Custom Fine Jewelry

Wearing a piece of custom fine jewelry can make a woman feel very special, indeed. The adornments worn about the neck, wrists, and ears say much about a woman, just as the art that is chosen to grace a wall says much about a home. Wearing gold, silver, beads, and various jewels created by the Creators himself, are ways of expressing moods, sentiment, celebration, and individuality. For these collective reasons, people of all cultures have been designing custom handcrafted jewelry for centuries. Bracelets, earrings, and necklaces have been sold and traded throughout the ages as a means of income and as ways of identifying oneself with a specific culture. Today, people across the globe continue to make or design custom fine jewelry and sell these pieces world wide, in an exchanging of cultural expressions. Currently, finer pieces have such a large market, even men of all ages are discovering the exhilaration of adorning these custom pieces.

Historically, all cultures have a way of expressing themselves through accessories. Though accessories is a modern expression, it is the best way to describe the putting on of different objects to adorn the body. Artists from all civilizations continue to make custom handcrafted jewelry from a variety of natural products to adorn the bodies of their people. Objects worn for effect have different meanings for different people groups, but all are an expression of some message to the one who wears the enchanting piece. For example, in Africa, colorful beads were worn by native cultures as a way of expressing joy or celebration. These beads were later traded with travelers as a means for economic survival. In India, certain jewels mined from the hillsides have significant spiritual meanings. And in native American cultures, turquoise and silver fashioned into certain objects hold deep spiritual and emotional meanings, as well. Brides and grooms often wore specific adornments to bring blessings on a new marriage.

Even today, our current society has messages that are extended through the wearing of certain accessories. The gold band on the left hand signifies that a person has entered into a marriage covenant. A beautiful cross worn, will indicate another's commitment to Christ. Women that wear cultured pearls are generally considered to be conservative thinkers, and women who where multiple bracelets all at once are sometimes identified as free spirits. There are subliminal messages sent to those around us, when we make certain choices about the jewelry we wear. And these messages are so culturally important, that there is millions of dollars spent on all types of jewelry, annually.

When a person wears certain pieces about the neck, ears, or wrists, they are in fact sending a specific message to those around them. But also, the giver of a piece of jewelry may have a message to extend. Custom fine jewelry is considered to be a lavish, but intimate gift. People who truly want to express their hearts give the gift of jewels. A long-standing tradition, diamonds can say "I love you" like no other gift can and most women enjoy the sense of feeling special when receiving a lovely ring or necklace from an admirer. And, this gift giving tradition is not only an American tradition, but a tradition in many other cultures, too. Handmade and exquisite adornments given are gifts of the highest honor. There is a definite communication that is sent to the recipient when custom handcrafted jewelry is given as a gift.

God also uses the adorning of jewels as a symbolic way of expressing how precious we are to Him. In the book of Isaiah, the prophet Isaiah rejoices in how God has blessed Israel. "I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels." (Isaiah 61:10) The people of Israel would lavish a bride in beautiful jewels as symbolism of her great fortune in marriage. God wishes to use this picture to teach us about His own lavish love.

The making and wearing of custom handcrafted jewelry has been significant for thousands of years. And, today, custom fine jewelry continues to be a means of expression and a gift of thoughtfulness. There are many ways to access custom handcrafted jewelry from a variety of artisans. When traveling, finding a piece of culturally significant jewelry can serve as a reminder, spurring prayer and concern for peoples of other countries or cultures. Custom fine jewelry is also found locally, through a local dealer. Buyers can have a piece custom made with a specific person or occasion in mind. To find just the right pieces for that special someone and to send the message of thoughtfulness and love, check out the many different resources for the finest gold, silver, and other precious metal adornments online through the Internet. The Internet hosts a global market in the jewelry industry, and unique and custom pieces can be found easily, online.

Fine Designer Jewelry

Fine designer jewelry will bring a smile to the face of most women, especially if it is received as a gift for her birthday or some other special occasion, and the giver can rest assured the gift will be enjoyed for a long time. No matter what a person's taste, there is a designer of fine fashion jewelry somewhere who can make something satisfactory. There is a long list of custom designers on the Internet, with displays of their work for the prospective buyer to peruse. Stores have always had access to artists that are willing to design a special piece for a customer, whether it is an old family heirloom that needs to be updated, or a loose stone that needs to be mounted in the proper setting.

There was a time when fine fashion jewelry was available only to the very rich. Today it is possible for someone with modest means to buy a piece of fine fashion jewelry. It may have to be purchased on a lay-away plan or put on a credit card, but at least it is available to more people. What's more, the designers aren't always connected to large distributors. Some work independently, while others make their work available through a number of distributors. Fashion (clothing) designers often work with jewelry designers to have pieces produced that match a dress or other outfit they have designed.

Archaeologists have uncovered fine fashion jewelry among the artifacts of ancient civilizations, which proves people have always enjoyed wearable art. Ancient Egypt favored gold, and the Pharaoh's tombs were filled with more gold artifacts than anything else. The ancient peoples of South America also had an abundance of gold in their necklaces and bracelets. North American people, on the other hand, had more silver and turquoise to work with, and that tradition holds today with the Native American people. Centuries of fine work have created a lasting tradition of fine designer jewelry that is still in demand. The work of today's artists can be found at craft and trade shows, as well as the traditional specialty stores. Antique stores today often include gift items and new brilliants along with their traditional antique stock, and the sales are brisk.

There are events, like the Academy Awards, where fine designer jewelry takes the spotlight. The evening gowns and the jewels worn by actresses vying for the coveted Oscars are topics of comments by newsmen and women covering the event. The names of the designers of both are often mentioned in the descriptions. Needless to say, the sparkles worn in such places are very expensive, with nothing but precious stones mounted in them. Fortunately, fine designer jewelry doesn't end with diamonds and pearls. All manner of semi-precious stones are used, and metals other than gold or silver. The design of the piece is the most important factor, and very good artists can work with just about any substance to create a memorable piece of art. Today, jewelry isn't usually thought of as anything but adornment. However, in the Old Testament people used these items as sacrificial offerings at the Temple. "We have therefore brought an oblation for the Lord, what every man hath gotten, of jewels of gold, chains, and bracelets, rings, earrings, and tablets, to make an atonement for our souls before the Lord." (Numbers 31:50)

There are some companies producing fine designer jewelry that sell their wares through salespeople directly to customers at home gatherings, or "parties." Women enjoy getting together with friends who also like such finery, and buy from these representatives. These designs are the products of in-house designers whose original designs keep the merchandise fresh and appealing to prospective customers so they will return for more. The benefit to the designer in this situation is there is a constant market for the work produced.

Some of the Internet sites that feature the artistic adornment have links so that someone can request a special design not already shown on the website. Others simply show the merchandise they have on hand, and orders are placed from there. Prices and shipping costs are provided before charging the purchase to the customer's credit card. The only disadvantage of buying online is, sometimes colors are a little different in real life than in the photos, and if there are any flaws, they probably won't be detected in the pictures. However, a guarantee of satisfaction should also be included with this deal.

Whether a person is buying fine fashion jewelry or some other product online, it's a good idea to check the company out before buying. The Better Business Bureau and personal references will provide information on any complaints that have been filed against the company. Taking care beforehand can save the customer trouble later, especially if the purchase is intended as a gift. Finding that unique ring or necklace for someone shouldn't end in disappointment.

Many of the online sellers of bijouterie provide substantial information about their pieces. They will tell the potential purchaser about the designer, the methods used in creating the designs, and the quality of all the components. For the uninitiated, the information is both interesting and valuable, and for those versed in the business it provides assurance as to the quality of the work. You might sometimes get that degree of information from a salesman at the local store, but they often don't know any more than the customer.

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