Free Silver Jewelry Gifts

Fine silver jewelry makes a wonderful gift for just about anyone as the popularity of this affordable, yet precious metal continues to hold its own. There are hundreds of styles to choose from when selecting a piece for a mother, sister, aunt, wife, daughter, or even that special guy. And, there are literally hundreds of craftsmen, designers, and distributors offering their products online at great pricing discounts. With the Internet hosting so many different options, the choices of selection are broad and prices are competitive. Some companies or designers will even offer free silver jewelry gifts with purchase, to attract customers and to say "thank you" for your business. Of course, when shopping online, it will be impossible to actually view the piece being selected before purchase, so knowing a little about the different qualities of silver will be helpful in making wise gift choices that will give the recipient a gift that will last for years to come.

When making selections between bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or rings, the first thing to consider when buying fine silver jewelry is the content of silver in each piece. The purest of this precious metal is soft and can oxidize, making it impractical for wearing. Because of this fact, pieces are usually combined with other materials to make them more durable and to keep them from tarnishing quickly. This metal is generally alloyed with rhodium and nickle, with rhodium being used in the more expensive pieces. Rhodium is also used in plating white gold, which is another soft metal in need of an additional source of strength to make it practical for wearing. When looking for pieces that contain purity, the object under consideration should be at least 92.5 percent silver to be considered as sterling. Most designers and manufacturers stamp their jewelry with an "SS" to indicate sterling or with the numbers "925" indicating the percentage of precious metal included in the piece. For long lasting and authentic fine silver jewelry pieces, be sure and confirm that each selection in question is stamped before purchasing.

When this brilliant white metal was first discovered in the southwest regions of the United States, the US quickly became the world's largest distributor of the precious metal. Today, Mexico and Central America mine more of the product than any other area. But American designers continue to influence the fashion found in fine silver jewelry. While there are designs created by artisans from all over the United States, the southwest regions continue to develop ethnic pieces that are characteristic of the original accessories worn by natives throughout the southern US and the Aztecs of Mexico. Today, the popular metal used in every style of jewelry created from the American Indian influenced southwest style, to the Christian influenced pieces worn as symbols of religious devotion. Silver jewelry has become so popular, there are entire associations online that offer buyers huge discounts and even free silver jewelry gifts with purchases.

One can log onto the Internet and discover hundreds of sources for purchasing necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, and ankle bracelets made from this precious metal. There are styles and fashionable pieces to meet the need of just about every person. Some of the associations online will not only offer free silver jewelry gifts with purchase, but also offer ongoing monthly specials for club members who buy in quantities. And, there are local jewelry distributors for consideration. Many large department stores carry pieces and there are smaller speciality shops scattered about communities, as well. When purchasing from a local dealer, buyers have the capability of inspecting a piece and determining that it actually is sterling and of the best quality.

There is no better deal than free. Why not consider logging on and browsing the different distributors that offer free silver jewelry gifts with purchase or club memberships? Even if there is no special occasion or gift-giving holiday around the corner, small pieces can be easily stored and saved for just the right moment when a gift is needed. Free is hard to come by these days, except of course when it comes to the salvation offered by God. He extends the greatest gift of all to those who will simply accept Christ as the atonement for their sins, no strings attached, absolutely free of charge. Turn to the book of John in the Bible and learn more about God's freely given gift of salvation for eternity.

This white and bright precious metal is also rising in market pricing structures, as precious metals across the board fair well in the stock markets. Tangible assets, such as coins and fine silver jewelry, are wonderful additions to investment portfolios. If not purchasing for the fashion appeal, quality pieces will prove to be great investment strategies. To discover more about silver as an investment and where to find quality pieces, browse online today.

Silver Jewelry Charm

Gold charm jewelry has been around since the superstitious days of Queen Cleopatra of the Nile or the covert era of the Roman Christians. Used for everything including the superstition of warding off evil spirits, silver jewelry charm accessories have entranced the general public of many bygone eras as well as today's fashion conscious consumer. Charms have existed since the early days of Egyptian royalty and have evolved over time to find a place in successive world wide generations as its popularity spread throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Today, Italy is at the forefront of the trendy piece of fashion accessory that no longer is used to ward of spirits but is produced to entice customers who have high style in mind.

Personal accessories that adorned many Egyptian Pharaohs and the wealthy elite displayed various charms. Originally used by many common folk to bring good or alternatively ward off evil, gold charm jewelry evolved from setting basic stones and semi precious gems into fancy, elaborate items. Charms were also used to show what status they had accomplished in this life by what type of elaborate settings or gemstones were used. Since the Egyptians rarely lived past their 40's, a heavy emphasis was placed on their place in the after life and attempt to control their fate through physical preparations was believed necessary. Charms were thought to be one such object that could be used to help the gods find them and take them to the proper place in life after death.

Rome was another place where this fashion accessory was more than just a necklace or a bracelet to the wearer. During the persecution of the Christians, many Christians would wear a silver jewelry charm piece in order to identify themselves. A 'fish' or ichthys was worn around their necks under clothing so that it could be pulled out anytime in order to show fellow Christians who they were. Wearing these charms became a practical item for many as Christians were careful in identifying themselves openly to the hostile Roman citizenry. "And in nothing terrified by your adversaries: which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God. For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake." (Philippians 1:28-29)

Charms were also used by Jewish scholars to encapsulate a small piece of paper within that had a part of the Jewish law written on it. From the earliest of its uses, charms had more of a practical use than an aesthetic use for many of its wearers. During the medieval era, many nobility as well as pheasants wore some form of gold charm jewelry or plainly made charms to help cast or break spells and supernatural powers that were believed to be affected by it. Others wore specially made charms to show a family heritage and position in life. It is said that during the later eras, interest in charms diminished because of the broader knowledge that was acquired through books that dispelled many superstitious notions. This personal decoration is not seen to become popular again in history until Queen Victoria revived it with her own special version of flamboyant accessories that caught on with the general public.

Queen Victoria, known for her different moods and her personal reflections of it in her jewelry, added charms to her collection. The charms were totally aesthetic in purpose and grew into a widely cherished item in the Victorian era. Pieces can be found today that reflect the style and trends of the day in silver jewelry charm accessories. No longer were charms reflective of either a superstitious or practical mindset, but became a piece of prized accessory in many women's jewelry boxes. Fine pieces of necklaces, bracelets and pins were part of the commonplace selection that was available in the Victorian era. Since that time, history recounts several swings in consumer interest in gold charm jewelry. Post World War II created a mood for special charms that could be given for remembrances of teen birthdays, love interests and for just about any occasion.

Many women carried their sweethearts picture in a small necklace or added a special charm to their bracelet in remembrance of a holiday together. A low ebb occurred in the demand for silver jewelry charm items throughout subsequent years, until another revival of interest in them occurred almost in conjunction with the preference for silver accessories of the last few years. The most notable influence on the charms as a major fashion accessory has been in Italy where famous designers have displayed modern, sleek charms in precious metals. Bracelets can be found that have links and interchangeable images that are in high demand throughout the world market among young and old alike. Some of the most popular charms that can be added to any linked bracelet or necklace piece are those associated with relationships or country loyalty. The American flag has seen a major surge in purchase for US consumers, but the heart symbol continues to be in demand world wide as the charm of choice for just about everyone.

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