White Sapphire Jewelry

White and pink sapphire jewelry are among some of the most common color choices for the gem. White sapphires are commonly used as a substitute for diamonds as they are almost equaled in hardness and posses a clarity and brilliance that can prove to be simply stunning. The precious stone when harvested from nature is not only valuable but is a gem that has been heralded through the centuries by royalty and shrouded in myths and legends. By giving a gift of white sapphire jewelry, one gives the gift of timeless brilliance.

Sapphires come in many different colors, from a lovely white that is very similar to diamonds, blue, pink, green purple, and even colorless. The gems are so unique, that like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. This adds to the gemstones value as uniqueness is a quality many desire, that one of a kind piece that is not available to the masses. The color is determined by the mineral content. The gems are very hard, in fact that only gem that is harder than sapphires are diamonds. The stones come in a variety of sizes, and due to the fact that they are so unique, if lost they can be irreplaceable. Many sapphires commonly found in jewelry stores have been treated by heat to bring out more of a uniform color, but those which are untreated are the most valuable.

Until the 1990's, pink sapphire jewelry was quite rare. In fact, the rosy colored gems were only found in places such as Sri Lanka, and it was not until they were discovered in Madagascar that they become more readily available, and Madagascar has since become the main source for the lovely shades of pink sapphires found on the current market. It can be easy for people to mistake pink sapphires for rubies. This is because in the Orient, shades of pink are simply considered lighter shades of red, in fact there is no word for 'pink'. This has led to people to consider pink sapphires as rubies. According to American standards however, rubies are considered only to be those stones which are truly ruby red in color.

Madagascar is the leading provider of a variety of shades of pink sapphires. Many of the stones that come from Sri Lanka have shades of purple interspersed amid rosy pink tones. Burma is where many rubies have come from and is also the location for a few varieties of sapphires in rosy tones. Pink sapphire jewelry comes in a vast array of gorgeous pieces. Stunning pendants gleam brightly from delicate chains and make ideal gifts for holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. There are not too many who would say no to receiving a delicately set rosy colored gem set amongst sparkling diamonds to wear on the hand or as a pair of unique earrings.

Oftentimes sapphires are treated with intense heat in order to promote a more uniform color throughout the gem. The precious stones that have not been subject to heat treatment are more rare and valuable, easily being worth eight thousand dollars or more. Both white and pink sapphire jewelry can be quite stunning especially when set with glittering diamonds and gleaming gold or platinum. The gems are truly a delight to the eye. White sapphires alone or inset in a pendant or ring can be found in beautiful varieties for as little as three hundred dollars. Stones created in labs look genuine to the casual observer but are worth less than those which are naturally occurring.

Every month has a special gem that is known as the particular month's birthstone, and September's just so happens to be the sapphire. The gems are also common gifts for fifth and sixty fifth wedding anniversaries. White sapphire jewelry sets are not as common as pink and blue, in fact, blue is the most common and it is the blue color that is associated with the month of September. However, almost every color is possible. Often sapphires of all colors will feature what are known as inclusions. Inclusions are lines that show up within the stone, and occasionally appear as stars. Star sapphires are very valuable and only show up when the gem is cut in a specific manner. Another reason for the heating of sapphires is to rid them of inclusions in addition to enhancing the overall color and clarity. Synthetically grown stones found in the majority of white sapphire jewelry are less expensive, therefore they are used more in mass production of jewelry. However, gems that have been unnaturally grown are only distinguishable from those which are naturally occurring by those that study gemstones.

Sapphires are referred to in myths and folklore. For example, the stones are believed to posses the ability to heal ailments such as colic and some mental diseases. Many believe the stones also aid as antidepressants, and even as a means of channeling clairvoyance and telepathy. The glittering colored gemstones have been steeped in symbolism throughout the centuries. They are believed to represent qualities such as sincerity, faith, and truthfulness. There are those who believe that the stones even represent the divine, believing that Moses received the Ten Commandments on tablets fashioned out of the precious gem.

More commonly, the stone has been sought as a useful tool of guidance, leading those who are traveling. The stones have been used throughout history, finding their way onto the British Crown Jewels. The Bible refers to all manner of precious stones within the instructions for the adornments of the priests, "And thou shalt set in it settings of stones, even four rows of stones: the first row shall be a sardius, a topaz, and a carbuncle: this shall be the first row. And the second row shall be an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond" (Exodus 28:17-18). Pink and white sapphire jewelry is a timeless classic that is sure to catch attention for years to come.

Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry

While researching wholesale rhinestone jewelry, a fascinating history came to light, one that is still very much in the making. Rhinestone (also called paste or diamante) is a substitute for diamonds which is made from rock crystal, glass or acrylic. Originally, these were rock crystals gathered from the Rhine River. In some European languages, the rhinestones are called Strass, after the jeweler who (around 1775) came up with the idea of imitating diamonds by coating the bottom of glass with a metal powder.

Typically, the crystal rhinestones have been used for making sparkling costumes, jewelry, or for decorating other clothing items. Lately, cell phones, fingernails, false eyelashes and other accessories have also been adorned by rhinestones. Wholesale rhinestone jewelry is popular with many jewelers and crafters. The best examples of the 'Flat Backs' are made by Swarovski out of lead crystal. Imagine a sapphire blue rhinestone jewelry set made from this quality lead crystal! The quality and brilliance of these rhinestones make them the choice brand of many jewelers and craftspeople. The most popular style is the Chaton Rose (round) cut. This cut is available in many stone sizes (ss), from less than a millimeter wide to stones which are as big as a dime.

In addition to various cuts and sizes, the rhinestones are presented in Hot Fix (HF) and No Hot Fix (NHF) versions. The HF type have a heat-sensitive glue applied to the stone's backing. Ordinary home irons can be used to affix the HF stones to cloth. Special tools may be required to apply the HF stones to other surfaces. The NHF stones can be applied with glue carefully by hand. The type of adhesive used will depend upon the surface to be adorned. Hand washing is recommended for rhinestone-decorated items, no matter which type of glue is used. Dry cleaning the item is not recommended.

Even wholesale rhinestone jewelry is available, along with a wide variety of other items and accessories. Inexpensive items, like rhinestone combs and tiaras for children's birthday party favors can be purchased, along with a great variety of decorated bags, wands, barettes, belts and other accessories. A more serious level of tiaras may also be purchased, with high quality rhinestones and higher prices for special birthdays, fashion shows or other significant occasions. There are custom rhinestone word pins and recognition gifts, as well as a myriad of other award gifts and fundraising items. Patriotic pins and various types of decorative fashion pins are other popular choices. Purses in sizes ranging from small change purses to full-sized handbags are also adorned with the glittering stones. For those interested in crafting their own jewelry, bags of glittering rhinestones in a multitude of colors and shapes is available from many makers of wholesale rhinestone jewelry. An Internet search will yield plenty of sources for these materials. Some sites even offer instructional articles for creating rhinestone products.

Vintage jewelry is sometimes laden with the sparkling rhinestones. One sapphire blue rhinestone jewelry set featured a somewhat star-shaped brooch with a large central chaton, surrounded by four marquise stones. All around were many Montana blue and Sapphire blue rhinestones. This elegant brooch certainly dispelled any doubts about the possibility of using rhinestones to create quality jewelry. The other part of this jewelry set was a pair of earrings with similar stones set in an attractive, leaflike fashion with matching stones. Another sapphire blue rhinestone jewelry set had a delicate look. This choker and earrings set was full of intricate layers and had a rich, multi-colored look. The choker is very different from what one might normally associate with a choker necklace. Delicate, round, scroll-like bunches of metal set with a variety of blue sapphire rhinestones are joined by long, ornately carved beads. This set is also completed by a pair of matching earrings. Both sets were reasonably priced, and a buyer could be fairly certain that he or she was purchasing an item which would not likely be duplicated elsewhere. This fact is certainly part of the appeal of acquiring these vintage pieces. However, the creation of rhinestone-studded jewelry is nowhere near finished. Modern examples of rhinestone jewelry sets are also available, featuring a crisp, clean look and the latest fashion colors. Leading manufacturers continue to develop new techniques to cut the rhinestones, aided by computer technology. An ever-increasing number of cutting surfaces yield unsurpassed sparkle to the rhinestones. New coatings offer increased brilliance and variety of style as well. One wonders at what type of improvements could be made upon any sapphire blue rhinestone jewelry set mentioned above, although it is fun to contemplate what future offerings will look like.

Apparently, there is no end to the fascination with sparkling jewels. Ever realize that even the foundations of the heavenly city is adorned with them? (See Revelation 21:19-21). The Bible notes, however, that there are several things that are more precious than sparkling gems: a wife of noble character and a person who gains wisdom. Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. (Proverbs 3:13-17) One would certainly trade in even the choicest gems for these treasures, which can be found in the Word of God, the Bible.

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