Cubic Zirconia Gold Jewelry

Cubic zirconia gold jewelry is often used as a substitute for diamonds and can be a beautiful and affordable alternative to investing thousands in diamond pieces. There are many different reasons why individuals choose fine CZ jewelry over diamonds. One reason for the choice is the cost. Cubic zirconia is much more affordable than diamond stones because it is synthesized, and these gold pieces are often just as beautiful as any diamond arrangements. This makes it possible for the individual to purchase much more or larger stones than they would be able to purchase with the higher priced diamonds. CZ jewelry can also be purchased in a wide array of colors and styles for the individual. To purchase CZ stones and arrangements, individuals can look in a variety of places. The Internet, retail stores like department stores, and some jewelry stores will offer cubic zirconia pieces.

Purchasing cubic zirconia is generally more affordable for individuals than diamonds. For someone with a limited amount of money to spend on diamonds and charms, choosing a substitute like cubic zirconia gold jewelry may be much more affordable. The price for a diamond, even a small diamond, can often run into the hundreds. Larger diamonds can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars depending on the size, style, and other features of the piece of jewelry. The same pieces with a cubic zirconia stone instead of a diamond will be much lower priced. Even pieces that would likely cost several thousand dollars for a diamond stone can be purchased for less than one hundred dollars. A two carat diamond solitaire engagement ring from a jewelry store may cost between fifteen thousand and fifty thousand dollars. The same ring with a two carat cubic zirconia stone can be purchased for less than seven hundred and fifty dollars from most online retailers. This is a very huge difference in price, making fine CZ jewelry much more affordable for individuals seeking jewels that will have a similar appearance to that of diamonds.

Not only will CZ pieces be more affordable than diamonds, but they are often just as beautiful as most diamond arrangements. It is also very hard to tell the difference between the two stones. Often, training has to be done for an individual to be able to know the difference. Many jewelry store employees will not even know the difference until looking closer at the stone and setting. Much like diamonds, cubic zirconia gold jewelry can be found in a variety of colors and styles. More and more, individuals are seeking diamonds that are unique. Diamonds in bright and beautiful colors are very popular. Many beautiful colors like blue and pink diamonds can be purchased. They are often high priced, usually much higher than colorless or near colorless diamonds because diamonds of this quality and purity are much rarer than colorless diamonds. Fine CZ jewelry that comes in different colors may also be slightly higher than colorless CZ, but pieces will still be very affordable. Various styles and cuts can also be found with both stones. Anything from round to princess and emerald cuts are available in both stones. This makes it possible for individuals to pick and choose jewelry that will match their style and tastes much better.

Purchasing pieces can be done in many different places. The Internet is a great source for cubic zirconia designs. There are numerous retailers and merchants that offer cubic zirconia gold jewelry for individuals interested in purchasing products. Retailer websites can be found using one of the popular search engines. Auction sites on the Internet can also make it possible to find further reduced settings for sale. Individuals and merchants offer fine CZ jewelry at relatively low prices. If the Internet does not provide the results that an individual is seeking, many local retailers or merchants will be able to provide fine CZ jewelry for the individual. Malls, boutiques, department stores, and flea markets are only a few of the many places that a person can begin their search for affordable and beautiful arrangements.

Many individuals purchase cubic zirconia pieces as a substitute for diamonds. The price is a major factor for this. The cost of cubic zirconia is often a fraction of the cost for the same piece with a diamond stone. For someone looking for a colorful, stylish, and practical piece, this stone may be a good choice. Zirconia can be found in many colors, cuts, and styles for the individual to choose from. Shopping for a piece or multiple pieces of can be done in a number of places. The Internet, local retailers, and mail order companies offer this stone at low prices and in a variety of styles. Making the choice to purchase cubic zirconia over diamonds may be a more responsible and wise financial move than purchasing a diamond. "Teach me good judgment and knowledge: for I have believed thy commandments" (Proverbs 119:66).

Discount Gold Jewelry

Discount fine jewelry can be found on many online websites that currently offer huge discounted prices. Everything from sparkling diamonds to discount gold jewelry is available at cut rate prices that are sure to tempt the most conservative purchaser. Why pay more when a 3 carat diamond can be purchased for the price of a 1 carat? Many stores offer great prices because large companies sell in volume and still turn a handsome profit with discounted rates. For consumers who are in the market for a piece of heirloom quality jewelry, check out several online stores for competitive prices and unparalleled quality.

Many consumers want to purchase a piece of jewelry that will last for generations as it is passed down through their family line. This is especially true of pieces like engagement rings and necklaces which have historically been the pieces of choice for most women. Diamonds are still a favorite gem for any occasion and the selections and prices vary quite a bit. There are white diamonds and colored diamonds from which to choose at some discount stores. Colored diamonds generally come in yellow, pink and blue with pink being the most rare and expensive. White diamonds are more affordable as well as plentiful and are purchased more often than colored diamonds.

There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for diamonds such as color, character, size and cut. Many diamonds come in varying degrees of clarity which has a bearing on the purchase price. A flawless diamond is definitely more expensive at a discount fine jewelry company than one with a flaw although to the untrained eye, most would never know the difference. As far as investment purposes, however, a flawless diamond has much more potential for accruing value as time goes on. The extreme rarity of colored diamonds makes them very expensive and harder to locate at some retailers and wholesalers. "Who can find a virtuous woman? for price is far above rubies." (Proverbs 31:10)

Diamonds can be found set in discount gold jewelry or other metals such as platinum or silver. Platinum is becoming the metal of choice in contemporary society since it is harder than gold, does not tarnish and compliments any gem selection. Discount gold jewelry has been the preferred metal for past generations and the tradition of yellow or white gold items will continue to be popular for the traditionalist. Some settings are now being made from two or three different metals including yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Contemporary styles have opened the door to mixed metals and many discount fine jewelry stores offer a variety of treasures in variations of metal.

For those who cannot afford a large diamond but want something more than a Cubic zirconia, Moissanite gemstones have become very popular with many customers. Moissanite is made through a synthetic process and is almost as hard as a diamond. Its worth holds value while being less expensive than a diamond but more expensive than a Cubic zirconia. For many people, this is the perfect gem for the money because the gem has such as close resemblance to diamond properties that even professional jewelers have a hard time seeing the difference. Diamonds and their cousin, synthetic gems, will continue to be popular for special occasions such as engagements, anniversaries, 16th birthdays and other memorable occasions.

Both men and women can enjoy heirloom quality discount gold jewelry that displays a diamond for most any special occasion. Wholesale and discount fine jewelry prices make it easy to please someone special without breaking the bank with the purchase. When purchasing a diamond from any store, make sure of the quality by asking for the GIA certificate rating if the gem costs more than $1,000. This certifies the quality and weight of the diamond and assures the buyer that he or she is getting what they purchase. If there are two diamonds listed for the same price but one has the certificate and the other does not, it is wise to always buy the one with the rating.

When purchasing discount gold jewelry, always make sure that it is of adequate weight. Gold jewelry is weighed in grams and some stores do not weigh the products or provide weight lists. It is known that sometimes jewelry stores sell lighter weight gold in order to make more profit. A piece of discount fine jewelry that is made from a lesser weight of gold will not hold up as long and may bend under normal usage. If a consumer wants to make sure that he or she is purchasing a quality piece of jewelry, make sure that any purchase weight is consistent with other pieces of like price and weight. Anything substandard may not be worth purchasing even if the price is right.

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