Bridal Jewelry Sets

Affordable bridal jewelry is usually what would-be grooms on a budget are looking for; they want to select the perfect engagement ring that will communicate a knowledge of their loved one's personality and taste, demonstrate the extravagance of their love, and not deplete their bank account. The good news is that while the search is a difficult one requiring time and effort, finding the right ring is not a hopeless venture. After the lucky girl has said "Yes" she will probably want to start looking for earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, and perhaps a tiara to accent her glowing beauty on the wedding day. Her search for the right bridal jewelry sets will require hard work too, but there are many reasonably priced, beautiful options waiting to be discovered. The groom and bride should keep several factors in mind as they make their decisions: price, quality, taste, practicality, and ethical appropriateness.

Of course, even affordable bridal jewelry requires a considerable financial investment; this kind of product simply does not come cheaply. The groom must remember that a wedding ring is for life, so the choice is of monumental importance-- paying a little extra money will most likely be the best option in the long run. Finding a very cheap engagement ring is possible, but the quality will be lacking and both bride and groom will eventually be disappointed with the outcome. Therefore, the only solution for the budgeter is to do his homework: first, he should conduct a little online research to learn which options exist and how prices typically run; next, he should compare prices at local jewelry stores and look for sales; and as a last resort he should consider buying the ring online at wholesale price.

There are two other factors to consider when choosing a ring based on price. The first is whether to buy bridal jewelry sets, complete with engagement ring and wedding band or to buy these separately. It is probably more practical to do the first because jewelry stores often have special sales for wedding ring sets; plus, finding a matching band for the engagement ring later on can be quite a hassle. However, if this is not a possibility for the buyer, he may want to plan on buying a plain gold band of matching color, which is relatively inexpensive. Second, although this may seem rather obvious, the buyer should not forget that the taxes following the purchase of a ring can be extensive and need to be budgeted as well.

A final word on choosing a ring based on price: fair trade or conflict-free diamonds will probably cost more money, a factor which may impact the decision of the environmentally and ethically concerned person looking for affordable bridal jewelry. The issue of fair trade has recently become an important one, and jewelry stores are beginning to take notice and to offer certified non-conflict diamonds. Choosing conflict-free diamonds is a personal decision with great repercussions, as diamond mining is funding civil wars in West Africa and creating horrific working conditions for miners, placing them in danger of violence, poverty, and hunger. Buying a fair trade diamond may cost more, but the choice is good for the conscience, good for the earth, and good for West African miners. Buyers might want to consider learning more about fair trade diamonds and should feel free to ask each jewelry store for proof that the diamonds in their bridal jewelry sets are indeed conflict-free as advertised.

In the Bible, God gives this message: "And oppress not the widow, nor the fatherless, the stranger, nor the poor; and let none of you imagine evil against his brother in your heart" (Zechariah 7:10). Avoiding conflict diamonds is one small way that concerned individuals can fight social injustice and poverty in the world; it may seem like a small, insignificant effort, but every attempt to help the oppressed is a worthwhile endeavor. If a buyer is concerned that his chosen diamond is not conflict-free, he might want to consider less-traditional options like colored gemstones such as sapphires or rubies. These can help to create beautiful, meaningful bridal jewelry sets for both the financially and ethically troubled.

Affordable bridal jewelry comes in many colors, cuts, shapes, and sizes--there are so many options to choose from that the choice can become overwhelming, leaving the shopper paralyzed with indecision. The choice between yellow and white gold, princess cut and traditional round stone, diamond and ruby depends on taste and budget, but if the groom does pick out a diamond for his bride he needs to consider its cut and color. The cut is important because it determines how much the ring will sparkle, resulting from the amount of light that reflects off the individual faces of the diamond. The color of the diamond will generally run from colorless to near colorless to yellow. Colorless diamonds are extremely expensive, so reasonably priced engagement rings and wedding bands should probably include near colorless diamonds.

Once the bride is wearing her carefully-chosen engagement ring, it will be her turn to look for bridal jewelry sets. She will need her own ornaments, as well as some for her bridesmaids. To cut down cost, the bride should compare prices at different stores and consider purchasing jewelry from a simple accessories store, which can be found in nearly any mall in the country and carries both trendy and elegant accents. She might also want to consider buying cubic zirconium, pearls, or crystals instead of diamonds, which would leave money for more important and visible wedding items like bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and the cake. With a little patience, a woman on any budget can find affordable bridal jewelry that is beautiful and appropriate for her wedding, whether the ceremony is a low-key gathering or an extravagant, event-of-the-year affair.

Bridal Party Jewelry

Presented in celebration of the wonderful event, bridal party jewelry can become a treasured memento of both a beautiful wedding and a loving marriage. If the bride takes time to choose a unique and practical piece, the bridesmaids will wear the jewelry long after the cake has been eaten and the birdseed has been shaken out of their shoes. Not only will the participants forever link the exquisite bracelet or necklace with the wedding, they will associate the joy they derive from a valued accessory with the generosity of the bride and groom. Choosing from the expansive collection of bridesmaid jewelry sets shouldn't be undertaken in haste. A well thought out gift is the only one worth giving. With a little time and effort, a bride can give a treasure and a memory to her friends and family, rather than simply hand out a souvenir.

The first decision a bride must make when she is choosing bridal party jewelry is whether the bracelets, earrings and necklaces will be solely gifts or if they are going to be a part of the matrimonial ceremony. If the accessories are going to be seen in the wedding, they must match the general theme and color of the ceremony. Though this does limit the choices somewhat, it's still possible to customize each piece for the individual styles of the bride's attendants. In the event that the bridesmaid jewelry sets are going to be worn during the festivities, a bride would be prudent to choose neutral colors to allow the recipient to wear them at other occasions. For example, during the 1980s two of the top colors for matrimonial festivities were teal and sea foam green. Those two colors quickly became pass in the 1990s. Rather than purchase a necklace with a teal heart clanking on a chain, a bride could easily purchase a subtle pearl necklace that would accent a teal dress, but still leave the attendant with an accessory she can wear with most any dress well into the next decade. Many wedding retailers offer two or three options for every setting. To clarify, if a bride decides on pearls for her attendants, a retailer usually carries a tear drop pearl pendant on a chain, a cultured single-strand pearl necklace, an uncultured single-strand pearl necklace and a multi-strand pearl necklace. This allows the bride to choose between bridal party jewelry options, but still retain preference for pearls.

It is up to the bride if each attendant gets something unique and one of a kind, or they all get the same accessory. In the example with the pearls, perhaps a bride would choose to give cultured pearls to two of her attendants and uncultured to two others. Varying preferences and personalities often make it difficult to please all the members of the bridal party with bridal party jewelry. Having multiple options within the same color of stone increases the chances of meeting everyone's needs. If the bride still wants uniformity in the photos, choosing the same necklaces but varying the bracelets is another option. Two caveats when buying bracelets and earrings: find out how many of the wedding attendants have pierced ears and how large the wedding entourage's wrists are. Most styles of earrings come in both pierced and clip-on. It would behoove a bride to research both, as the clip-on option for some earrings is drastically different from the pierced design. Previewing both pierced and clip-on will prevent the bride from having to start from scratch if she dislikes the clip-on style. Measuring wrists is a vital part of buying the bracelets. If a bracelet is not adjustable, the bride will want to choose a size small enough to stay firmly in place while the wedding party walks down the aisle and dances during the reception. If finding fitted bracelets proves too hard due to drastic differences in sizes, bracelets are now available in adjustable designs that are still classic and elegant.

Choosing bridesmaid jewelry sets is a prime vehicle to commemorate all that the marriage will stand for. In early religions, the followers hung what was important around their necks. "Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart." (Proverbs 3:3) Pendants and necklaces provide opportunities to keep the wedding and marriage next to the bridesmaid's heart, literally. Often, retailers will customize the necklace to provide a "one of a kind" piece. For instance, if a couple shares a love of gardening, accessories that showcase roses can honor a shared passion. Many times the retailer can engrave the names of the bride and groom and the year of their nuptials on the back of a pendant or bracelet. Caution should be used when individualizing a piece. If the piece is too personal or unique, it is no longer a practical piece of jewelry. If simple silver is the theme for the accessories, a silver pendant in the shape of the first letter in the bridesmaid's name is suitable. This allows each woman to receive something uniquely hers that still matches the style of the wedding. However, couples should resist the temptation to make the pendants shaped like the first letters of the bride and groom's names. Engraving the front of a necklace or bracelet with commemorative dates or names should likewise be avoided. Both these options aren't usable pieces of fashion and show poor taste. Weddings are a time to remember love. Bridesmaid jewelry sets provide a wonderful way for a bride to share her love with those closest to her. With creativity and tact, a bride can give her loved ones a gift that will commemorate a strong marriage and their role in it.

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