Web Marketing Plan

A web marketing plan is absolutely essential in today's Internet driven world. Since there are an estimated five billion pages on the World Wide Web, it is a given that a website will get swallowed up in its vastness unless a smart strategy is implemented to get its content in front of targeted viewers. Whether it is a non-profit or a red-hot money making enterprise, the right strategy will attract new visitors, create a stream of donations or bring about sales. The problem anyone faces in crafting a web marketing plan is the onslaught of advice, information and voices coming from every direction about the smartest, most profitable and in some cases most budget pleasing ways to do Internet publicity. Because there are so many plans, so many methods, and so much noise, a person is bound to make some mistakes in the beginning of this process. In a very real sense, the Internet is often a laboratory where experimenting for the right marketing combination is an ongoing practice.

There are some cardinal principles that must be heeded when developing such a Web strategy. The most prominent one would be to make sure one's website opening page had enough of the key word phrases that will trigger search engine recognition and high ranking on results pages. This technique is called keyword prominence and even in the first page near the top should be placed the most common search words related to the site's subject matter. There are a number of highly detailed rules about how a first page should be constructed so tapping into expert knowledge is advised. There are a number of trustworthy sites online that can help guide a person in the initial stages of web marketing plans. While there are dozens of strategies in getting one's site to be noticed and thereby become profitable, there are a few plans that are givens.

The first would be to decide who is going to be the target of the website. Knowing what the target demographic looks like and gaining every last bit of information about the lives of these people is very important so that specific needs can be met by the website's content. Additionally, promotion of the site will be a fundamental part of all web marketing plans. This will include the discussion and possible inclusion of several types of marketing strategies including viral campaigns, email blitzes and even direct mailing to targeted recipients. Having a strategy for business is very important, but having a strategy for living and dying is the ultimate priority. Jesus summed up the right strategy when He said these words: "Therefore take no thought saying, what shall we eat for what shall we drink, or wherewithal shall we be clothed? But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:31,33)

Included in most web marketing plans is the consideration of either creating or getting into an affiliate marketing network. Millions of websites display the ads of other companies, oftentimes even those of rivals. From a strictly marketing standpoint, this is a very good move to increase one's footprint across the five billion pages of the World Wide Web. Experts on Internet advertising espouse the strategy of using the relatedness that websites have with one another. For example, sitting down and thinking about all the related interests that a person might have about the subject of debt might produce a list of bankruptcy attorney websites, debt counseling and debt solution websites, perhaps to loan websites and even to perhaps blogs dealing with depression. If a person who had questions about debt would enter into a one of the web marketing plans having to do with debt, he could conceivably stay within the network for a long time, teleporting from one link to another. And all along the way, the visitor would be traveling a path that could produce income for host websites if he purchases a product from one the hosted links.

One of the other very proven methods of web marketing plans is the inclusion of a strong email marketing campaign. There are no methods of reaching the millions of Internet users more productive than a well thought out email campaign that reach literally millions of email addresses in a very short amount of time. There is, of course the added ability of judging the effectiveness of such an Internet mail blitz almost within hours of the campaign being launched. And while issues of getting past network spam blockers and the sometimes perceived issue of harassing recipients with unwanted messages must be addressed, the bottom line is an amazing ability to get one's website in front of a great deal of people with a comparatively small amount of expense. If a person desires, a number of email marketing companies can provide fairly sophisticated mailing lists that have targeted addresses that have been prescreened for email acceptance. Additionally, these lists can focus on very narrow demographic populations.

Making sure that a person has a narrow focus is extremely important for any of the web marketing plans a site owner adopts. One cannot be all things to all people and neither can a website. Imagine someone selling cat merchandise thinking that dog owners might be enamored with all the pretty bags of catnip. So make sure that the approach is not a single size fits all. A single last thought: it's one thing to talk about web marketing, it is another thing to draw a plan up, and it's a third thing to actually implement the strategy.

Web Marketing Solutions

Companies offering web marketing solutions partner with clients to provide services that help businesses increase online presence, leverage exposure and become more efficient and profitable. With a variety of companies to choose from, businesses often outsource a variety of services, including email marketing, web analytics, web content management, or pay per click bid managements. Some businesses diversify with various companies while others choose to use all-in-one web marketing solutions that pool all services under a unified platform. Regardless of the method used, the goal of these systems is to enhance communication, increase traffic and ultimately to enable clients to make more money - by directly selling a product or service or selling advertising space.

Email marketing is a vital part of the success of any online business. Email is a quick, easy and inexpensive mode of communication that allows business owners to speak to their clients. Newsletters and blogs keep communication personal, but also convey information on products and services in a non-commercial tone. Forums allow customers to participate in discussions about the product with the company and other customers. Each step builds customer loyalty and when they are ready to buy, ordering online is easy through websites and interactive forms. Web marketing solutions help businesses accomplish these things. Services range from segmenting audience groups to creating and sending targeting email campaigns, from improving delivery options to tracking how each group responds, monitoring how they follow the process from email receipt to the purchase of a product or service. Information gathered through this analysis, called web analytics, is often used to make future efforts even more effective. Keywords can be identified that will best work for search engines, improving web presence, and draw in traffic during pay per click campaigns, giving businesses the best return on their investment. Web marketing solutions can also help clients manage mailing lists effectively, automatically removing unsubscribe requests and invalid email addresses and providing real time reports that enable businesses to evaluate their email campaigns. By reviewing how many emails were opened, customers who clicked a link through to the website, bounces and those who unsubscribed, marketers can determine which campaigns are working and which are not.

The very nature of online media is consistent change. As people's tastes and spending habits change, websites must change as well. Continual analysis of customer preference is needed for sites to continue to effectively grab their attention. That's why many companies that offer web marketing solutions focus on web content management. These services help businesses create landing pages easily or even manage entire websites, intranets or micro websites without needing to hire a webmaster or continually going through an IT department. Marketers maintain full control of the website. Files like logos, documents, and templates can be easily stored on a central server so larger companies with multiple marketers can create pages consistent with the company's branding efforts. Data gathered from web forms can be automatically downloaded into a customer data system. Analysis goes beyond evaluation of email campaigns to overall website performance, which landing pages are drawing in the most traffic and number of purchases, first time visitors, and repeat customers. Some companies even offer automated online ordering systems that collects customer data, tracks purchases, and manages products, allowing marketers to focus on what they do best - reaching potential customers and communicating more effectively with current clients.

A crucial aspect of website success is search engine optimization (SEO). Web marketing solutions can help businesses research and determine which keywords their target audience uses when searching the Internet for products and services. Finding these keywords increases the chance how high a business website will appear on search engines and increases the probability that more people using those keywords will see and click on the site. Consultants work with business owners and marketers to optimize websites, writing copy and rewriting coding to increase the rank in search engines and online directories. The higher that rank, the more successful online campaigns will be. The Bible also points us in the direction of success. "Only be thou strong and very courageous, that thou mayest observe to do according to all the law, which Moses my servant commanded thee: turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that thou mayest prosper withersoever thou goest." (Joshua 1:7)

Consultants with web marketing solutions have their finger on the pulse of the Internet. They know what's in and what's not, what strategies are usually successful and which ones will probably fail. When looking for a marketing consultant, be sure to choose one that doesn't use cookie-cutter methods but designs a campaign using services and strategies that fit best with the business. Consultants research the product, niche, audience, competition and the current market demands to develop a unique plan of action to entice people to visit the website, purchase products or services online, and position the company as a leader in the industry.

Web marketing solutions help businesses market more effectively. Some simply offer services and leave the expertise to marketing professionals with the business. Others offer professional expertise in Internet advertising and creating name recognition among audience groups. People will purchase products from businesses they recognize. Marketing appropriately leaves the impression, whether truth or false, of a good quality product. Be careful not to justify promoting false information for the sake of a short-lived success. Lies will only destroy reputation and cost business. The best foundation is first a solid product, followed by a strong marketing campaign that is honest and builds credibility with its clients.

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