What Is A Domain Name

Knowing how to register a domain name is the first step in launching a new business page on to the Internet. There are many different avenues for accomplishing this task, but perhaps before this is executed, one must understand what is a domain name. This article will serve to introduce new and beginner Web entrepreneurs in discovering the importance and the particulars associated with creating, registering, and maintaining the ever-important domain name of their website. Internet marketing is constantly changing as it evolves with the demands of consumers, the intensity of competition, and the protocol practiced to keep scams and false advertising to a minimum. Online sales and commerce are markets that are vastly different from conventional markets of geographical locations, so a tutorial on the Internet marketing basics should be helpful.

Just as a geographical location needs an address as a means of identification or a retail store can be found by following directions to that address, so cyberspace e-tailers need a means to be found. So, what is a domain name and why is it so important? A text title, a domain name is series of alphabetic letters that directly correspond to the IP computer address which utilizes numbers. It's an Internet address. And, it's also the directions to the website online. A person who has logged onto the World Wide Web can access the desired site by typing in a domain name. Search engine spiders will crawl throughout the web, looking for key words and addresses that correspond to the letters that were typed into the search box. A search engine page will then offer lists of web sites that have those letters or words within them, giving the seeker an easy way to access the desired site.

Once a domain name has been selected by the new or up and coming website hopeful, then the next step will be to determine how to register a domain name. Getting a web address registered can be easily accomplished with several agencies that offer this service along with other web maintenance and hosting services. These online website specialists can totally handle most of the tasks required with developing a web site, selecting names, keeping those names locked in for certain periods of time, and even putting the web site onto the Internet with hosting services. There are hundreds of these website support agencies throughout the Internet, and interested parties can easily browse online, looking for a company that offers the needed services at affordable pricing.

Once an agency to work with has been selected, there are some tips that can make the process of discovering what is a domain name and how to register a domain name an easier task. First, it's very important to select words or phrases for the web address that are easy to remember. Marketing specialists tout the need to get creative, yet utilize simple wordings in creating the unique address that will be seared into the memory of customers and clients. The address title should also include, if possible, a form of the main website name within it's phrasing or wording. For example, a hair and beauty salon advertising online might want to have an address with the words "hair", "salon", or "beauty" within the title. Getting creative is encouraged, but remember, the words and/or phrases must be memorable, giving people instant recollection when wanting to look up a particular site.

Another tip that can be utilized when discovering what is a domain name and the importance thereof, is to have several names written down when conducting a search of the domain names data base. Most instruction associated with how to register a domain name will support this suggestion. This way, if a title or address is already taken, then the seekers does not have to begin again, creating a catchy web title. Having two or three to submit will make the entire process transact more smoothly and with less frustrations. Also, if another company owns a title that the seeker wants, then the company holding the title may be contacted. There are cases where domain names have been sold or traded, making the whole registration process a market within itself. If there are titles or names that are currently under consideration, then go ahead and learn how to register a domain name, reserving this particular title for the future website.

When setting up a new business online by posting a new web page, Christians will want to remember to conduct their business venture in a manner worthy of Christ's stamp of approval. "He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he. The wise in heart shall be called prudent: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he." (Proverbs 16:20-21) It is important to be the light of Christ when working among non-believers or new believers. Consider all business ventures as your own personal evangelical mission! Also, be sure that the website and title selected contain honest and wholesome wording and images.

Domain Name Register

Domain name registrations are very important in the entire scenario of web site building and advertising. In order to get the most out of your web site for advertisement purposes, a memorable, search engine friendly name can mean the difference in a new site getting found or lost among the daily millions of potential Internet visitors. Cute, catchy, clever or trendy sounding domain names are not necessarily the right ones to use for sites that are being designed to reel in traffic and create a branding presence. Before purchasing a registration with a domain name register service, carefully consider several things that can optimize a web address.

Before listing a name with a registration service, choose the name carefully based on several criteria such as where to list the name, what the extension will be, and what key word or words are necessary to be included within the website identification address. Thoroughness in choosing a successful web name will be rewarded with traffic, business and site recognition. "He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster." (Proverbs 18:9) A domain name can be registered with a web site hosting company or can be registered separately with another company. It is suggested that for the most part, it is more helpful to purchase domain name registrations apart from the web site hosting company that handles the particular web account.

Many businesses or individuals switch hosting accounts at one time or another during the span of their initial accounts. In these cases, it is easier to have registration with another service so that there will be no problems with transferring domains. Sometimes it can be a problem in switching domains from one hosting company to another since all have their own specific policies that regulate their transactions. Initially purchasing domain name registrations with one company and being able to leave them with the same company is much easier. It gives greater flexibility when changing hosting companies or allows the owner of a particular identification more options.

Another important consideration when choosing names for a web site, is the extension that is available. There are many extensions now that make it possible for several people to purchase a domain name register service for the same name providing they choose a different extension. Extensions such as .com, .org, .net, .us, .info, .tv, and .biz can be chosen that set apart names at different IP addresses. Some webmasters have particular reasons for choosing a certain extension such as other than availability, although that is usually the first consideration.

The most sought after extension is generally .com since it seems to add greater credibility to a site's name as well as more popular appeal among Internet users. It is also generally the most expensive extension when purchasing domain name registrations from many companies. Some hosting companies only accommodate .com, .org, and .net extensions and do not currently recognize international extensions from their hosting company. This can also be a problem for webmasters whose sites use .uk or .us in their web addresses. Besides choosing separate accounts for hosting and registration as well as selecting a valuable extension, it is also very important to choose a good key word or key words for your web presence. It is a fact that key words are what make the Internet world go round in the case of search engine optimization for any web site. Choosing power packed key words will be the life blood of any web site's traffic.

A key word that represents a sites main theme is basic to optimization. Also, make the identification short and memorable to insure return Internet users. Artfully crafting a name that blends a web site's theme through a key word can boost a web site into higher rankings with many search engines. It is easy to purchase domain name registrations from a multitude of sources that offer searches and various purchase times for the name. There may also be names listed that are no longer in use, but are for sale through some domain name register services.

Some individuals have also invested in domain names in order to make a profit from the sales. Domain names can go for as little as a few dollars or as much as thousands of dollars for a branded logo name. In order to see which are available, it is simple to run a search through these services for every extension available and to find any other options. There are many domain name register services from which to choose as well as hosting companies that can handle both hosting and registration. In order to receive full benefits from any service, shop around for the best prices and options.

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