Small Business Podcast

The couple believed that a small business podcast was exactly what they needed to take their learning center business to the next level. A free educational web broadcast referencing many of the hot button issues that plague school children and their concerned parents was the direction they decided to go. This was a learning center of their design and creation. After several years of research and curriculum search, the woman, a PhD in education and her husband, with a Master's degree in business, believed that their unique approach to student learning would eventually have real potential to be franchised. Learning center franchises that the two looked into did not allow any freelance web subscriber broadcasts of any kind, in fact, no creativity and freedom of any kind was allowed under several brands of learning centers they investigated. For them, it was the liberty to talk to parents in their own language that set them on the course of developing an independent learning center.

A podcast is much like a niche radio broadcast every so often that a person can download and listen at leisure. They are often delivered to subscribers and are different from Internet radio webcasts because those listeners had to tune in and listen at a certain time or miss the information. Podcasting can be an exceptional way of gathering an audience for a specific topic of interest without fear on interruption, censorship or commercials. And it is rather quite simple procedure to begin podcasting and get it on the web; it's another thing to make it sound professional so that people will actually hear.

To create free educational podcasts, the husband and wife asked some experts in the podcasting field what kinds of equipment to buy. There was, of course, the computer. Next was the choice of microphone which the experts cautioned was huge to a high quality of voice reproduction. Recommended was a large diaphragm condenser microphone to create real warmth in the voice tones. Also recommended was a small mixer to give a little more freedom in the area of timbre, equalization and reverb. Since the two of them would often be talking, two microphones were needed, and each one's pickup could be designed to enhance each individual's voice. A little less low end for the man, and a few more highs, while them woman would need a little more low end and not as much mid range.

While this learning center would be offering free educational podcasts, a small business podcast for many other types of businesses might be of real value. What about a live podcasting broadcast from the local place for teens to eat, where a reporter might interview the jocks after a Friday night ballgame? Or how about the local fabric shop running a podcast on the best types of fabrics for sewing a bridal dress? The opportunities and possibilities are endless, and each podcast can direct listeners to certain websites to further advertise the business. The whole idea of a small business podcast is to stir up interest and questions in a specific area that the business making the Internet production can answer.

For this entrepreneurial couple, the beginning of successful, free educational podcasts was the choosing of hot button topics that would really have a pull with parents. In their plan for the first ten podcasts, the two decided to interview a school principal, a teacher, and a child psychologist. In addition they would address the importance of foundational skills that children need to be successful in school such a knowing phonics and foundational match skills. Of course a very very soft sell of the benefits of the ne learning center would be included. And any small business podcast can use the same format, selectively adjusted for the market. Or perhaps the business would want to use its podcasting efforts for a more community focused agenda, using community goodwill as an opportunity to build a strong public relations foundation.

Getting listeners to subscribe to the free educational podcasts they would be making would be the hard part of all this process.. The couple decided that the largest advertising expense for the year would be spent on a small information pagoda in the local mall that would simply be a place to hand out information on how to get to the website and hear the center's podcasting program. Since the part time teachers for the staff had already been hired, one would be at the pagoda each evening and all day Saturday to share the good news about help for struggling students. In the weeks before opening the center, the couple spent every spare moment learning how to be both podcast producers and directors. Some minor disagreements arose, but things such as opening and closing music and guests to the subscriber informational learning center cast were firmly secured. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Success most often comes in little steps, and little steps they were for the free educational podcasts by these business owners. The first week there were two subscribers. The third week there was five and by the end of the tenth week there were thirty four. But along with a few radio spots, a full page ad in the paper and lots of balloons outside the center, the seven students the center started with was encouraging. The hectic schedule of running this business forced the couple to cut back to a once a month podcast, but the subscriptions actually went up, and by the end of the first year, three hundred subscribers listened each month to the center's subscriber informational corner, and the student population had climbed to twenty three.

Christian Podcast

High tech believers are taking advantage of the Christian podcast as a cutting edge way to build their faith and knowledge of the Bible. The wide array of video and audio media that is available to today's consumer is rapidly being embraced by the Christian world. Any thing from sermons, to contemporary Christian music videos to entire church services can be downloaded onto home computers, cell phones or mobile image or audio processors. As the phrase "on demand" becomes more and more prevalent in every day jargon, the idea of keeping spiritual content close at hand is growing as well. For this and other reasons, free Bible podcasts have become a popular spiritual growth tool among believers. It would seem that the number of groups and individuals who are signing on to this meeting of the Bible and the megabyte is growing every day. Churches across the country are now offering their services, sermons and Bible studies by this means and hungry believers are downloading them in droves.

The role that video media play in every day life is expanding at a rapid pace. Projections of what the future might hold range anywhere from video alarm clocks to catching streaming video of family events by cell phone while en route to the event. The benefits of the Christian podcast could include enjoying a service from the family church while away from home, keeping connected and growing in faith while serving in the military, squeezing that extra Bible study in while working out at the gym, not to mention the endless world wide missions opportunities afforded by this far reaching technology. While these video and audio services are never meant to function as a substitute for actual church attendance, many believers feel that they do serve as a means of spreading the Gospel and taking the Bible into new places. In addition, most of these free Bible podcasts are relatively easy to access and download.

Understanding the phenomenon of the Christian podcast does not require a degree in computer science. A podcast is simply a means of obtaining video and or audio files via the World Wide Web. The files can be enjoyed from a personal computer or from any kind of mobile media player. Within the believing world, the various types of programming that are available in this form include, devotionals, special programming or music for children, music, readings of scripture, sermons or expository teaching. Believers across the globe are finding these downloaded files to be a convenient and effective way to grow in faith. Some podcasts are downloadable audio files while others combine audio and video. The fact that these files can travel with the user has contributed to the popularity of these files. The simplest and fasted way to obtain these files is through the use of a broadband Internet connection. A podcast is not an example of streaming media. The term streaming media represents video or audio file that can be played on the personal computer, but is not saved to the computer's hard drive, it simply goes away as quickly as it comes. Podcasts are entire audio or audio and video files that are saved to a computer's hard drive and can be transferred to other mobile video or audio devices.

Locating free Bible podcasts is very simple given the number of directories that are available over the Internet. Each of these directories offers links to hundreds of different podcast files. Whether a user is in search of a good daily devotional or the latest video from a favorite musical artist, a wide variety of downloads are readily available. Anyone who is unfamiliar with this technology can generally find a number of online tutorials to get them started. Selecting a file to download is often made easier by a rating system that helps the user key into files that would best suit the user's own particular needs and tastes. In addition, a wide variety of software products are available that can help the consumer organize various media choices on the home computer or a mobile audio or video device. The Bible makes frequent mention of the importance of sharing God's praise. "Sing forth the honor of his name: make his praise glorious." (Psalm 66:2)

Various Christian individuals or organizations such as ministries, churches or Christian recording artists are taking advantage of the Christian podcast technology to spread the Word of God. There are several advantages of building an affiliation with a directory of Christian podcasts. One of these advantages is the assurance that all recommended files have been screened and no inappropriate content such as pornography or files with adult content will share a space in the directory. Another advantage might be the indexing features that are used by these web sites that allow Internet users to more quickly find what they are looking for. Most of these directories of free Bible podcasts require that all of the suppliers that are included on their site agree to a specific statement of basic beliefs and doctrine before they are included in the directory. These directories tend to make downloading links and files a relatively simple process for the supplier and include information about each church, ministry, speaker, or Christian artist that is represented. In addition to sermons, daily devotionals, church services, scripture readings, children's ministry programs, music in a variety of Christian genres, Christian music videos, expository teaching, Christian speakers, and children's worship music, popular figures in Christian radio are also increasingly offering podcast files for downloading. With such a wide array of media available, today's Christian has many sources to choose from in the area of spiritual growth and enrichment.

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