Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry armoire chest is usually a somewhat tall decorated storage cabinet for keeping various types of jewelry stored for easy access. In most cases, it is not a secure place for valuables, but rather an attractive chest for costume jewelry. Armoires that are very large and tall for storing clothes or household goods are also are part of this genre of furnishing. A jewelry armoire chest can be free standing and reach four or five feet in height to be near eye level, or sixteen to twenty inches tall for sitting on a bedroom chest of drawers or end table. Whether they are freestanding or meant to sit on bedroom furniture, these attractive storage units usually feature five or six small drawers, where each type of costume pieces can be kept separately. They can run in cost from under twenty dollars to over one thousand dollars, depending on the degree of craftsmanship for each chest.

The freestanding armoires are beautiful furniture pieces in and of themselves. They can be bought in Queen Anne, Victorian, Colonial, Neo Classic, Chinese, Tibetan and Contemporary styles. These pieces can be designed in cherry, mahogany, maple, pine, oak, and many other finishes if ordered. The jewelry chest that sits on the floor can have side panels that open up and displays necklaces that haven't been kinked up in a mangled mess because they are hanging in full length in a wonderfully ordered fashion. Many of these unites have tops that open up with mirrors for that always last minute satisfying look before bounding out the door. The units offer intricately carved or smooth veneer finishes. Some offer the ability to rotate three hundred and sixty degrees to examine a piece a little more closely without taking it out of the chest.

There is a third type of storage unit for one's favorite baubles and bangles. The wall mount jewelry armoire is also an option for the person who is space challenged in their bedroom or closet. The typical wall mount jewelry armoire is about thirty five inches tall and may or may not have as many storage drawers as other armoires of similar size. Many of this style of unit feature a front mirror that can also be used to check for that certain look that jewelry can give a person. The mirrors can either be about 8X11" or may actually be a full length mirror with one large door opening to many storage possibilities inside.

No wall mount jewelry armoire can truly offer security if a burglar enters the house and sets an evil eye on a nice cubic zirconium ring in one of these storage units. "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy: I am come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly." (John 10:10) More creative hiding places ought to be considered for those high valued items, or even a safe deposit box. The guy who once got buried in the prized Cadillac probably also had a jewelry armoire chest in the back seat for the necklaces he wore during his midlife crisis and would never wear again. Sometimes a more simple life seems pretty attractive until you get invited to that once in a lifetime black tie gala and there is nothing to wear!

When looking to buy a wall mount jewelry armoire or a jewelry armoire chest, there are some important things to look for in the product of choice. Ascertain what kind of lining each drawer has, at least a velour type material that will not catch on the sharp corners of certain pieces. Look for many dividers in the drawers to keep pieces separate. Observe for sturdy hooks for hanging chains and necklaces and a convenience mirror. Finally, check the furniture finish for any sign that the decorations on the chest might come off with much rubbing.

How many men have gone out to the car and waited for your loved one while she finished dressing and the minutes ticked by and the realization that the fashionably late entrance that was first envisioned was going to be one filled with lots of explanations? Flat tire, got lost, attacked by pirates, kidnapped by a lost tribe of Aborigines...take your pick. The answer to the male impatience with the still dressing wife syndrome just might be that beautiful wall mount jewelry armoire or jewelry armoire chest. Imagine all the frustration leaving your body as everyone headed to the party heads to the car at the same time, all because of storage chests! No more frantic searchers for that certain bracelet, that one single ring, that necklace that will kink up again just as it is picked up from a dark and dangerous clothing drawer.

And put oneself in the place of frustrated jewelry that never gets to see daylight except for glitzy parties or birthdays. Think of the shame of being used by humans to just make them look good at the expense of a neglected opal ring, or a manufactured pearl necklace that has a cultured pearl necklace big sister that gets all the attention. At least in a beautiful chest, the cheap, the less attractive, the never worn and the tarnished can know they have a home that will give them some self confidence! Men and children, you can know exactly what to get this coming Christmas season for that special lady . Viva the armoire!

Modern Jewelry Armoire

A modern jewelry armoire is not only a beautiful piece of furniture but has the added benefit of being versatile as well. Many different sizes and styles are available to fit any storage needs for jewelry and small accessories such as scarves and gloves. Versatility and practicality are indispensable when coupled with beauty and style. Most feature drawers designed with ring holders and hooks for necklaces allowing for organization and a way of storing and displaying fine pieces without the risk of chains becoming entangled or a favorite heirloom piece misplaced. The options for organization are endless as armoires can be large enough to house one's entire collection and then some. Drawers that open on the front and doors which swing out from the sides are just a few of the options available that aid in speed and efficiency when preparing for the day or properly accessorizing for a night out.

Prices for a standard modern jewelry armoire range anywhere from two hundred dollars to over four hundred or more depending on the style and detailing of the piece. The cost depends on not only the size of the chest but on the quality of the construction. For those who want to optimize storage yet do not desire an
additional piece of furniture due to limited space or decoration, can benefit from purchasing a contemporary jewelry armoire that is disguised as full length mirrors or even various sized picture frames. People who have limited space find
that the functionality of an armoire which doubles as a reflection surface is not only a practical method for the safekeeping of jewelry and accessories, but also help to make a room look larger as a result of hanging a mirror.

Armoires vary in not only design but size as well. Miniaturized versions of antiqued wardrobes are available that fit conveniently on table tops or dressers, while more commonly, larger, stand alone pieces function as storage and added decor to a room or dressing area. There are retailers who offer pieces that are armoires coupled with a table and larger mirror, which enables one to not only have a place to safely store accessories and have a fully functional vanity as well. A modern jewelry armoire is commonly fashioned after more antique versions, finely crafted out of wood. Many types of finishes are used to aid in achieving a desired shade, ranging from maple and oak, to darker tones such as cherry. Hand painted pieces are also available that are reminiscent of European detailing and design.

A contemporary jewelry armoire is obviously inspired by older models, but takes more of a modern approach. Straight lines and dark finishes such as black or dark brown matte paint with finishes such as espresso and biscotti provide a streamlined appearance with clean lines and minimal detailing. The shaping of storage units for accessories can also vary, as the traditional shapes of a chest with legs is replaced with one that features curvy lines and bright colors, yielding a piece of art deco design.

The word 'armoire' comes from the French word meaning chest. The large chests first came into use during the sixteenth century as storage for clothing, dishes and other items. Elaborate detailing and exquisite design yielded some of the finest pieces of furniture crafted by people such as Louis XIV own personal designer, Andre-Charles Boulle. Boulle's pieces boasted such fine craftsmanship that they have since become displayed as many fine art museums. One of his most famous pieces is on display at the prestigious Louvre in France. This piece is crafted out of some of the finest pine and oak and features detailing of bronze and brass veneer. Pieces such as this aided in the rise of popularity which has carried on through generations highly influencing many of the chests still crafted in present time.

The modern jewelry armoire has taken many forms. Jewelry armoires were originally a smaller take on the larger wardrobes built to store items of clothing. Closets were not always a standard feature built into rooms so places to store items was occasionally limited. Wardrobes provided a place to not only store items that were not necessarily meant to be displayed, but offered a means of protecting the clothes from natural wear due to dust and sun damage. The idea was immensely popular and wardrobes of all sizes could be found in most find homes. Over the years, the idea for smaller units took off as people found great use in storing small items that are easily lost such as pendants, brooches, rings and other smaller pieces in chests and boxes, giving rise to what is now viewed as the contemporary jewelry armoire.

There will always be a market for antiques and the finely crafted pieces from days gone by, however manufactures are taken into consideration the needs of today's consumer. At time storage space can be limited, especially in smaller homes and apartments. For this reason having an additional piece of furniture just for accessories might be impractical, yet necessary at the same time. For this reason, there are many different methods for the storing of jewelry. A contemporary jewelry armoire is traditionally found in the form of a mirror that hangs on a wall, providing not only storage for essential items, but a useful reflective surface as well. For those who are in need of optimum storage by attractive means then investing in an armoire can prove to be a good move. Those who have a lot of accessories to store should keep in mind that the Scripture's caution against those who"... trust in their wealth, and boast themselves in the multitude of their riches" (Psalm 49:6).

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