Fashion Sterling Silver Jewelry

Fashion sterling silver jewelry looks great on anyone and is a wonderful way to accessorize wardrobes with the latest styles and designs. Silver jewelry is popular in the Celtic tradition, and the popularity has translated all over the world in the form of hearts, bracelets, charms, necklaces and rings. Almost any style and design can be obtained that will satisfy even the most discriminating buyer. Fashion sterling silver jewelry looks fabulous against tanned and dark skin, but equally mesmerizing on all hues. Sweethearts will appreciate receiving gifts of filigree silver heart earrings or bracelets with woven designs that look elegant for both casual and formal occasions.

Little girls will enjoy getting charm bracelets with silver and pink hearts interspersed among each other, or rings with initials in them. Charms can be interchanged depending on the mood of the wearer with any theme one can desire, whether patriotic, romantic or playful. For example, a little looking will reveal charms shaped like sandals, hats, shoes, hearts, stars, animals, and depicting holiday themes, etc. The list is almost infinite! Moms would love to get charm bracelets with "Mom" on a heart. Absolutely stunning necklace designs can be purchased with diamonds, pearls and other precious stones inlaid into the sterling silver.

There is a wide assortment of Christian silver in the form of crosses, fishes (Icthuses) and more that anyone would be glad to receive. Wholesale fashion jewelry is available anywhere and for any occasion or taste. For example, viewing some websites on wholesale jewelry, a person will come across simulated diamonds or cubic zirconium inlaid into precious metals shaped like alphabet letters; there are zirconium rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets and pieces made of all types of precious and semi-precious stones and metals. There are even bracelets made of bright colored acrylics! This may remind some of the 1960's when colors in fashion were bright and bold.

When shopping for wholesale fashion jewelry and the buyer has quality in mind, then be sure to do a little reading up on the manufacturing process. This way no seller can try to pass off a piece of junk as authentic fashion sterling silver jewelry. Some folks may not know that silver must be mixed with another metal in order to be strong enough to form into rings, bracelets, etc. Most sterling silver jewelry has about 7% copper mixed in to make the piece stronger. Be sure to ask when purchasing, to find out if the piece has a high percentage of silver content before buying. If a bracelet or other piece is purchased and worn for a while, and the outer layer begins to flake off, then the bracelet was only silver coated and the bulk of the bracelet was junk metal. This is what anyone should avoid.

If the cell phone is a constant companion, and it is for many people these days, then there are cases made with rhinestones, cubic zirconium and other precious metals. Whoever would have thought this would come about? These cases come in pink, blue, red or any color of the rainbow. There are also pieces for attaching to cell phones to carry them about that look quite expensive, but is really wholesale fashion jewelry. These are referred to as charms, similar to charms on bracelets.

A lesser worn piece of jewelry is the brooch. Brooches used to be worn quite often by ladies before and just after the turn of the 20th century. Brooches are made of cut glass of many colors and these days, are made of glass and acrylic. The shapes often follow old designs, usually in the shape of flowers or stars. "I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels" (Isaiah 61:10 KJV).

Jewelry can be worn not only for beauty, but to make a statement. People of various faiths enjoy wearing religious jewelry to show others identification with a certain religion or groups. Quotes and slogans are often imprinted on bracelets, and artsy shapes are hung on necklaces. High school students may have the name of the school on a necklace or bracelet. Charities many times create bracelets or rings with the charity's emblem on them, and give these away when donations are made. If a teen is active in a sport or professional school, then emblems representing those activities are popular. For example, young girls who take ballet would enjoy Pointe shoes on ear rings and bracelets and those involved in skating or basketball may have charms shaped like skates and basketballs.

Of course there are items for more practical use in the realm of wholesale fashion jewelry. Those items would be money clips, glasses holders and chains, cufflinks, book marks, pins, watches or belt buckles. Many of these items would be suitable gifts for men and boys, especially if interest leans towards things western. There are key chains, bracelets and pendants with arrow heads, horse heads, steer heads etc. that make bold statements and look great against leather or denim. Horseshoes and necklaces with a Texas shaped charm on them can make great Christmas gifts for friends living in the south. Young ladies involved in beauty pageants long to get the coveted tiara made of simulated gemstones that sparkles under those bright lights on stage. There is nothing prettier than a tiara sitting on the head of the happiest girl in the whole world! Finding just the right fashion sterling silver jewelry and wholesale fashion jewelry can make that little girl's dream finally come true.

Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry

The little girls stared at the sterling silver gemstone jewelry in the case at the store. The small lights perfectly positioned within the showcase made the fifty dollar necklaces jump with so much life, it was as if they cost five thousand dollars. The young girls began to be whisked away in their imaginations as they talked back and forth about how they would like wear such glorious necklaces on their wedding day when all eyes would be just on them for a few hours. The store clerk wore a bemused smile as she also remembered a time when she often stared at wholesale silver gemstone jewelry in her grandfather's small trading post in the southwest. She remembered not the bright lights of an expensive showcase, but rather the pride in her grandfather's eyes as he pulled out the cases of sterling silver gemstone jewelry from his small safe in the back of his store. Her grandfather had made every piece by hand, and when each piece was sold, he asked the customers where they were from, so that he could envision where the handiwork was headed.

The term sterling silver is a term to describe the precious metal that has been mixed with copper in a 92.5/7.5 ratio. Copper is the one metal that doesn't harm the color of this precious metal in that proportion, which is needed to give the metal a degree of hardness. The precious metal that is pure is quite soft and malleable, and can be damaged very easily, so for certain jewelry pieces, copper is employed for longevity. Adding copper to this precious metal in that proportion does not affect the price of gemstone pieces. Instead, this precious metal jewelry is priced by the intricacy of design and quality of the craftsmanship. The popularity of this precious metal appeared to be at its height from 1870 to 1920 when the metal appeared in everything from jewelry to flatware. Since the Victorian period dictated that there should be a separate fork, spoon and knife for every course, societal dictates did not call expectations unreasonable to find three or four or more of the same utensil at every place setting.

The term silver plating ought to be a term meaning "run and hide from anything with that moniker." If a well meaning person gives you a silver coated fishing pole because that person thinks you have everything, thank them and smile, but soon it will be black. Plated fashion accessories with this metal is a recipe for disaster, because the precious metal will soon show its true colors, and it won't be the gray we are used to seeing. So if there is a thirteen year old boy reading this blog that wants to give a first girlfriend a piece that is plated with this precious metal, don't do it! Wait till you are eighteen, then give her something in a sterling silver gemstone piece, or find some wholesale silver gemstone jewelry. One will be very surprised how much things change in five years. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." (John 1:1)

This precious metal has always been the metal for the common man. It is very common and therefore the cost is very reasonable. A trip online to price wholesale silver gemstone jewelry will find the surfer discovering gemstone pieces for as little as four dollars from a wholesale outlet. From more high end retailers, beautiful jewelry with gemstones from all over the world including amethyst, topaz, larimer, pearl, jasper, garnet and citrine and almost twenty other gemstones. These delicately made pieces are much pricier, but far more beautiful than the wholesale sterling silver gemstone jewelry mentioned earlier. Again, the price of sterling silver doesn't vary, because the real thing is always advertised as true 92.5, or ninety two and a half silver, seven and a half percent copper. It is the intricate work, the details and the craftsmanship that makes the price of fashion pieces made from this precious metal rise.

Wholesale silver gemstone jewelry comes from a number of countries around the world, including Spain, Italy and the United States, but the greatest supplier is the country of Thailand. There are a number of websites originating in Thailand that offer beautiful sterling silver gemstone jewelry at very reasonable prices, as well as American websites with competitive pricing also. There are also many sites that are helpful in ways to clean precious metal jewelry, but often differ in the advice give. Some recommend the commercial metal cleaners, while others advice to use only something like baking soda. With gemstones as part of the items being cleaned, it might be more advised to stay with something like baking soda.

Our young girls continued to stare at the pieces in the case. From across the store, the grandmother who had brought them watched as a spectator might carefully watch the movement of athletes on a field. One of the great joys of this woman's life was observing the stages of the granddaughters' life unfold. She was careful not to disturb the wondrous moment and at the very last moment, came up behind the two and placed a hand on each of their shoulders. The girls pointed out the necklaces and told the woman of their dreams. The grandma did the magical thing and bought a necklace for each of the girls, but said she would keep the fashion pieces at her house until they were old enough to take care of their possessions. When they arrived back home, she made the young ones sit down and write about the new items they now owned.

Sixteen years later, when both girls were engaged, the now aged woman pulled out the little box in which each necklace had been kept. Included in the box, folded up tightly were the letters the girls had written. The stories told of dreams in a future time now here. The girls wept at the amazing memory both had forgotten. Sterling silver gemstone jewelry was pinned to two wedding dresses that may have seemed out of place, but very much belonged.

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