Musical Jewelry Boxes

Ballerina musical jewelry boxes have been a favorite of girls and women alike for many years, and the boxes themselves have often been a great stage prop for mystery movies as the camera zooms in to film the little figure as she twirls around to some lullaby or concerto. In the movies, the box is perhaps a reminder of a missing little girl that everyone is frantically trying to find, or a reminder to a grown woman of a childhood lost. These treasures have been passed down from one generation to another, delighting the little girls who receive them as an opportunity to be the newest custodians of memories and love in a long genealogy. Of course, it is not only ballerina musical jewelry boxes that have been bought for children and passed down, but also musical jewelry boxes devoid of any moving figures. These holders of personal treasures have no doubt put many young hearts to sleep at night as the music of lullabies and children's tunes wafted through the air from opened lids.

These wonderful personal treasures are as timeless a gift as could ever be given to a child. Of course, the appreciation of such a gift can only be fully embraced as time goes on. For a grandmother to be able to pass such an heirloom to a granddaughter is a priceless opportunity. For a mother to give her daughter the same treasure box that sat in her bedroom through the years is a chance in some small way to make time stand still for a few moments. This is the time when sons and grandsons must sit on the sidelines and watch a ritual they could never quite understand. Pollywogs and puppy dog tails are left for them to embrace.

If a reader of this blog has missed out on this generational ritual, now is a great time to dive into the world of ballerina musical jewelry boxes and musical jewelry boxes. Many online sites offer a wide range of these perfect gifts. A ballerina musical jewelry box that a mom and daughter can decorate together is under twenty dollars. Other inexpensive boxes with the little dancer are under thirty dollars, some including a clock on the front. Most have open up doors on the sides for necklaces and bracelets, pop up mirrors and a drawer or two for rings and charms, and several have the choice of choosing and African American ballerina figure as the centerpiece. Most of the ballerina musical jewelry boxes available online are quite low in price, and make perfect gifts for those young girls just beginning the joy of collecting and wearing jewelry. "I say unto you that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons that need no repentance." (Luke 15:7)

But if the desire is to pass on one of a host of musical jewelry boxes that are of real heritage value and quality, the range of choices are enormous as well as the prices. First, there are countless themes to these heirloom articles. One can purchase boxes for mom, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, granddaughter and one themed for friend or friendship. There are religious themed boxes, several shaped like black baby grand pianos, and there are fairy tale themed boxes with almost any childhood story imaginable. There are musical jewelry boxes with expensive wood inlays featuring beautiful landscapes scenes, sports scenes and romantic themes. Some of these boxes are made of porcelain and many with very sophisticated wood inlay and veneers. Musical jewelry boxes for teens or young women are extremely beautiful, some made with Italian craftsmanship and a number of selection options for the songs played when the lid is opened.

What would fill a child's ballerina musical jewelry box? Probably rings from the gum machine, or a charm bracelet from an aunt or mom. Maybe ticket stubs from the amusement park or a school play might litter its drawers. Maybe a picture of the little girl dressed up for a Christmas play or a seaside day with grandpa and grandma. But such a gift becomes a place of safety for treasured memories that can last a lifetime, even perhaps beyond the first car or the first kiss, because so many childhood memories are unspoiled from the adult way of handling life.

Finding ways to tell our family stories ought to be part of the heritage of each generation, as parents and grandparents seek to find ways to keep their sagas living on in future generations. Some people are able to pass down thriving businesses and fortunes to children and grandchildren, yet the sad fact remains that many who inherit such opportunities often squander them because of the lack of appreciation or understanding of the sacrifice needed to bring about such auspicious circumstances. Others are able to pass on a legacy of learning and a love of education that supersedes love of material possessions, while others are able to plant a seed in the next generation of spiritual value and dimension that instills a love of service and sacrifice over all other aspirations. While so many parents today are attempting to give their children all that they did not have, it just may be that all that children really need to be successful is to know that they are loved and are part of an ongoing play known as family. Could little things like passing along a musical jewelry box from generation to generation, filled with stories of days gone by be part of that play?

Men's Jewelry Boxes

What do males do when given men's jewelry boxes at different occasions in their lives but don't have any fashion accessories to speak of? These very nice items are often given as gifts to dads and sons and uncles and brothers and boyfriends by well meaning females in their lives. Watches worn on the wrist are getting scarcer because of cell phones and wedding rings don't usually come off, or shouldn't come off in some cases. Few men wear bracelets, but often neck chains are popular and while an earring is getting more popular with men, there isn't much cause for a storage area in which to put a bevy of ear ornamentations. So should a thoughtful lady dismiss the idea of giving a very handsome storage box meant to sit quietly on the top of an armoire or chest of drawers and look good just because the targeted receiver of the gift may be fashion accessory? The answer is a resounding no!

The truth is men's jewelry boxes designed for the male eye and appreciation can be really manly in appearance and can look great as an addition to a dressing area in any bedroom. They can range from twenty dollars to several hundred dollars and offer a variety of different styles and types of construction and design to match almost any personality. A perusal of online sites touting men's jewelry boxes will reveal a plethora of different choices for the woman looking to choose a decorative storage box for that revered man in her life. Women should be encouraged to consider purchasing such a gift even if the guy receiving one of these beauties is a garage mechanic and never wears any jewelry for safety reasons! The reason will be forthcoming at the end of this blog.

Men give the special ladies in their lives women's jewelry boxes because women are always thrilled with another beautiful place to put their fashion accessories. Men, if this directive can be discretely carried out without offense, sneak a peek in her dresser drawers and see if there is a lot of loose costume jewelry, pendants, charms, rings, and other fashion accessories lying around loosely. If there is even a hint of clutter, she needs one of the beautiful women's jewelry boxes available for purchase. If there are no loose fashion accessories laying around, think about getting her both the box and some more jewelry next Christmas or birthday. These purchases don't have to be expensive items, just tasteful. And by the way, if former shopping forays have quite often resulted in her taking stuff back, go get some female input before buying in the first place!

The appeal for men's jewelry boxes and women's jewelry boxes is not in having a convenient place to put things, because nails on the wall could actually store most jewelry quite well, but rather in the style and design of the box being considered. It's all about the looks! So consider some of the descriptions of the following fashion accessory boxes for sale online. Boxes made from marble and hand painted for four hundred dollars, tooled leather over mahogany wood with brass hardware for ninety dollars, a walnut box with hand carved animals on the lid for one hundred seventy nine dollars, reverse painted glass box by Peruvian design for fifty nine dollars. There are more. Jewelry boxes designed like mechanic's tool chests, boxes with built in chargers for cell phones, boxes with monograms, and boxes made entirely of metal and chrome are also available. "But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God it is evident: for, the just shall live by faith." (Galatians 3:11)

The reasons a man would buy a woman one of the many thousands of different designs of women's jewelry boxes is fairly evident: women love beautiful things and will always appreciate a place to put her jewelry. But why should a woman buy one of the many men's jewelry boxes available online, especially if the man is fashion accessory challenged? Because for a lot of men, what the man does is his fashion statement. Fashion accessories for a woman are another way for her to feel beautiful, but for the guy, the activities, the job, the sports, the hobbies all combine to make him feel good about himself. So if a guy has a place at the end of the day to come and put the contents of his pockets in a safe, out of the way place, he will be happy. Sure, the wife may buy her man a gorgeous walnut inlay box with his favorite NFL team's logo carved in the front, and three months later she sneaks a peek to see if he is using and is shocked to see what is inside. She finds paperclips, golf tees, coins, screws and bolts, gum, a small screwdriver, keys that don't belong to anything, parking lot stubs, divot repairer, extra shoe laces to his running shoes, a needle to pump his basketball, a cut up debit card, three peppermint lozenges without any wrappers and ticket stubs to a minor league baseball game from two months ago, but no fashion accessories. This can be quite upsetting for the wife at first, but what she is really looking at is the man's fashion accessory collection.

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