising organizations might wish to better explain the need at hand through well crafted videos. Whatever needs a business or family might have, the use of this technology can present a compelling and persuasive message.

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