Wholesale Engagement Rings

Wholesale engagement rings can be found online with many choices that take into consideration the weight, shape, and color of different types of stones and choices for different types of metals. Some sites online allow a person to design her own ring. The most popular engagement rings have diamonds for the stone. Variation in a diamond can affect the price. Shapes include round marquise, emerald, pear, oval, radiant, heart and princess cuts. Wholesale engagement rings can be purchased in yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum, and some sites offer other choices. A bride to be should do some research on different stones and metals. Some women plan their wedding long before getting engaged and many already know what kind of ring they want long before they get one. However, doing some research may reveal some things that might make a woman change her mind about the kind of stone or metal used. Some stones and metals are more durable than others. Having more knowledge helps a person to make a more informed decision and one she can be happy with.

The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. The higher the carat the more expensive the diamond usually is. Cutting and polishing can make a diamond appear more brilliant. Cutting a stone too deep could mean that the light will pass through the side of the stone which will cut down on the brilliance. Some sources say that when a diamond is cut to maximize its brilliance the light will pass through the top, travel down the sides, and come back out the top. Wholesale engagement rings will not be worth as much if they are not cut to maximize brilliance even when weighing more.

The color of a diamond can have an effect on a stone's worth. There are colorless, nearly colorless, faintly tinted or yellow, lightly tinted, and tinted which may appear brown. A diamonds color can change when exposed to ultraviolet radiation which can make the stone appear different indoors compared to outside. The color of the metal and the settings can change the appearance of wholesale engagement rings that have diamonds. Diamonds with the least amount of color are the higher priced. However, fancy colored stones can be pricey when considered rare. Some stones are treated or enhanced to make them appear more valuable. The clarity of a stone can depend upon any imperfections or inclusions. This could mean that inside a diamond there is a crack, a spot of color, or a flaw. Before buying a stone a person should ask about inclusions or imperfections.

The shape of a diamond is often how most people choose one. Wholesale engagement rings that are popular include round, oval, emerald, and princess. There are other shapes that women choose for different reasons. An oval stone looks good on women who have small hands or short fingers. A marquise stone is pointed at both ends and is said to be inspired by royalty. Heart shaped stones appeal to some women because it is considered the most romantic cut. Princess cut stones often are said to flatter a woman who has long fingers. Engagement rings come in all types of cuts and shapes and can be found on the Internet by doing a search.

Gold is mined from ore and a nugget can contain around 10% silver. The more silver in the nugget the whiter the color will be. Pure gold is bright golden yellow and does not tarnish or rust. Gold is a conductor of thermal energy and is used to make things that have to hold up under high heat conditions. Wholesale engagement rings in settings of gold are very popular. Gold is measured by carats with 24k being pure. "And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped Him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto Him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh" (Matthew 2:11). Gold was a popular choice with wise men. Some shades of gold have other metals mixed in such as silver, copper, and zinc. Nickel, palladium, and zinc will make white gold. Choices of metals for engagement rings usually include yellow gold, white gold, silver, and platinum.

Platinum is a good choice for someone who has allergies to metals. For the most part platinum is considered hypo-allergenic. Wholesale engagement rings set in platinum can be very attractive. One of the good things about platinum is that the metal can be washed in warm water to clean it. Platinum is very pure and is resistant to damage. Platinum is a good choice for a metal with an engagement ring because it will not generally affect the color of a diamond or any other type of stone. Platinum contains no hues of yellow and will not change color over time.

Silver is used in many health care products and has antibacterial properties. Silver is used to prevent infections in burn victims. It is considered a very strong metal when combined with other metals and has electrical and thermal conductivity. Silver can endure very high temperatures and very low temperatures. Pure silver is very soft but becomes very strong when combined with copper. The addition of a small amount of copper does not affect the color of the metal but does make it much more durable. Silver will tarnish so it may not be the best choice for wholesale engagement rings. Cleaning it must be done carefully to avoid harming precious gemstones.

Cheap Engagement Rings

Finding cheap engagement rings may be the ultimate quest for cash-strapped young men who are eager to secure the lifetime affections of their loved ones. Of course, brides-to-be may not be too thrilled if price is the only consideration given to the stones that will adorn their fingers and be shown off to family members and friends. But the good news is that an affordable ring can be purchased that will delight the fair lady and yet not force the knight to pawn his shining armor. If the lady's heart is set on a sparkling diamond, then her beloved beau is well-advised to educate himself on what is known in the jewelry industry as the 4 Cs of diamonds, namely, cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These are the four factors that determine the value and worth of a loose diamond (a stone that has not been mounted into a band or other type of jewelry). By becoming familiar with these important 4 Cs, the potentially engaged young man will be a more informed shopper. As the jewelry salesperson displays different choices on a variety of black velvet trays, the shopping knight will have a better understanding of why one diamond is more expensive than another. The cheap engagement rings will have settings with less valuable diamonds than the more expensive rings.

Let's take a quick look at each of the 4 Cs in the context of distinguishing between expensive and cheap engagement rings. First, the cut can determine the diamond's sparkle and brilliance. Experts know how to cut the precious stone in such a way to get the most fire from its depths. This brilliant fire is a main reason that diamonds are so appealing and popular. There's something delightful about unexpectedly seeing the prism of colors in a lovely diamond as it catches and reflects the light. Gem experts, known as gemologists, grade loose stones on the second factor, color, according to their whiteness. Stones are graded from D to Z with D, E, and F designating colorless diamonds while those with a grade nearer the end of the alphabet have a visible yellow or even a brownish tint. A valuable diamond will have a higher letter grade for color than a lower quality stone. The third factor, clarity, refers to the flaws or the inclusions within the stone. The grades for clarity are: I (included); SI (slightly included); VS (very slightly included); and VVS (very, very slightly included). Additionally, there are distinctions, indicated by the numerals 1, 2, and sometimes 3, within those grades. A gem that is graded as I3 may have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye while the clarity of one that is graded VVS1 is an excellent and very expensive jewel. The fourth factor, carat weight, refers to the size of the stone. Generally speaking, larger stones are more valuable than smaller ones. From this brief summary, it's easy to see that cheap engagement rings may have settings that are poorly cut, yellowish, included, and small.

But there is no need to be discouraged. The key to purchasing an affordable diamond is to weigh all the factors against one another. Particularly, the shopper will want to balance the diamond's brilliancy with its size. The hopeful groom-to-be can begin by asking the salesperson to show him stones that with a clarity grade of I1, SI2, and SI3. These stones are set into relatively cheap engagement rings. Even those they may have inclusions that are visible without magnification, their cut, color, and size may still be beautiful to behold. An I1 stone with a higher color grade than a comparable SI2 stone may be a better value and less expensive. However, some experts advise that SI1 diamonds are often the best value when it comes to buying an engagement ring because the inclusions can't be seen without magnification. The groom-to-be may need to decide between a smaller stone with better clarity or a larger one that may have a visible inclusion. Armed with information on the 4 Cs and how to balance them against one another, the shining knight can begin his quest for that one ring amongst all the cheap engagement rings that will delight the fair lady.

Of course, the jewel isn't the only factor that determines the price of an engagement ring. A platinum or white gold band is often more expensive than one made of yellow gold. Other metals, such as titanium and silver, are even less expensive. The knight may choose to set a more valuable gem in a less valuable band or vice versa. Either way, cheap engagement rings don't need to look cheesy. The groom-to-be just needs to be an educated and careful shopper. Many young women have their own ideas about what type of ring they want to receive during that magical moment when the marriage proposal takes place. The lady may prefer a different kind of gemstone gracing her finger, such as an opal or emerald or some other precious or semi-precious jewel. These may be less expensive alternatives that are still absolutely stunning. King Solomon wrote that: "There is gold, and a multitude of rubies: but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel" (Proverbs 20:15). The cost of the engagement ring is not nearly as important as the love and respect that two individuals have for each other as they make this lifetime commitment of marriage. The most precious jewels won't be on anyone's finger, but will instead be found in wise and uplifting speech that edifies one's beloved spouse. The knight's quest through the black velvet trays of cheap engagement rings has a higher calling a godly marriage with the fair lady.

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