24K Gold Jewelry

Solid gold jewelry is a very high quality precious metal that is used in many different items and pieces. This makes a great gift for loved ones in the form of a necklace, ring, earrings, watch, and other items. Precious metal of this type comes in various amounts of karats indicated somewhere on the back or the inside of the piece. 18k, 14k, and 12k are only made up of a portion of gold with other metals. A 14k piece is only made up of about 60% while a 12k ring is made up of 50%. An 18k ring is made up of 75% and 24k gold jewelry is the most pure form at 100% gold. This is the softest of the four most common karats and is both beautiful and affordable, especially compared to other metals like platinum. Plus, there are many types and levels of quality to choose from. A person can purchase pieces both online and locally. The key is to choose a jeweler that is reputable and a product that is real and of the highest quality.

For consumers, telling the difference between the real thing and impostors can be hard, but there are some signs. An easy giveaway is a piece with no markings at all or no marking for the number of karats. However, many pieces of fake solid gold jewelry do have markings so this isn't always an indicator. Every piece should have the manufacturer's trademark. In addition to markings, the consumer must consider the retailer.

A nationally known jeweler is much more likely to carry the real thing while a pawnshop or street vendor is likely touting fake stand-ins. Many pawnshops and small local jewelers are honest businesses that do sell true 24k gold jewelry, but the individual should be careful not to get taken. Also, the consumer should find out if the jeweler has a money back guarantee or a return policy. If not, the purchase should not be completed. A person may find out the hard way that they are wearing a fake when their skin changes color in a few days. The price is also an indicator of whether or not a piece is real. Someone may find a ring for $250 in one shop and something very similar in another shop for $175. A consumer must determine what the real difference is between the pieces. This situation may just be a store trying to sell a knockoff for twice its value.

Some people may feel that the person they are buying for deserves only the best. However, not all 24k gold jewelry is appropriate for the wear and tear of everyday life. Solid gold jewelry is very durable, but coated pieces can wear out and reveal the metal underneath. This can lead to allergies with the skin. If someone is looking at purchasing an engagement ring or a wedding band, choosing solid pieces is best for durability. Since 24k is softer than lower karat weights, this will scratch up over time. This is easily fixed by taking the piece in to a jeweler routinely for polishing and repair.

Buying pieces in person is probably the best way to get the best piece for the best value. This is also the best way to judge the quality of the piece. A person can try the piece on and examine it to determine the weight, examine the quality, and closely view the color. Pieces should not have any dents or scratches, especially if being sold in a major retail store. The surface should be smooth and solid. The color of 24k gold jewelry tends to be bright yellow. The amount of karats tends to correspond with the brightness of the yellow hue. Be especially careful when purchasing small charms from kiosks, even at the local mall. They often mark the jewelry at a higher karat than it truly is.

Although buying pieces in person is very beneficial, anyone can now buy just about any type of jewels or precious metals online. Of course, the disadvantages are numerous. The individual can't try on the item or feel the weight. They can't examine the piece for scratches or dents. Sometimes they can't get their money back if not satisfied with the product. On the other hand, buying solid gold jewelry online is fast and convenient. Plus, the individual has a much wider selection to choose from on the Internet compared to visiting the local mall. If trying to locate hard-to-find 24k gold jewelry, the individual will probably have a better chance of finding products online. Auctions carry a huge selection of both new and vintage jewelry. The important thing to do when purchasing online is to make sure that the seller or online jeweler is reputable. Look out for bad reviews, and ask friends and family about recommended online jewelers.

No matter how or where a person buys their jewelry from, they need to make sure that the piece is real. Buy only from sellers and jewelers that are trusted and well known. If unsure about a jeweler, the individual can check with the Better Business Bureau about complaints against them. When buying as a gift for someone that is loved and cared for, the consumer must make sure the solid gold jewelry is the best they can get for the money. Trust instincts and if the consumer can not possibly afford what is most desired, he or she should not be afraid to settle by getting something a little less expensive. After all, gold is just another perishable, earthly thing. There are far more important things in life than this metal. "Therefore I love thy commandments above gold; yea, above fine gold." (Psalm 119:127)

14K Gold Jewelry

Buying 14k gold jewelry can be fun as you give the gift of precious metals or give yourself a wonderful gift; a gift that lasts a lifetime! A high quality item is always a great gift to receive. Whether you choose 14k gold jewelry or 18k gold jewelry, you should know that purchasing any expensive item is making an investment in not only the person receiving the gift, (even a gift to yourself), but an investment in fine metals that will hold their value. Before making a costly purchase perhaps a little information on gold and what constitutes karats would be helpful in determining what karat content you would want to obtain.

Pure gold is soft, much too soft to substantially hold up to wear and tear or to hold a valuable and expensive stone in a setting. Because of the softness, it is usually mixed with other metals to form a substance that is more durable and hardy. This procedure is called alloying. To alloy is to mix metals together. When gold is alloyed with other materials or metals, the content in a particular object is then measured by karats. For example, 14k jewelry means that the gold content of the jewelry equals 14 parts to 10 parts of other materials. It is the same with 18k jewelry. A piece of jewelry certified as 18k, will have 18 parts gold to 6 parts of other metal contents. The standard karat content of most jewelry is 14k, 18k and 22k.

While alloying is done for durability, some fine jewelers alloy gold with other metals to reach a desired or specific color. Higher karat content items, such as a 18k jewelry will produce a more yellow color to the finish of the product. But, when a piece of gold is alloyed with nickel, silver, or platinum, the finish can be silver, or what is more commonly known as white gold. When a jeweler or designer wants to keep costs at a minimum, 14 carat is generally the least expensive cost. The lower the karat or pure gold content, the less expensive the product.

A piece of 14k gold jewelry or 18k gold jewelry should be clearly marked, letting the buyer know that they are buying a specific quality. The content should always be marked, along with another marking for a registered trademark and where the ring or necklace has been made. Marking a piece is not required by law, but is a courtesy marking, guaranteeing the buyer that they are buying specific content of metal. Always look for a 14k gold jewelry trademark or an 18k gold jewelry trademark when purchasing finer pieces, knowing that you are buying a item that is guaranteed to have substantial precious metal content.

There is also a process called gold plating. Plating is actually 10K gold that has been electroplated to another host metal. Plated jewelry can be beautiful, but durability is an issue, as the plating eventually wears off when the piece is worn considerably. There are jewelry pieces that are gold filled and overlaid as well. Any piece that has overlay or is filled should be marked with an abbreviated term to clarify the content of the item in question.

When buying jewelry, much of what is selected will be determined by personal preference. The higher the precious metal content, the more valuable the piece. A 22k or 24k gold ring will have a beautiful finish that has a unique yellow tone, and this piece will be worth quite a bit of money. But a ring with high karat content would need to be taken care of, and never worn for daily activities. Also, precious jewels mounted would be at risk. 18k gold jewelry and 14k gold jewelry are certainly the most popular choices because of these factors.

If you are in the market for a piece of jewelry, then speak with the jeweler about their recommendations for what you want the piece for. There are occasions when a 22k or 24k piece may be just what the buyer needs or wants. There is also more information on buying fine pieces online through the Internet, and interested parties can browse the information about metal content and its value online. Gold is a valuable and precious metal. God's Word, the Bible tells us that our faith is much more valuable than gold to God. "That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ." (1 Peter 1:7)

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