Free Cell Phone Ringtones

Cell phone users are taking advantage of free cell phone ringtones to add a little personality and pizzazz to the mundane task of answering the telephone. These customizable choices allow the consumer to assign different rings for each frequent incoming call source. The number of web sites that offer free ringtone downloads are growing on a daily basis. Boasting anything from a few bars from a popular song to the sound of a laughing baby, these tones have proven to be as individual as the users who download them. Beginning as a way to distinguish one office worker's incoming calls from another, the market for both purchased and complimentary ring tones is huge and continuing to grow. In addition, many web sites that offer these downloads also offer such cellular telephone uploads as wallpaper, video games, and visual themes. Consumers can even use these sites to create their own individually designed wallpapers, ringtones and images.

Older cellular telephones did not offer much in the way of ring tone creativity. An incoming call was signaled by an electronic quaver or could be programmed to play excerpts from any of a number of songs employing that same ubiquitous quaver. The results were far from melodic. Newer, more versatile mobile phones came with the technology to sound off using any number of ring tone sources. The software that makes this musical versatility possible had its roots in a simple business dilemma. When telephones would ring in large office buildings filled with individual cubicles, it was difficult to determine just whose phone was ringing. The idea of creating unique ring tones was originally a simple matter of helping office workers recognize phones belonging to them. That simple breakthrough led to today's exploding ringtone industry. Current popular music artists can now measure success as much by how many ring tones they sell as by how many CDs are purchased. The added availability of free cell phone ringtones has fueled this industry even more. These tones can be customized so that incoming calls from different friends can be easily distinguished. The Bible talks about the value of friendship. "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." (Proverbs 27:17)

Phone personalization is now a major industry that is over a decade old and was originated by a media company in Finland. While many cellular telephone owners are willing to pay for these tones, web sites that offer free ringtone downloads are growing in popularity. Almost any genre of tune from any muscle era is currently available in ring tone from the heavy metal of the 1970's to classical music to national anthems. Today, this multi-billion dollar industry has become a world wide phenomenon. Private users are not the only ones jumping on this bandwagon. Returning to the roots of this innovation, these customizable tones are now being used by professional and commercial and concerns as well. While there are a number of sources for free cell phone ringtones, there are also many sites that offer popular ring tones at a price. Most of these tones sell for only a few dollars each, but considering that most cellular phones can be programmed to store an almost unlimited number of different tones, the cost of this unique customization could begin to multiply rather quickly.

Since there is so much money changing hands in this rapidly snowballing business, why are there still web sites that offer free ringtone downloads? As with all commercial web sites, the more traffic that is generated, the more a site can charge for advertising. The traffic that is generated by a web browser that is in the market for these free ring tones can go a long way in keeping a fledgling site afloat. One problem that has arisen from the popularity of this trend is the increasing number of malicious web sites that offer complimentary ring tones. If a particular site seems overloaded with pop up ads it would be wise to quickly terminate the visit. These malicious sites could infect a user's computer with spy ware, or could cause the computer to crash or to freeze, or even download a virus. When searching for free cell phone ringtones, as with all Internet browsing, the appropriate protection and security software should be installed before running the risk of coming into contact with a malicious web site.

A wide variety of free ringtone downloads are not the only features that are offered by these web sites. Consumers can also upload personal music files and create ring tones using these sites and then upload them to their phone. Video clips are also available on many of these web sites, or a user can upload personal video clip to be shared with other users. In fact, these sites often function as a social network as well, complete with user profiles and photos. Wallpaper files can be downloaded, created or shared as well. If a consumer is interested in a tone that incorporates speech, this can be created at these sites as well. Another feature of these sites might be the ability to create a theme that can be incorporated into the phone's ringtones, menu icons, and background. Free video game downloads that can be used on cellular telephones may be available as well. As communication technology continues to evolve, the market for cell phone accessories and downloads should continue to expand. Finding a good Internet source of free cell phone ringtones can help the consumer add a bit of creativity and individuality to everyday life.

Free Online People Search

With the current explosion of online people search databases, it has become increasingly possible to locate information about an individual. There are many reasons a person may want to do so. Perhaps he or she is trying to locate a relative. Due to a move or deployment, an individual may lose contact with an old friend or military acquaintance. Some people seek a birth parent in order to solidify a sense of identity. Others seek information about childcare providers, coaches, or caregivers. Employers often use search services to conduct background checks on potential employees. The amount of information available is surprising, yet sometimes is a cause of concern for people who do not wish to be contacted, or fear that the information will be used to harass or harm innocent individuals.

How are people search databases collected, anyway? Perhaps surprisingly, often the individuals themselves are the ones who contributed the data into the public domain. Take a phone listing, for example. Unless a person specifically asks to remain unlisted, his or her phone number and address will be available through directory assistance. Once information has entered the system, it is nearly impossible to recall. Even if an individual later requests to have the number changed to an unlisted status, the original listing will already have been distributed.

If a person buys or sells property, a public record of the transaction will be made. These records may contain information which most people would prefer to keep private, such as maiden names or unlisted phone numbers. Voter registration documents are another resource which are available in some states. Because these documents contain the most recent address information, courts often use them to send jury notices. Filing a change of address form with the local post office may also land you in any number of marketing lists or into a free online people search system. Finally, filling out any type of sweepstakes cards or entry forms in order to win a car, vacation, or other gift is certain to make one a 'winner' in another venue: a person can be sure that his or her information will be distributed to a host of marketing companies. Information collecting and distribution is a lucrative career for many individuals.

Many companies which are involved in information processing are performing legitimate services. Businesses often use people search databases to obtain information (which is collected from the public domain) to conduct background checks on potential employees. Consumers request reports in order to research backgrounds of childcare providers or healthcare workers, or to reestablish contact with family and friends. Although free online people search services will provide general contact information, a fee is usually required for more complete reports. Some firms which offer these services also provide monitoring of data in an attempt to prevent identity theft.

There are quite a number of people search databases. One well-known site claims to have information on 4 out of 5 adults in the United States registered in its listings. This represented more than 80% coverage -- 180 million individuals! They also claimed to have over 1,000 partner sites. Other providers averaged about a 50% coverage. Sometimes the information from a major site is basically echoed in associated sites. One free online people search also added 'at work' listings. Instead of being contacted at home, many people prefer to take calls at work. The type of information available included place of employment, job title, address and work phone number. Some search databases feature a household listing, where house members' names are included. At times, other information, such as where a person went to college, is listed. This is helpful in that it can assist searchers to narrow down the possibility that they are contacting the right person. For example, if someone is searching for a person with a common surname, and is familiar with other family members, this can prevent wasted time and fruitless attempts. If one does not know family names, but remembers that this person went to a certain college, chances are greater that this is indeed the 'John Smith' for whom one is searching.

It is a bit disturbing to see that so much information is available from free online people search sites. Although people search databases are a great tool for genealogists and others who are trying to locate someone, there may be times when this information is used for less noble purposes. Some people worry that the information will be used by stalkers or angry former spouses, in order to find individuals who do not wish to be contacted, or who fear they will be harrassed or harmed in some way. Birth parents may not wish to become involved in the lives of children they have given up for adoption. In some instances, courts will agree to make provisions for an individual to acquire a post office box as a formal address when the person is in danger of incurring harm if his or her actual address is revealed. However, great care must be taken to avoid revealing information in other ways. When purchasing property, for example, special provisions may be required to have certain information removed from legal documents. No doubt it is extremely difficult to remain unlisted in this computer age, when registration is required for many activities. Fearful individuals can take comfort knowing that If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me. (Psalms 139:9-10)

If the reader is the one who is trying to contact an individual, there are many avenues to explore. Try a free online people search. Check out online phone directories or reverse lookups by telephone number or email address. City directories are available from public libraries. Alumni associations and online classmate connection sites may be of assistance. Churches and synagogues may also be able to provide some clues or contact information.

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