Handcrafted Wood Jewelry Boxes

Handcrafted wood jewelry boxes have been treasured by women since the first jewelry pieces were made, so people who put their artistic talents to work that way are greatly appreciated. There are many ways to design a handcrafted jewelry chest, and each of them has the stamp of originality put there by its creator. The best of these are not found in stores, but are sold at craft shows, galleries, or woodworking exhibits. Those that are found in stores are not handcrafted, but are instead factory made. Factory-made boxes can be very attractive, but they lack the individual touch of the artisan.

If a person is looking for a container for baubles, but there is not a gallery in the vicinity, and no craft show scheduled at the right time, a click of a mouse may be all one needs. The Internet contains a large number of sites where beautiful handcrafted wood jewelry boxes for a lady's treasured baubles may be found. Combinations of grains and colors make a handcrafted wood jewelry chest very desirable. The creators of these boxes or chests are adept at choosing combinations of woods that will complement each other for unique designs, and they are meant to last for generations.

When a mother passes down her treasure box to her daughter, it's often the beginning of a chain of legacies that will go on indefinitely. Grandchildren and great grandchildren will pass on the story of where the chest came from, and that provides a lasting memorial for the first owner. Of course there are times when the chain gets broken, and the boxes turn up in the possession of antique dealers. Whoever buys the handcrafted wood jewelry chest then may not know about the original owner, but begins another legacy with the artistic piece.

Woodworking, like any other craft, takes time to perfect. There may be many substandard pieces made before the maker develops the skill to produce the pieces he is proud to sell as his own special product. When he does reach that place, the customers looking for fine handmade wood jewelry boxes will find him. The Internet is probably the best place to let people know where he is and what he has to sell. Local galleries are next, and for the craftsman who doesn't mind traveling from place to place, antique and art shows are good ways to market these items.

The person who produces jewel containers is often the same person who produces other items. Furniture pieces, or bowls, or plant holders are sometimes the products of those who are producing the handcrafted wood jewelry boxes. Artists are not usually limited to a single kind of art when they are developing their talents. They will branch out in other directions so as not to burn out with just a single item. When an artist's work becomes known, customers will often look for work with his name on it. The satisfaction of name recognition for the artist's work can be very satisfying, and those things that are so identified will grow in value over generations. When someone sees the handcrafted wood jewelry chest sold at antique auctions, this becomes obvious. Today's artist may not be as concerned with posterity as this day's paycheck, however.

There are few occasions when a husband or sweetheart cannot score points with the woman in his life by giving her a chest for her rings and things. Whether she has a few pieces, or a great many, and whether they are fine jewelry or costume pieces doesn't matter. Having nice handcrafted wood jewelry boxes satisfy women's needs for a place to put whatever important possessions they have. When it's a handcrafted one, she knows it was more expensive than one purchased in a department store, and it will last for her lifetime. Such a gift will be deeply appreciated. Wood is mentioned in the Bible as a substance for artistic work. "But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honor, and some to dishonor." (2 Timothy 2:20)

There may be times when the boxes will need to be made of a particular kind of wood or of a certain design to make someone's dream come true. It's easier in that case to find a craftsman who can make handcrafted wood jewelry boxes to order rather than looking everywhere for one that is already made. By visiting a gallery or craft show, the buyer can find examples of work done by a particular artist, and explain what is needed. Often the box creator can fulfill that dream. Problems could arise over acquiring a certain lumber, but most often it's just a matter of allowing enough time to find and buy one. Some woods are not suited for this kind of work, and that would have to be a consideration as well when planning a handcrafted wood jewelry chest.

When making a jewelry chest, it is often only the grains of the lumber used that provide the design and contrast, and not so much the color. With others, the shades of wood in the handcrafted wood jewelry chest are what catch the eyes of the buyers. Whichever is the case, the beauty of polished wood, smoothed to a glossy finish, these wonderful boxes treasured possessions of their receivers.

Handcrafted Jewelry Chests

Handcrafted jewelry chests provide a special place for those priceless items that are worn and treasured day after day. Jewelry needs a place to reside that keeps items safe from damage and easily accessible to the wearer. Some pieces require special attention when storing away and some items need their own space to keep them free from damage. Some sites online offer handcrafted jewelry boxes that come in many different sizes, shapes, and woodwork. Artists provide detail and expertise in constructing and designing for that special person who needs a pretty or suitable place to put prized possessions.

Armoires are constructed and sold in many different types of wood. Some of the popular choices include oak, cherry, mahogany, maple, and pine. Handcrafted jewelry armoires can be stained in any type of finish that is desired. Some people may wish to choose a lighter or darker stain depending on their bedroom furniture. Painted finishes are available in many different tints for the individual who prefers some color. The best way to purchase a unique and well made piece is by purchasing one online through a woodworking specialist. These individuals are very talented and provide examples of handcrafted jewelry boxes on their websites. It is possible to view samples of their work and see the fine detail and craftsmanship that go into creating each piece.

Shopping for an armoire can be a little frustrating when the choices are limited or finding one big enough is a problem. Maybe there is one that is big enough but the compartments don't provide the storage needed for certain pieces. Contact numbers are available and it is possible to talk directly with companies who construct pieces and sell them on the Internet, possibly even talk directly with the person who will be crafting the one of choice. Shop around and get some definite ideas on type of wood, size, shape, and the detail desired before placing an order. When purchasing an armoire it should be considered an investment, a house for those priceless items that need to be cared for.

Fine woodworking connoisseurs will definitely appreciate the fine intricate detail of handcrafted jewelry chests. Many sites that sell these pieces offer other items crafted in detail and design. While shopping it is possible to come across some sites that offer cutting boards, chopping blocks, hope chests, exotic chests, pen boxes, and valets for men, among other items. Connoisseurs that relish in wood pieces will absolutely love shopping for unique pieces including handcrafted jewelry boxes.

Keep in mind that storing jewelry is very important because of the unique pieces that require special care. Consider each piece and what is needed to keep it free from damage. An armoire will provide a secure and safe place for treasured items. Choosing the wood and design is important but also consider the material inside handcrafted jewelry boxes. Some materials can damage some jewelry items and it is important to choose a piece carefully considering the materials that the items will be housed in. Some jewelers may suggest purchasing an armoire with very soft suede or velvet lining. Just remember the inside material is as important as the outside.

Some retailers offer handcrafted jewelry chests made out of leather material. These come in varieties of colors and sizes. Some trinket boxes are made out of silk material and have a velvet lining for the inside. Customized leather pieces may be comprised of wood and leather together. These are usually very detailed and are often embellished with beautiful artistry and painted brush strokes. Finding the right chest for that perfect someone is possible through online retailers and customized crafters.

Woodworking and detailed craftsmanship was required for the constructing of the Temple that Solomon built. God must like variety and detail since all one really has to do is look around and see the colorful variety in this world. Not only regarding handcrafted jewelry boxes but in seeing the complexity and diversity of people. "He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end" (Ecclesiastes 3:11). God has provided us with wonders of beauty in this world, through the work of talented people that he has gifted, to beholding the beauty found in nature. He has made them all.

Don't forget to check out the musical handcrafted jewelry chests available for purchase online. Perhaps the recipient likes a particular piece of music and being able to find it is difficult at best. There are companies online that offer a large variety of musical boxes with many musical themes to choose from. Some retailers offer personalized features through engraving on wood pieces such as mahogany and cherry finishes. Monogram styles provide an extra special touch to the piece of choice.

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