Domain Name Appraisal

A domain name appraisal and other name services are very interesting matters. Why would name holders need a domain name appraisal and what does domain name availability mean? What is a registration portal? There are many questions that the novice Internet business person is asking about domain names and why they are suddenly so important to perspective and existing online businesses. But, before the importance of these Internet marketing tools are discussed, it is a good idea to know just what a domain name is and how it has become an entire industry unto itself. Amazingly, the Internet has launched many a new and creative ways to generate revenue, and the old question of "What's in a name?" can now be answered with a single word: money!

Just a few short years ago, before the explosion of Internet commerce and advertising, web sites were found by an address that was a series of numbers. Anyone over the age of fifteen will remember the number days, before catchy phrases and easy to remember words directed seekers through cyberspace. But, of course, numbers are difficult to retain and a cute word or identity caption can be seared onto the memory, giving potential browsers instant recall. Clever, convenient titles that locate a website have become the biggest of business. There are many who are cashing in!

Today, web addresses are bought, sold, traded, and reserved. That's correct; there is actually an entire commerce buzzing daily with not stock trades, but epithet trades. What a website calls itself or how web sites are identified and found is generating income for hundreds of Internet entrepreneurs. The business has become so large that now domain name availability searches are required. There are registration portals that will actually search a data base to see if the title wanted is taken, can be traded for, bought, or is coming available in the near future. These agencies serve as a sort-of title broker, conducting commerce around different titles that become accessible. A domain address can only be rented or used for a specific amount of time and there are renewal fees that apply to continually maintaining use of the same title. When time limits expire or e-commerce shut their operations down, for whatever reason, a web address can again, be placed on the market. Companies that offer domain name availability will also offer other services surrounding this marketing phenomenon. Not only will they conduct searches, they will also have lists of addresses for sale and lists of addresses wanted. There are traders who will reserve and park a title, then try to sell this caption for a profit.

There is another function that domain title seekers can purchase and that is the domain name appraisal. Oodles of calculations are performed on web addresses and a value is then attached. This gives marketers an idea of what the titles held will bring as a single unit, or as a portfolio, stating collective values. Different Internet domain name appraisal companies have different methodologies for the end results, but just like a car or home appraisal is conducted, the same now applies to an Internet website location. Marketing tests are run, listings of comparable sales are recorded, and any legalities associated with the alphabetic letters in question are all part of a report supplied by the domain name appraisal professionals. The amount of money being spent to research, claim, and utilize a simple website location is incredible.

In the flurry of activity involved with many different Internet exchanges, it will be important to never loose focus of what is really important in life. Owning or running a successful online company can be very exciting. It will be easy to get caught up in the quick financial actions that instant information affords. But, the Word of God challenges Christians to constantly put God in His rightful place, and that is first in all things. God is the one that can make a business or break a business, and when He is the constant center of our personal universe, He blesses us in many, many ways. "The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it." (Proverbs 10:22)

Finding the right catchy phrase for a website is important, and domain name availability is a reality of the market. And, this is an important reality. Marketing experts site that memorable web addresses and impressionable slogans are what consumers remember. When consumers conduct a search, an Internet business person will want the letters typed into a search engine to be the letters that lead the consumer to their website, where they will then have the opportunity to offer products and services. This important marketing tool is like having a dress shop located on Fashion Avenue or like having an auto parts store located on Speedway Drive. These are the things that people will remember; these are the places that are easy to find. And, this is marketing and it works.

Domain Name Auction

Using a domain name auction can be a great way for a business person to either acquire or sell a web address. These websites are a marketplace of domain names with a huge variety of options set at various minimum prices. With the Internet growing at warp speed, just about every type of business needs to have its own website. Even individuals, nonprofits, government entities, schools, and so many others are logging on to the web and maintaining a website. Suddenly, domain names are a big business, and these auction web address site owners know it. They allow people the opportunity to register web titles, buy them, or sell them. The marketplaces make money by charging small fees for parking domains or auctioning them off. Since this is a booming market, there are many auctioning sites to choose from. At one time or another, anyone could be registering, buying, or selling a name, so it's best to choose one company that can handle all aspects of this growing market.

Picture a budding, young artist who wants to create a website for her art. She has some ideas for web addresses, but she has no experience with starting a website or using a domain name auction site. The first step is very basic: hop on the Internet and type in some address ideas. Her first idea leads to a page with links on it that says something to the effect of "this page is parked by..." and a company name. This means that the address has already been registered by someone else. This person or company isn't yet using the site. The owner may be in the process of establishing a provider for the site, or he will plan to sell. To find out a little something more, by click on the link to the company that's parking the name. This company will say if the name is available for bidding or purchasing. This name isn't so the artist moves on to a second option. This address leads to an error page. This name hasn't been registered at all, and now she can choose a website to register and park it.

Parking a domain, or cash parking, with an auction web address site has more benefits than just holding and protecting the name. This will buy this artist a little more time while she finds a provider for her website's bandwidth and a site designer. She doesn't have to rush into establishing a full-fledged site while it's parked. In addition, parking the site can make her some money on the side. The domain site will place advertisements on her site temporarily. Should anyone click on the links on her site, she'll receive money. Depending on which parking site she chooses, the artist may be charged to park her site. The amounts vary, but some sites charge nothing for parking. Looking at the possible per-click payments will provide a solid comparison. While the parking is free on one site, the payments per-click might be higher on the sites that charge. Contact different sites to get exact quotes on how much the charge is, if any, and the rate per click. Do the math with an average number of clicks per month to see which one pays more per month.

It's good to choose a domain name auction site that not only offers to park names but also one that will offer brokerage services. Sometimes a website owner wants to close down a site and sell the name. A broker will make negotiations and keep their client anonymous. A brokerage service should also offer to make negotiations for buying web addresses. The key to being able to use these services is to meet the set criteria. Each auction site is different, so each will have its own set of requirements that can include the number of monthly visitors or the type of words included in the web address. The cost of these services tends to be a percentage of the total sales price.

Other services that could be helpful to those using an auction web address company could be appraisals or inclusion in special listings. If a site's address is featured right on the homepage, the name will get more exposure and possibly receive more bids. This feature isn't typically for free and varies depending on the auction site. Appraisals can be very helpful to sellers because it can be difficult to ball park the true value of a website. By evaluating the content of the website and the number of hits per month, the appraiser can give a more accurate figure. This number will allow the seller to set the minimum bid at a reasonable rate. "Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding" (Proverbs 23:23). No seller would want to lose a great website for a measly amount of money. It's best to hang on to it or sell the name for what it's truly worth.

The best way to select a good domain name auction site is to ask friends and family for recommendations. If no one can make recommendations, search online for reviews and comparison charts recently compiled on reputable websites. Another option is to just take a look at a handful of websites for major auctioneers. Read the information offered on the site, including price lists. If no price list is offered, contact a representative for a quote. Registration rates tend to vary and can range from a few dollars per month to over $20 per month. This all depends on the package and features offered. Be sure that the site offers plenty of services, especially those described above. A one-stop shop for all domain needs will make matters far less complicated for selling, appraising, parking, or buying a name. No matter which choice turns out to appear to be the best, never jump into an auction web address service. Taking the time to research and compare options will prove to be the right method. Protecting a good domain and entrusting it to only the best company should be a careful process.

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