Christian Fish Jewelry

Christian cross jewelry and Christian fish jewelry are wonderful gifts for those who love the Lord want to be identified with Him. Many may search for Christian symbols in the form of jewelry. For those who may not know, the cross was the instrument of torture of Jesus Christ, and the fish became a symbol of Christianity in Greek times, referred to as the ichthus. This is the Greek name for fish, and has also attained the meaning for various names of God, using Greek letters. The fish is used as a Christian symbol because the Scriptures refer to the disciples as fishers of men, which is how Jesus referred to His apostles. Some say this symbol was used as secretive communication between Christians during Roman times.

Jesus referred to his followers as fishers of men, meaning those that followed Him were to make disciples of other unbelievers, so that they may enjoy an eternity of bliss in Heaven with Jesus and escape eternal punishment. Mark 1:17 says "And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men." Today the Christian fish jewelry has become a symbol of ever growing popularity among modern day Christians. Unbelievers and those who espouse Darwinian views have come up with their own fish symbols that have legs, and show Darwinian fish eating the Christian fish. These are usually found on bumpers of cars. It has become quite entertaining to see what comes out next.

The Christian fish jewelry can be found not only in Christian bookstores, but also in secular department store chains everywhere. The jewelry is most popular in the form of necklaces and rings made from sterling silver and gold of many designs and sizes. Some rings look like lace filigree, but on closer examination is tiny fish symbols interspersed with more design for a lacey effect. Other rings have symbols cut out of one solid piece of silver or gold, antiqued designs, complicated and simple designs. An up and coming popular design type is a toe ring. These too have Christian fish jewelry designs of all types and sizes. One can find these symbols on earrings, belt buckles, purses or anywhere precious or semi-precious metals can be used.
Some designs are trendy, others are classical and/or understated. There are designs for men, women, teens and young children.

Christian fish jewelry is tastefully made and looks beautiful with any style of clothing. For ease of purchase, one can search on line and buy in the comfort of the home, so there doesn't have to be hours taken out of the day to find a perfect piece. Why not buy on line and have it sent directly to that special someone for a birthday, Christmas or special occasion? Perhaps a fish design with a cross in the middle would be appropriate, or the name of Jesus in the center would be nice.

Christian cross jewelry has been popular for much longer than the fish design. The crosses now days are being created using actual nails, to remind one of the nails used to put Jesus on the cross. There are more ornate designs using precious stones with filigree gold or sterling silver along the outside, for those with a more sophisticated taste. Crosses come in many sizes from the very small to the very large, depending on how they will be displayed. Clergy may appreciate purchasing larger pieces to go with the raiment worn on the job. Sunday school teachers may enjoy buying cross pieces to give away as rewards for high performance to students for scripture memorization or Bible quiz contests. Teens in youth groups would appreciate receiving cross jewelry also on various occasions.

Another idea would be to send cross jewelry to senior citizens in nursing homes or those that live alone, to remind them that Jesus loves them and cares for them. Recent high school and college graduates who are believers may appreciate getting Christian cross jewelry to wear on that special graduation day. Do not forget Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Easter as opportunities to show love and support to loved ones by presenting them with tastefully designed Christian cross jewelry. Choir directors could give choir members gifts of jewelry for a job well done when singing on special occasions too. Anyone would love getting beautiful gifts like these at any time throughout the year, so mark the calendar and plan now to make those purchases for all those special people.

Jesus said it is better to give than to receive, and giving Christian cross jewelry is no exception. Kindness goes a long way towards spreading good will to those who are not churched and to those within the church who may be lonely or new to the fold. These days, few people expect to receive a gift with no strings attached, and so giving for the sake of giving just because it is a loving thing to do may at first be met with skepticism. However, do not let that be a deterrent to good actions toward others. It helps to further the kingdom of God and draw people to Jesus. What could be more important that showing people they are cared for in a tangible way? Giving without expecting something in return shows that the person means more than getting anything in return. Isn't that what Jesus did when he died on the cross for the sins of the world? God gave His son so that people can have eternal life if they accept Jesus as their Savior. He laid His life down willingly all a person has to do is accept that free gift.

Jewelry Trinket Boxes

Jewelry trinket boxes are the height, weight, size and storage area challenged members of the jewelry box family, but they are certainly not the plain side of the family in terms of appearance. These little dynamos are the flashiest members of the fashion accessory storage wing of bedroom accessories. By definition, a trinket is a knick-knack, a bauble, an ornament, a charm or in everyday language, a jewelry pipsqueak. Just like the famous bug of the auto world doesn't need a large garage, neither do baubles or knick-knacks need free standing armoires to be stored, so small jewelry boxes were made for the little guys. But these guys also have some of the biggest personalities around the dresser top. Whoever thought to make these munchkins first also decided that they ought to be extremely colorful, even to the point of being gaudy, and to come in as many shapes as the imagination would allow.

Here are the trinket storage unit shapes from just one website that sells these things. American flag, animals of all kinds, baby memorabilia, birds, insects, carousels of various kinds, a dozen Advent shapes, eggs, angels, flowers, fruits, vegetables, golf stuff, kitchen stuff, musical themes, holiday themed boxes, purse shaped, sea life shaped and shoe and boot shaped jewelry trinket boxes. That's just from a single site! These small jewelry boxes have been around for several hundred years and have been called fairings, patch boxes and pin boxes. Because of their small size, they are high on popular collectable object lists. They are very thoughtful gifts to give to a young girl who may have only a small amount of jewelry. She will appreciate an attractive storage place.

At antique shops and flea markets, it may be possible to find some European jewelry trinket boxes that will have originated in Europe. These little storage places were usually made out of porcelain and kept spots of black silk in them to hide facial blemishes or enhance a woman's beauty. These small jewelry boxes will have high value because of their rarity and their collectability. These little items may sell from sixty to several hundred dollars, depending on the demand for the design. While more commercial pieces will pop up on the Internet if just the words jewelry trinket boxes are used, the truly vintage pieces from centuries past will appear if the word Victorian is used in conjunction with those other search words. "Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God." (2 Corinthians 7:1)

Many of these of these miniature pieces have hinged tops on them, particularly if the piece was made from some sort of metal, although the ones made of wood, and to a lesser degree porcelain may also be hinged. Every imaginable animal and sea creature is available in these little items, many whose bodies separate in the middle for opening, but many also with heads that pop open with a hinge. If a person desire a bejeweled octopus holding a scepter, one may have it in a jewelry trinket box, or if a person desires a frog prince sitting on a lily pad, that is also available, but the person better hurry because that particular design is almost sold out at a particular website, but never fear, because frogs are one the favorite subjects for the design of these little guys. Faberge style eggs are also very popular and a website suggested that this design might be perfect for a man to store cufflinks in, but frankly, the writer of this blog doesn't see the excitement in that.

One website offers Egyptian themed small jewelry boxes, with golden pyramids, the Sphinx, Nefertiti, Scarab and King Tut design pieces. Butterfly, ladybug, honey bee, dragonfly, farm, horse, and anyting to do with children's stories themed pieces are also from websites, with most of them under forty dollars. There are those, of course, that are available in Austrian crystal for a very elegant look, some gold and silver plated, and some very striking small pieces made in various forms of exotic woods such as teak, zebrawood, olive ash, wenge and other rare but very striking woods that are magnificent to behold. For the sports minded, there are hinged basketball storage pieces, hairspray bottle shaped trinket boxes, baptistery shaped pieces, and a favorite of this writer, the surfing alligator that is actually wearing swim trunks. It's among the few designs that hadn't been sold, and that is such a mystery!

Of course, these small items can be used to hold pills, paperclips, candy, matches, coins or nuts and bolts if one would so desire. A person could imagine that memories of grandchildren going to grandma's house and sneaking peppermint lozenges out of the surfing alligator trinket jewelry box might be those that would remain forever etched in young minds. And what grandchild would forget going into the grandparents bathroom and finding one of the little items sitting on the sink, made in dazzling Austrian porcelain and containing pappy's dentures? That very well could be a memory that would never be forgotten! For that matter, what grandchild could forget walking into his grandparent's house and finding twenty of these small jewelry boxes all over the house, filled with little epiphanies that might help while away a number of boring hours? Sometimes, the little things of life can contain the most discoveries!

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