White Gold Wedding Bands

Despite the tradition of yellow gold, white gold wedding bands are a very popular choice. "And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold." (Revelation 4:4). Besides their attractive appearance, compared to platinum, their less expensive price tags are also attractive. And too, white gold wedding bands have a much more contemporary look. Interestingly, this color tends to be a very popular choice among Europeans. In general, men are enthusiastic about this type because of its strength and durability. Moreover, these bands have a color range within their own category. As far as these bands are concerned, the choice is from very pale gray to a strong silver color.

In the first place, when choosing a band one should understand the differences between them. Contrary to the belief of some people, yellow is not the purer of the two. White is an alloy which means that it's a homogeneous mixture of metals. By way of illustration: when zinc and copper are combined, the resulting metal is known as brass. But in this case, the metal blend is often composed of silver, palladium, and gold. In contrast, yellow is combined with zinc and copper, among others. Furthermore, a metallic coat of an element similar to platinum, known as rhodium, is usually added to white gold. This extra coating of rhodium increases the length of time that white gold wedding bands shine.

Of course there are some general rules for purchasing a wedding band of any golden color. To begin with, one's style of living needs to be taken into account. For example, if one primarily works with their hands then softer, purer bands would be the wrong selection since they are easily scratched. Then, a person needs to carefully and honestly consider their financial limitations. Naturally, the larger and/or more elaborate in design the band is, the higher its price will be. And especially if considering the addition of one or more precious stones to the band, despite the romantic impulses that usually accompany ring shopping at this time in one's life, budget restrictions should be kept firmly in mind. The next step is to consider the jewelry one already wears. For example, ideally the wedding band should not clash with the engagement ring. But actually, every piece of jewelry should be included in the evaluation with an eye to future coordination. With all this in mind, a qualified and reputable jeweler must be found. For example, one could search on the Internet for professional, highly accredited jeweler groups whose members display a highly ethical track record.

When shopping for white gold wedding bands, one should bear in mind that as far as price is concerned the same carats of white cost more than for a yellow band. Gold is considered pure when it has twenty-four carats, but this is too impractical for a band because of its softness. Most often, 14 and 18 carats are purchased that have a content of about fifty-eight percent and seventy-five percent, respectively. Again, bear in mind that the band with the higher number of carats, 18 carats, is the softer of the two. Understandably, most Americans prefer to purchase wedding bands that have 14 carats. However, there is no discernible difference between 18 and 14 carat white gold wedding bands.

By and large, a great number of people are attracted to, and choose to purchase, the beauty of white gold wedding bands despite the tradition of yellow having prevailed for so many years. Furthermore, this is true despite the fact that there are some downsides to choosing these bands. For example, they tend to revert back to the elemental yellow shade after a time. When the activities of daily living wear away the rhodium coating they lose some of the shine. Fortunately, it is possible to take the band to a jeweler who replaces the coating at a minimal cost. Also, there is the fact that nickel was once a standard component of white. Nickel became less widely used once it became clear that it caused allergic reactions in some individuals. For this reason, it is wise to double-check whether or not one's white gold wedding band contains any nickel.

On the other hand, it should be kept in mind that many people are allergic to any kind of gold. Furthermore, the popularity of white gold wedding bands is not diminished by the fact that there is a more economical alternative to them. Namely, these alternative bands are made of highly durable sterling silver that bears a strong resemblance to white. So if one's budget does not allow for the purchase of costly platinum, then white gold wedding bands are a very attractive solution. Coupled with this is the fact that these bands are considered to be fashionable, both here and on the other side of the Atlantic. Besides that, they appeal to people who prefer not to follow the yellow band tradition when exchanging marriage vows. And as stated before, men are especially big fans of these rings. This is mostly because they can stand up to a lot of rough handling in the course of a working day. So all in all, whether it's beauty, economy, fashion, or durability that is required: these bands are a perfect fit.

Engagement Rings With White Gold

Engagement rings with white gold are the favorites among this generation's brides while generations past have preferred the traditional yellow gold. Yellow gold was especially prevalent when diamonds began being given as a promise of marriage more than seventy years ago in the United States. Before that time, young men often stood in danger of being found guilty in a court of law when backing out of a promise to marry. Later courts began dismissing these breach of promise lawsuits and so the diamond became the new surety promise, giving soon to be brides the peace of mind that wedding bells would be heard. Of course, many men continued to back out of those engagements and the pawn shops began supplying those jilted fiances with at least a modicum of satisfaction. But the industry of selling highly price inflated diamond engagement rings with white gold or yellow began in earnest in the early 1940's and thanks to a brilliant marketing campaign by the diamond industry, women saying yes expected these prized symbols of promise and men started paying through the nose for stones not nearly as rare as the diamond industry would want them to know.

Buying a diamond for that special woman takes a little beforehand education and coming to some conclusions ahead of time. Carat weight, color, cut and clarity are the four "c's" of buying a diamond but too much emphasis can often be placed on the carat weight of the stone. Soon to be grooms are placed under enormous pressure by society and Madison Avenue to buy the biggest diamonds possible. In fact, the absolutely inane suggestion by the jewelry industry, makers of engagement rings with white gold and yellow, that the man buy a ring worth at least two months of his total salary is a blatant attempt to inflate the jewelry industry's profits without any consideration of the man's financial condition. This utterly insane suggestion also places some very high expectations in the mind of the woman and possible disappointment when those cannot be met. The size of the stone has absolutely nothing to do with the love a man may have for a woman and a woman ought to be quite concerned if her fiance has gone financially over his head in this purchase for it may very spell a lack of fiscal discipline that will later spell trouble in married life. Likewise, a woman's disappointment in a smaller stone ought to send some danger signals to the man who believes that principles are more important than perception.

The color of the diamond is also a factor in deciding the price of engagement rings with white gold or yellow. Perfect diamonds will be absolutely clear, while ones that are somewhat flawed have some color to them, yet in many cases, those flawed by color cannot be distinguished unless put under severe scrutiny. If a person can't tell that the diamond has somewhat of a blue hue on the hand, who important is that, really? And clarity, another one of the four "c's" has to do with how clear the stone is under the scrutiny of a gemologist. Marks in the stone, which bring down the value, are often not even visible to the naked eye, making it a question of whether or not to consider indiscernibly flawed diamond engagement rings with white gold or not. Sadly, many people are much more concerned about diamonds have flaws in them than their lives that have unforgiven sin. "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God...for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." (Romans 3:23 & 6:23)
The final factor in the purchase of engagement rings with white gold or another color is cut. Be it a marquis, pear, round, oval or emerald shape, the cost will vary depending on what is desired. In most cases, the emerald cut is the most expensive shape and is reserved for larger gemstones. The four "c's" that make up diamond prices are factors that drive very high markups on gemstones that are quite out of place with reality. Engagement rings with white gold sport gemstones that are not rare by any means and do not deserve the kind of high price that is foisted on them, even at wholesale. Purchasers need to be aware of these issues when making a purchase.

The most famous slogan that the diamond industry ever developed was one that still is used today. "Diamonds are forever" is meant to evoke an emotional attachment to the idea of love being forever, yet one out of two marriages in the United States ends in divorce and love, at least in the sense that it is often practiced, is only temporary in nature. Many people getting married spend a great deal of money on engagement rings with white gold and quite sumptuous weddings requiring hundreds of hours of preparation and planning. Yet in the vast majority of marriages, less than ten hours are given over to the absolutely critical need of premarital counseling that gives couples the chance to truly explore what issues, dangers, strengths and weaknesses need to be identified and addressed. Understanding what unconditional love is, and the ability to always practice it needs to be thoroughly understood and accepted before the wedding day arrives. Couples who do not focus on high priced rings and lavish weddings but rather make a study of one another and of God's way of loving are the most likely to celebrate fiftieth anniversaries.

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