Private Domain Name Registration

To try to juggle domain registration privacy while maintaining a strong and vital internet presence can require a little extra effort. The ready availability of personal information that belongs to anyone registering named domains on the internet can prove to be a challenging situation. At the best, having this personal data out there for anyone to see can create inbox havoc and major inconvenience in the form of rampant spamming. At its worst, this information can be used to stalk, harass, or steal the identity of the individual whose personal records and numbers have been violated. There are a variety of third party services that can aide consumers in protecting the information that they would prefer to keep private. Private domain name registration helps keep this data under wraps from the very beginning. Since the use of the internet can cover anything from launching a small business to creating an interactive family scrapbook and any number of purposes in between, the need for protection in this area covers a wide variety of individual needs and preferences. Whatever the motivation, purchasing and registering domain names is the first step in the process of creating a web site. Attaining a level of safety and confidentiality is too important an element of this experience to neglect.

It is important to remember that the internet is all about sharing, whether what is being shared is information, digital photography, or other media. Just because most internet users enjoy the benefits of the World Wide Web from the privacy of their homes does not mean that the internet is not a very public place. Choosing private domain name registration allows for a certain amount of security and protection from spammers or others who prey on the personal information of others. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, oversees the registrations of these domains and operates as a non-profit organization. ICANN requires that certain information gathered in the registration process be kept public and available on the WHOIS database. The kinds of information that are typically made public in the WHOIS database when someone registers a new name include the holder's name and physical address, the date of registration, the date that domains expire, the date of the most recent update to the domain's record, the IP address and the host name of the server, and sometimes even the addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of contacts. With all of this personal data available twenty four hours a day to whoever wants to take the trouble to check it out, the need for domain registration privacy is obvious. When a consumer chooses to pursue private domain name registration, this information is protected. Generally, a post office address is used rather than a personal physical address and an alternate e-mail address is listed rather than a holder's personal e-mail address. Rather than revealing a holder's identity, the name of the company that offers the domain registration privacy service appears in the WHOIS database. These services work by subscription and generally charge a small monthly fee.

Many people all around the world have taken advantage of the endless possibilities presented by the World Wide Web for both business and personal use. The process of creating a web site involves finding server space from a web host provider. The role of this web host provider is to give a new web site a home. Generally, this provider also offers a setup for the DNS or domain name service that keeps e-mail going to where it belongs and helps the user get their files up and online. Along with this, web host providers might also feature such help as consulting, reports on web traffic, help with web page creation, maintenance, round the clock monitoring, and technical support. Obviously these features will vary from server to server. The Bible talks about the wisdom of righteous communication. "The heart of the righteous studieth to answer: but the mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things." (Proverbs 15:28)

To understand the concept of private domain name registration also involves understanding exactly what makes up a domain name. Good names allow the web surfer to immediately understand the message and mission of the web site that they are visiting. When trying to achieve an internet identity, finding a good name is a very important step. Once a name has been chosen, purchased and registered, the holder of that name owns it. Names can be registered for anywhere from one to ten years. A fee is assessed at the time of registration. The size of the fee is determined by the number of years that the name has been registered for. Names can be purchased, registered and held without requiring that a web site bearing those names to appear on the web. Users should choose names carefully since once these names have been purchased and registered, there are no refunds and these names can not be changed.

When a web site becomes successful, the value of the domain name rises. Success in the web world is determined by the number of visitors that a particular web site attracts. The more hits a site receives, the more revenue that site can raise through advertising sales and other means. As more and more competition occurs in the internet world, the more these domain names are seen as assets. Giving away information to a competitor does not make good business sense. For this and other reasons, guarding domain registration privacy is an important priority.

Domain Management Service

A domain registration management company was extremely important to the man who had just started a small pet store on the outskirts of a small city in the Midwest. With the man, his wife and one part-time employee, the business was about to be open and underway and there was the immediate need to distinguish the business from over ten other pet stores in a thirty mile radius. Not only did the owner need a company to research all site names for the one that would fit this particular business, but the need existed for there to be a constant watch for any other business that might attempt to use the site name chosen for this small shop. So, the company the owner would choose must not only specialize in name registration, but must also thrive in domain management service. The owner began searching for just the right company.

Because so many studies have been done that prove the relaxing effects that owning a pet has on its owners, the proprietor of this particular store wanted the name of the store and the website to imply that very advantage. It would go without speaking that the owner wanted the site name to match the store's name. So the owner decided on a domain management service that also served as a domain registration management service. The owner's store was called "Man's Rest Friend," and the service the owner had chosen began looking to see if there were any site names of the same. In this case the owner had been very smart in finding a name that was unique and the site name was available. But the domain registration management side of the company suggested that the owner also register fifteen or twenty other names with misspellings or other anomalies so that the main website would be found instead of getting a name error page and subsequently ending a search by an Internet shopper. Other name registrations would only cost a few dollars each, so it seemed to be a good investment for the owner.

The domain management service that the owner had chosen offered an important addition to the domain registration management service, and that was certifying a site name as being legitimate. Because someone such as a competitor, enemy or other person wishing to hurt the reputation of an individual or business could request a site name that could be harmful, certifying the legitimacy of the site name is important. The web builder, the web administrator and the domain register owner are contacted and if any of the three do not certify the name as being a legitimate name, the certification is denied and the name cannot display a certificate of authenticity. This fraud screening can add a level of security to those wishing to pursue business with a particular site name. "Jesus answered and said unto him, 'Verily, verily I say unto thee. Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."' (John 3:3)

One of the very important responsibilities of a domain management service is to keep tabs on the length of time the site name is owned by a particular business or individual. Companies offering these services can give the site owner multiple years of registration, some up to ten years and more. Allowing a site name's registration to lapse could be a huge disaster for a business, particularly if a competitor snatches it up and uses it to send Internet traffic its direction. But these name services can help a business stay on top of registration expirations dates and the need to reregister at the appropriate times. The owner of "Man's Rest Friend" signed a ten year registration agreement for the main site name, and a three year registration agreement for the names designed to catch the near misses.

The pet owner discovered through registration process that if the desire ever arose to offer franchises of the "Man's Rest Friend" way of doing pet store business, there would be other services the domain registration management service could offer. It could, for instance, offer a consolidation of all owned, wanted, competitor and client site names into a single, secure online system. Additionally, it could automatically track and report link popularity, monitor the site name registry for changes to site name expiration dates and receive email alerts whenever the status of a tracked domain name changes. Perhaps the owner would decide that the name, "Man's Rest Friend" for the store and the site name just wasn't catching on and would like to change it to a domain name already registered by another store. The management service could alert the owner to name registration lapses and notification to the pet store owner could be done immediately.

The world of online retailing is fierce and never ending. Continual changes are needed in website design and content, plus marketing and advertising because the competition is already making those changes. Choosing the right domain management service at the very beginning of the domain registration process can make a huge difference on Internet driven business for any company desirous of more exposure to the marketplace. Even with all the safeguards in place, attorneys specializing in the intellectual property arena, which is a fancy way of labeling Internet website and domain name ownership, may be needed to clear up areas of strife between businesses claiming the same right of ownership of names, etc. Due diligence is always good advice.

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