Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry

The popularity of Southwestern turquoise jewelry has a long history stretching back in time to such ancient civilizations as the Egyptians and Persians. Four turquoise bracelets were found on the Egyptian mummy of Queen Zar which dates back to approximately 5500 B.C. The stone also has been found in excavated graves of the early Persia. It's said that Marco Polo brought the stone back to Europe from one of his expeditions. In Tibet, the stones were used as currency. And though the gem isn't mentioned by name in the Old Testament, some scholars believe it was one of the stones used to decorate the robes of the first high priest, Aaron, the brother of Moses. God instructed Moses: "And take thou unto thee Aaron thy brother, and his sons with him, from among the children of Israel, that he may minister unto me in the priest's office, even Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar, Aaron's sons. And thou shalt make holy garments for Aaron thy brother for glory and for beauty" (Exodus 28:1-2; detailed instructions for the priestly garments can be found in this chapter.) In more modern times, the turquoise stone is associated, especially in North America, with the southwestern region of the United States. This area is commonly referred to as the Four Corners and is made up of the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. But jewelry-lovers in other parts of the country don't need to travel to the Four Corners to find exquisite bracelets, sparkling necklaces, and stunning earrings. Shopping for discount turquoise jewelry is fast and easy on the internet.

In continental North America, the beginnings of southwestern turquoise jewelry stretch back to a pre-European culture that may be one of the oldest in the United States. Known now as the Anasazi, or the "ancient ones," these early peoples created simple pendants and earrings by hammering and etching silver and copper. These are the ancestors of the later Native American tribes that inhabited the area, such as the Pueblos who were given that name, "stone masonry village dweller," by the early Spanish explorers. These Native American craftspeople created necklaces and bracelets from delicately carved wood and bone beads. They also used coral and shell beads and porcupine quillwork. When the Spanish conquistadores arrived in the region with their horses, the Navajo tribespeople were intrigued by the intricate design work on the silver-encrusted bridles. The Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo tribes learned the art of silversmithing from the early Spaniards in about the early 1800s. When the area became part of Mexico, the Mexicans traded the jewelry they created to the Navajo in exchange for sheep. Modern-day shoppers are fortunate that discount turquoise jewelry can be bought with a credit card instead of livestock!

After the Mexican War of 1848, the southwest region of the continent became part of the growing country, the United States of America. In 1864, approximately 8,500 Navajos began the "Long Walk" to Fort Sumner in what is now New Mexico. Many died along the way. The survivors were taught the trade of blacksmithing. Later they were taught to work with copper and brass. In 1868, many of the Navajo returned to their homeland and used silver coins to create jewelry. Two Mexican silversmiths were hired to teach the silversmithing craft to the Navajo in 1884 and over the next several years, turquoise began to be added to the creations. During the 1800s, the Western Pueblos were two distinct tribes, the Zuni and the Hopi. The Zuni people lived in permanent villages. They learned skills from the Navajo, who were more nomadic, during the 1870s. Certain southwestern turquoise jewelry techniques are considered to be Zuni styles. These include channel inlay, cluster, and needlepoint. The Hopi people learned from the Zuni, but the Hopi style usually is an overlay. The Santo Domingo tribe is known for their necklaces and earrings made of graduated sizes of disks or tubes that are strung together. Nuggets of coral and turquoise may be inserted between the disk and tube beading to add interest and sparkle to the design.

Before purchasing discount turquoise jewelry, particularly from an online store, the consumer may want to learn as much as possible about the characteristics of the opaque, spider web stone. Several factors affect the appearance of turquoise which ranges in color from a spectrum of deep blue to deep green. The more copper in the matrix, the bluer the stone will appear. The more iron in the matrix, the greener the stone will appear. However, moisture also makes the stone appear greener and heavier. An old trick is to submerge a piece of turquoise in animal fat. The grease and moisture improve the look of the gem. Today's techniques and materials are much different than those of the earliest Native American tribes. But the love for working with beautiful metals and gemstones has not diminished over the centuries. The unique nature of each stone means that a piece of southwestern turquoise jewelry will not be exactly the same as any other, even if the settings are identical. The typical silver setting showcases the blues and greens of even less expensive pieces. A beloved necklace or earrings can become a favorite family heirloom for the children to squabble over. Better yet, get online and scout out the discount turquoise jewelry websites. Bargains are waiting for the savvy shopper. Appropriate selections can be selected so that every family member has a special piece of jewelry made from turquoise, the prized gem of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and Aztec kings.

Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

A silver jewelry manufacturer will offer great pricing to true retailers, but not every wholesaler advertising online has the bottom price. With the enormous popularity of jewelry today, all types of businesses are offering pieces at discounted pricing. Wearing layers of silver, gold, and gems of all kinds has never been more popular and jewelry is a great retail product at the present time. Retailers of all kinds are adding jewelry to their product lines and picking up extra sales in the process. Necklaces, earrings, toe rings, and bracelets come in a wide variety of styles and designs. And, the fashionable woman of today needs a completely different set of earrings and beads for every outfit. Not only have retailers that sell these decorative fashion statements increased their stocks, but silver jewelry wholesale businesses have cropped up all over the place. The Internet is simply loaded with companies that claim to have discount prices and offer fantastic deals. Therefore, buyers will need to thoroughly check out all claims and be choosy in who or what companies get dealt with. Wholesale tends to be a subjective word, so careful evaluations will be necessary. There is also a risk when buying online and purchasing products from pictures. Quality is important, so for truly buying for the purpose of reselling, quality will need to be controlled.

Online today, there are hundreds of companies that are selling earrings, bracelets, watches, and all types of beaded accessories at discount prices. Finding silver jewelry wholesale pricing is not a difficult task, as most claim to offer wholesale discounts. But, true wholesalers are manufacturer companies that want to sell quantity to buyers who are reselling their merchandise to the public or to smaller establishments. Retailers shopping for manufactures that offer quantity discounts should not assume that every one advertising wholesale pricing online is truly a distributor or manufacture of fashion accessories. The word wholesaler is used rather liberally in an effort to attract everyday buyers. A true wholesaler will not sell to just anyone, or at least not at the deep discounted price. The entire purpose of discounts is to attract quantity buyers. Most silver jewelry manufacturer companies will require buyers to present a business card, a company check, and a state tax number before selling at the deepest discount.

Many of the legitimate wholesalers found online can offer their customers a large variety of styles and designs. Having a large selection of beautiful gems, exotic beads, and silver and gold pieces to choose from can be overwhelming. It may be a good idea to first browse magazines and several silver jewelry wholesale markets to determine what the most popular items are. Some geographical areas have specific styles that sell well, as does turquoise and silver in the Southwest, where much of the American turquoise is mined. There are silver jewelry wholesale companies in the Southwest that feature native American artists that have beautiful cultural pieces available.

World trade markets located in large cities around the United States are also great ways to discover the latest trends in fashion accessories designs. Many silver jewelry manufacturer companies have showrooms located in trade marts showcasing their goods. There are also traveling fashion shows that move from city to city, giving retail stores and outlets the opportunity to examine their goods. The latest trends in jewelry fashion are always on display at these gatherings. Often, there are show specials and discounts available during the market, so it will be well worth the time to travel to a market or silver jewelry wholesale show. And, sometimes samples will even be for sale, so buyers might be able to take goods with them when they leave!

When building a business of any kind, or adding a commodity that your company hopes will add profits, be sure and commit the business to the Lord and for His glory. The Bible teaches that we are to ask and expect God to be involved in all things, for He is the author of life and acutely involved with His creation. "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." (Colossians 3:17) When we are faithful in turning our business dealing over to Him, He is faithful to bless us with good decision making skills and with His peace of mind.

In conclusion, smart buyers take time to make their decisions and investigate any wholesale company under consideration, to determine legitimacy and quality of products. And, though discounts are available from a wide range of distributors in the industry, quantity will always render the best pricing. It's the simple logic of business economics. So, log on today and begin browsing for what styles are new on the market and for the best silver jewelry manufacturer companies who will also most likely have a showroom or market where goods can be seen before buying.

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