Christian Music Ringtones

Christian music ringtones are now available by some of the industry's hottest Christian artists. In order to take advantage of all the latest music downloads, search online and add the mp3 ringtones to the cell phone. Almost any cellular carrier has the ability to download Christian music ringtones - all the customer needs to know is how to retrieve them. Just make sure the cell phone is not too old, otherwise problems will be encountered. Assistance can be had by contacting the customer service department of the cell phone carrier. Listeners can have all the latest free gospel ringtones at the touch of a button simply by finding and accessing online lists and catalogs of music. Not only that, but other services are available as well such as graphics, games and various wallpapers and a person can visit the free gospel ringtones websites often to access entirely new musical content offerings so that the music library on the cell phone stays fresh and exciting.

Some websites providing free ringtones ask the customer to subscribe for a certain period of time for a fee in order to get free mp3's, but there are many sites that will allow visitors to access mp3's absolutely free without having to subscribe at all. There are numerous types of gospel ringtones to choose from such as traditional music found in conservative hymnals, to the latest pop Christian favorites. In order to download free music, just choose the proper phone carrier and enter the cell number. The customer will be sent or provided with a pin number in order to access the Christian music ringtones service. If there is a fee to subscribe to get the free ringtones, the fees will be billed automatically to the cell phone number or deducted with a service that has been prepaid.

There are a few types of Christian music ringtones ranging from simple to complex. For example, tunes utilizing only one tone are referred to as monophonic. Older phones used these types of tones. Then there are tones that can play between 30 and 100 notes which sound like many different instruments. These ring tones sound more authentic than the single tones. Finally, there are song downloads that sound exactly like real recorded music and can be retrieved in as many as four types of music file formats such as WAV and mp3. In order to make the customer experience even more exciting and varied, a major Christian song producer has just introduced the first online music store for ring tones that supports many of the major cell phone providers. This major Christian music producer also provides sections on the websites of Christian artists to provide ring tones of that artist's songs. In this way, the customer can simply go to the website of a favorite artist to directly download that person's songs.

Christians will find that the music downloaded onto the phone is inspirational and encouraging. Never before has there been the ability to choose any type of artist and as many songs as desired as there is today. Now everyone has the ability to carry favorite songs close by all day long. This is a great way to subtly let others know about the Christian faith and perhaps even strike up a conversation. Free gospel ringtones can provide the opportunity for some brief worship if in a small group setting or even when alone. Not only are these tunes available in English, but in other languages as well. Here in the United States these downloaded songs are available in Spanish. "But sanctify the Lord in your hearts; and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that that is in you, with meekness and fear." (I Peter 3:15)

But the free gospel ringtones that are readily available for anyone to download and use on their cell phone is, in many ways, a symptom of what has gone wrong with the Christian community over the past forty years or so. Instead of practicing what scripture has taught Christians to do, that is to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit in our lives with all those around us, beginning with love, joy, peace patience, kindness, long suffering and meekness, Christians instead have relied on props like ringtones and bumper stickers and "Jesus loves you" checks and other gimmicks to relieve believers of their real responsibility. That responsibility is to live extraordinary lives, perhaps even labeled as supernatural lives that mimic the person of Jesus Christ in all things. The picture in Scripture of people magnetically drawn to Jesus because of the way he lived his life ought to be all the goal of all believers. Anyone, as a right of free speech, can have a free gospel ringtones on a cell phone, which offers the troubling scenario that there could be some very poor representatives of Jesus Christ having the tune of Amazing Grace going on a cell phone off while they are also going off on someone at work. Interestingly enough, Christians are taught by the apostle John that the way unbelievers will be attracted to the amazing message of God's love and grace through Christ will be through the love that Christians have for one another. Unconditional, supernatural love given over and over though it may be always unrequited will forever be far superior to any Christian music ringtones that any phone can hold.

Make Your Own Ringtones

Most mobile phones allow users to create free ringtones. In this way, a cell phone user can personalize their hand held device. Though, personalizing a ringtone is not the only way that someone can express themselves through their phone. Mobile phones come in a vast array of colors, shapes and designs. In addition to the shells and outer appearance of the phones, the inside of the phone can be personalized as well. Mobile phones come equipped with a variety of choices for the menu background. However, most also allow the user to take pictures, which can also be used for the background. In addition to that, the user may go online to choose from an inexhaustible selection of premade backgrounds. The user simply downloads the image and places it on the background. The user interface on the screen can be set to a theme, so that the size, shape and colors of the numbers and menu choices are all fashionably coordinated. Now that mobile device is visually appealing and expresses the personality of its owner, you can make your own ringtones to personalize the device even more.

A ringtone is the sound made by an incoming call. In the infancy of cellular and mobile receiving devices, it was impossible to create free ringtones. The hand held products came with a selection of ten to twenty songs and sounds that the owner could choose from. "Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance." (Psalm 89:15) If they were so inclined, the song or sound could be changed on a daily basis. This eventually led to recording artists and record labels offering debut songs for a nominal fee. This was an excellent advertising tool. As people inadvertently listened to twenty seconds of a new song, interest was piqued, and another record was potentially sold. If an observer truly loved the song, they would not hesitate to ask the owner of the mobile device about the recording artist. The owner was rewarded, because for as little as $.99, incoming calls sang their favorite song and set them apart in a crowd. The ringtone industry began to boom in the late 1990s and grew to be a multi-billion dollar business in just a few short years. As a technologically savvy generation matured into a hands-on consumer base, more and more people began to create free ringtones. There are now several software companies that ease the process of choosing, formatting and uploading a favorite song or sound to a hand held device. Most mobile products accept a wide variety of formats for the ringtones their products will recognize and utilize. This fact, coupled by the increase in advanced software made for personal computer users, has made it so easy to make your own ringtones. With this capability, the average user can have hundreds of songs, sounds and creations to choose from when responding to an incoming call.

As stated before, the formats supported by cellular and mobile devices today are quite numerous. Most phones support .wav and mp3 files. Knowing this is helpful when beginning to create free ringtones. Most computers have the ability to send the sound wave out, versus in. This capability is customarily sound under the start menu, then under entertainment. When a computer is set for the wave out capability, it will record anything playing. This will allow the user to record a CD in the CD drive, a song found on the Internet or even the sound of their child laughing, in the event they have a microphone jack on their computer processor. Open a media player and begin to search among stored songs, surf the Internet for favorite tunes or record your kids laughing or your dog's bark. Before recording from a microphone port or from the song on the computer, know that only twenty seconds are needed for an average ringtone on a mobile hand held device. When you have recorded twenty seconds of your favorite song or sound, you are well on your way as you begin to make your own ringtones. Save the sound or section as a .wav or .mp3 file, both of which are supported by most commercial mobile devices.

There are at least two options for a cellular user after successfully recording the desired song or sound. Several software products that were specifically created to transfer sound files to mobile devices can be purchased and downloaded, and a few are even free downloads. These applications can be downloaded to a computer, then subsequently to a mobile phone, or they can be directly downloaded to a cellular device that has Internet capabilities. These software applications provide a menu-based interface for downloaded sound bytes and songs that have been recorded. The software loads the sound files onto the memory of the phone then allows the user to create free ringtones from them. The other option available to a mobile phone user is to locate the phone's email address from the packaging or by sending your home computer a photo from your picture phone. Your phone's Internet address will show up in the "from:" section in the email. From the processor that houses the recorded files, the user should send an email to the address of the phone. In the email, attach the sound files. From the phone, open the text message. Click on the attachment to open it, and store it with the other sound files that originally came with the phone. In this way, many new phones allow you to make your own ringtones. Regardless, of the route you choose to upload the files to the phone, you can make free ringtones. From there, follow the instructions on the phone's main menu to choose them as ringtones.

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