Heart Shaped Diamond Pendants

Heart shaped diamond pendants have been standard jewelry store fare for hundreds of years, and the reason is simple: they never go out of style because their message is universal and timeless. The Bible says that the heart is the most important aspect of human life, urging readers, "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life" (Proverbs 4:23). In popular culture, hearts symbolize sweetness, romantic attachment, and endearment; the message remains, now and forever: "I adore you." This is the gift that middle school boys give a first girlfriend, that sixteen year old girls can expect from fathers on their birthdays, and that mothers are overjoyed to find all wrapped up on Mother's Day. The heart shaped pendant is a perfect choice for a shopper on almost any budget and a recipient of any age or style; there are hundreds of different looks, from very simple to elegant to absolutely flashy, and the prices are just as varied.

The most popular heart shaped diamond pendants are the double heart, which usually features a large open heart with a smaller one inside, the sliding heart, which moves freely on the chain, the floating heart, and the puffed heart. Pendants usually come with a box chain of matching color and style, but some can be purchased as single items. The biggest price determiner for this purchase is the size and amounts of diamonds; pendants featuring a single diamond are the most economical choice, but for a fancier look, shoppers can purchase items with more diamonds. When buying for children, shoppers might want to consider a pendant made of sterling silver and accented with cubic zirconia, as children are likely to lose or break jewelry, no matter how much they may love it.

If the heart pendant is not quite what the shopper is looking for, another wonderful, traditional jewelry gift idea is three stone diamond pendants. These are simple, classy, and match a wide array of outfits, both casual and formal. Typically, this item consists of three individual diamonds spaced equally on a vertical bar; diamonds may be brilliant round, princess cut, or marquis. There are variations of this look, however; some are shaped differently-- either coiled, horizontal, swirled, or featuring three individual bars. Also, sometimes the item has three large diamonds accented with smaller baguettes or gemstones.

This kind of jewelry tends to have a very delicate, elegant appearance, making it an excellent choice for women with refined tastes. Three stone diamond pendants tend to be a bit more expensive than heart shaped diamond pendants simply because most of them contain a larger carat weight, usually one-third to one and a half carats. Prices range from the low hundreds to the very high thousands. Three stone items are very common for engagement, wedding, and anniversary jewelry because of their symbolism: three stones for the couple's past, present, and future. It is a way to remember the circumstances that brought them together and the special memories they have shared, a way to celebrate the happiness of marriage, and a way to look forward to the many wonderful years ahead.

One means of telling a wife that she is still beautiful, exquisite, and dearly treasured after decades of marriage is to choose a Valentine's Day or anniversary present from the wide selection of heart shaped diamond pendants and three stone diamond pendants available in jewelry stores and on the Internet. There is sure to be at least one that would make her eyes sparkle and her own heart warm with the sense of how treasured she is. The way to find the perfect item for one's loved one is to spend some time doing online and in-store browsing to get a feel for what is out there, comparing aspects of different pieces that the wife might like. If a pendant cannot be found that is "just right" shoppers can always ask stores to customize a piece of jewelry for a more personal and unique look. Customizing might include adding engravings of special words, names, or dates or gemstone colors with particular significance, such as birthstones.

One fun and meaningful option for this kind of jewelry is the locket. Once very trendy, the locket has lately lost its popularity, but certainly not its sweetness. Mothers and grandmothers will love to receive a locket with pictures of family members inside; special messages can also be engraved directly into the metal for a more personal touch. Many stores can now laser the photos into the locket so that customers don't have to try to find ways to shrink pictures; this usually requires an additional fee, but the beautiful effect created (and the hassle prevented) is certainly worth the money. Lockets make wonderful presents for family members, friends, and significant others because they are not only beautiful ornamentation, but little treasure boxes of memories too.

Whether choosing three stone diamond pendants, heart shaped items, or any other diamond jewelry, one thing is sure: shoppers need to be careful about the diamonds they choose for their purchases. For the highest quality and best look, buyers should select colorless to near colorless diamonds with high-quality cut from a jeweler they trust. Asking one's jeweler if their diamonds are certifiably fair-trade or conflict-free is also a good idea, as shoppers purchasing diamonds without this guarantee may unknowingly be funding civil wars in West Africa and other mining countries. Non-conflict diamonds may be more expensive, but they are much more fun to wear!

Discount Diamond Pendants

Giving diamond solitaire pendants can be a sure way to put a smile on the face of a loved one. The consumer will find that discount diamond pendants represent a wide variety of styles and choices. The size of monetary investment involved is also a matter of choice. A buyer can purchase a necklace that contains a smaller stone for a relatively low price and still enjoy the allure of this precious gem. If a stronger statement is desired, larger stones speak volumes and add a touch of class to any jewelry wardrobe. Consumers can also choose settings in white or yellow gold, platinum, or silver. Many jewelers offer the customer the opportunity to create a one of a kind necklace by designing their own piece. As with all diamond jewelry, stone cut and quality are major concerns when making this investment. Whatever the choice, the educated consumer can find exactly the piece that best satisfies their needs and taste preferences.

Diamond solitaire pendants, as the name implies, put the emphasis on one solitary stone. But there is still room for a good deal variety and options within this style. The shape of the stone, the type of setting used, the type of metal, the length of the chain are all choices to be considered. Most cuts will work well with a standard four prong basket setting. The bezel setting is another popular choice. A bezel setting has no prongs, but instead surrounds the diamond in a bowl like mount that floats along the chain. Round cut stones offer a more traditional look, while princess cuts turned corner up can be very striking. Pear shaped stones have an elegant tear drop quality. As always, the size of the stone can be the denominator that makes the biggest impact. Other choices among discount diamond pendants include the use of multiple stones and creative settings. Three stone drop pendants and offer a lovely alternative to the solitaire. Smaller stones used in conjunction with creative mountings such as crosses, hearts, or other shapes offer a less expensive alternative to the solitaire necklace.

Finding discount diamond pendants does not mean that the customer must give up quality. One choice that determines this quality is the metal that is used to mount and set the piece. The type of metal used is largely a matter of personal preference. White or yellow gold are among the most popular choices for fine necklaces. Gold is measured in karats with 24 karat representing pure gold. Since gold of this caliber is quite soft and delicate, it is usually mixed with an alloy metal. Gold that is labeled 14 karat, for example, is 14 parts gold and 10 parts metal alloy. Most fine jewelry is produced in either 14 or 18 karat gold. White gold is gold that is mixed with white metal alloys such as silver or nickel. This metal differs from sterling silver in that it has a slight yellowish cast. Platinum is another popular choice, and is more rare and therefore more expensive than gold. Known for its white patina, fine quality platinum is generally 90 to 95 percent pure, but is still extremely strong and durable. Another metal choice when shopping for diamond solitaire pendants is silver. Whether going by the name silver or sterling silver, this metal is generally 92.5 percent silver. When the silver is described as being coin silver, this indicates that the metal is only 90 percent silver.

Jewelers who give the consumer the opportunity to design their own pendant have long been popular. The consumer is lead through a series of choices concerning cut, metal, setting and carat weight until they have arrived at a design that is precisely what they desire. The cost of investing in diamond solitaire pendants can range from a few hundred dollars for a smaller stone of lesser quality to several thousand dollars for a necklace boasting a stone that is one full carat in weight or more and boasts a stone of high quality. Whether these trinkets come in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins or earrings, jewelry has long been a gift that expresses love. The Bible has many verses that extol the benefits of loving each other. "Hatred stirrith up strifes: but love covereth all sins." (Proverbs 10:12)

Once this investment has been made, proper care of discount diamond pendants is crucial. Care in storage is very important since diamonds can scratch other stones. Pendants in particular require careful storage to prevent them from becoming hopelessly and needlessly tangled with other jewelry. Cleaning these precious stones from time to time is also important in keeping their original sparkle. Steam cleaning by a professional is the most thorough and effective method of cleaning. For home cleaning, owners can simply soak the jewelry in a milk liquid detergent and clean with a soft toothbrush, followed up by a rinse in clear water. A solution of 50 percent cold water and 50 percent ammonia also makes a good soaking solution, but the consumer should not use this solution on jewelry that contains such gemstones opal, lapis, malachite, pearl, amber, coral, turquoise or onyx. Commercial cleaning solutions are also effective, but the same cautions apply. The consumer would always be wise to remove fine jewelry whenever they are performing particularly heavy or dirty work. Care in the use of perfumes and hairsprays when wearing fine jewelry is also important as these substances can leave a residue behind. It is best to apply these cosmetics before putting on fine jewelry.

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