Wholesale Fine Jewelry

Wholesale fine jewelry found on the Internet is plentiful for selling online or purchasing as a gift for that special someone. Most wholesalers will ship anywhere and many have no minimum purchase. It is possible to choose from a large variety of wholesale gold jewelry and other magnificent items. Some of the variety includes various gemstones such as amber, emerald, garnet, jade, ruby, sapphire, and diamonds, among others. Types of pieces available include bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, and charms.

Shopping for trinkets online that are indigenous to different areas of the world is easily done through many sites. Wholesale fine jewelry can be found on sites that promote cultural pieces created in various places. Some of those pieces are Balinese, Brazilian, China, India, Japan, Mexican, Thai, and Indian, among others. Many such pieces are unique to the various regions and display their own individual style and art. Some pieces are handcrafted by artists that reside in different areas and each piece is totally different from another.

Amber pieces can be found among wholesale gold jewelry in various types of offerings. Amber stones come in different hues depicting the quality of the pieces depending upon the color. Colors come in olive green, deep red, and florescent and the beauty of each piece is found in the natural glow the stone permeates from within and prices vary depending upon clarity of the piece. Amber in times past was used in prayer beads used by both Christians and Muslims. The Bible mentions precious stones as being part of the New Jerusalem, thus promoting a picture of beauty and brilliance that Christians long to see. "And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald" (Revelations 21:19).

Some stones symbolize various meanings to people who wore them in previous times. Garnet is one such stone that is one of the oldest gemstones in history. Wholesale fine jewelry stores sell many types of pieces that include garnet stones in various shapes and sizes, belonging to a family of gemstones that range in colors of every kind, except blue. The most popular color in a garnet stone is a red stone, sometimes mistaken for a ruby. Garnets are found in various parts of the world including Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Gold has influenced the culture of many people including its use in Biblical times. Much gold was inlaid inside the temple that Solomon built for the Lord. In the book of Job, chapter 28, the value of gold is used to compare its value to a person's relationship with God, "The gold and the crystal cannot equal it: and the exchange of it shall not be for jewels of fine gold. No mention shall be made of coral, or of pearls: for the price of wisdom is above rubies" (Job 28:17-18). Wholesale gold jewelry includes some exquisite pieces that range in value depending upon the weight and quality. Gold is mined in several regions of the world and is found in various forms including nuggets, dust, flakes, and clusters. Different techniques are used in working the element including the art of electroplating, embossing, piercing of design, and laminating.

Diamonds are one of the most popular stones, especially when it comes to giving a gift to someone. Paying attention to the cut of a diamond is important when purchasing one. The cut can add or take away from the brilliance of a stone. Wholesale fine jewelry stores online provide some valuable information on the best ways to judge a diamond before purchasing it. Inclusions in a piece can be noticeable enough that they take away from the value of a stone. Higher quality clarity grade will mean paying higher prices but finding a broker or wholesaler can result in some savings. All diamonds are not absent of color but can be tinted in colors such as light pink to dark pink, yellow, green, and black, etc. Judge the fluorescence of a diamond by looking at it in direct sunlight before buying it.

Many sites on the Internet that offer wholesale gold jewelry offer a 30 day guarantee with complete satisfaction or a full refund is given. Wholesalers usually offer an extensive catalog online that provides a clear picture of the items for sale providing shopping convenience and affordable pricing. By purchasing large quantities of precious trinkets sites are able to pass on their discounted price to others and advertise 50% - 70% off retail. Some companies offer daily promotions of close out items for the entire family. Other items that are available for purchase through some sites include tools, various stones, findings, solders, wire, clasps, and other repair materials. These things could prove very useful if one decides to resale jewelry or offer repair services to customers.

Children's Fine Jewelry

Children's fine jewelry can be found from a wide variety of online sources that offer everything from infant to teenage selections. Kid's fine jewelry is a favorite for gift givers on special occasions such as birthdays, holidays and other memorable events in a child's life. Birthstones mounted in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are especially popular items for children and make gifts of heirloom quality if set in gold or platinum. Fine items can include something that is passed down from generation to generation and is an expression of the giver's love for a special child.

These items can be purchased at moderate prices or at extravagant costs, depending on the preference of the buyer. Most people who give children's fine jewelry to a child usually wish to put a special emphasis on an occasion for the child and know that giving will establish a point of remembrance for the special event. There are some occasions that especially lend to the presentation of a locket on the thirteenth birthday of a girl or an ID bracelet for a boy. Other special gifts can be the traditional silver spoon at the birth of a child.

Of particular interest to many young girls is a locket made from precious metal that will hold a special picture or memento of some occasion. Many children grow up and have these special lockets until they are old and can pass them on to their children or grandchildren. Another heirloom quality type locket is made with a cameo set inside the center of the locket and is a quality item for any young girl. Most children's fine jewelry stores offer necklaces and pendants in a wide assortment of heirloom quality jewelry for the discriminating parent or grandparent of a special young girl.

Options for boys include the traditional onyx ring or other birthstone set in precious metal that can also be passed down to following generations. A store that offers these selections can also provide sizing for a younger boy as his finger grows. Another very popular item that can be purchased from a store that offers kid's fine jewelry is well made wristwatches and bracelets with a masculine look. Many watches can be engraved with special inscriptions in memory of a special occasion that provides a young boy with something to pass down to his children and grandchildren as well.

Most stores carry a wide selection of metals for their necklaces, charm bracelets, earrings, rings, watches and pendants. Yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver and even platinum can be found among children's fine jewelry adding to the quality and keepsake features of any special item. Styles and fads change from one generation to another and preferences for certain metals do as well. For years, a higher grade of yellow gold jewelry held the public interest. The last few years have seen a trend of younger buyers who favor white metals such as sterling silver, white gold and platinum.

There is quite a price discrepancy between these metals and sterling silver can generally provide the look that is preferred without the huge price that white gold or platinum can incur for kid's fine jewelry. However, the properties of sterling silver will eventually allow it to turn darker and silver will need upkeep to maintain its white metal appearance. Even though all items need to be periodically cleaned, sterling silver will need the most maintenance in order to retain its beauty. It is by far the cheaper of the white metals, and its appeal to younger consumers continues to grow. For those who wish to purchase jewelry for a child, a consideration of platinum or white gold is a fine choice. Although many people hesitate to purchase items of extreme worth for a child who may either outgrow the size or lose it through childish mishaps.

When choosing, it is wise to consider insurance and warranties that may be available. This will set a purchaser's mind at ease over loss that could occur if not carefully overseen by an adult. Many stores that specialize in children's fine jewelry offer extended warranties, insurance, cleaning and resizing options with their sales. It is generally best to consider adding these extras in order to insure investment. "Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation." (Psalm 68:19)

If considering the purchase of a charm, locket, ring or bracelet for a child or family member, there are many stores that offer great prices and helpful service on any item anyone may wish to purchase. Expressing sentiments with a fine piece of children's jewelry can provide lasting memories to a child. Compare prices, quality and services through many online merchants of kid's fine jewelry to achieve the best outcome.

An elegant, eye-catching heart birthstone necklace dangles from the neck of a manikin in a store front display window, its beautiful sapphires blazing like the ocean at noon from the white gold pendant suspended on a nine inch chain. On the busy street outside, a man pauses at the window, thinking suddenly of his wife whose September birthday is only two weeks away; without another moment's hesitation he enters the store, buys the item, and hurries home, eager for his wife's special day. Of course, the woman loves it--everyone loves birthstone gifts; it is the one birthday jewelry item that never fails to please. A birthstone charm necklace is an excellent, thoughtful way to let the wonderful mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, or friend know how singular and how loved she really is. Gemstones have traditionally been thought to hold special meaning and have been used since Biblical times to make special designations, as in the making of the priests' garments for the Tabernacle: "In the first row there was a ruby, a topaz and a beryl; in the second row a turquoise, a sapphire and an emerald; in the third row a jacinth, an agate and an amethyst; in the fourth row a chrysolite, an onyx and a jasper...There were twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel" (Exodus 39:10-14).

Almost every woman can remember opening a gift box containing a heart birthstone necklace at some time in life, usually when she was a little girl; she remembers how her breath caught at how beautiful the gold or silver was, how she touched the gemstone that signified her month of birth with awe and appreciation, and how she wore the special gift every day until it was lost or the chain snapped in half. There is simply something very memorable and touching about birthstone jewelry, which is why it is always a perfect choice for a female of any age. Adolescent girls and teenagers will appreciate a delicate silver chain with a heart pendant studded with gemstones; new mothers will love a birthstone charm necklace containing a baby booty with their new arrival's special stone in it; and a sentimental girlfriend will relish paired hearts accented with her and the boyfriend's names and birthstones. There are endless choices for a woman in any station of life, no matter what her fashion tastes may be.

One popular gift idea for mothers is to buy a heart birthstone necklace that contains the individual gemstones of each of her children. These can usually be purchased at department and jewelry stores with up to seven or nine stones, and, of course, there are always stores willing to customize if more stones are needed. Sisters will love receiving matching necklaces with each of their sibling's stones included. Of course, proud grandmothers would love to try to fit all twelve of their grandchildren's gemstones onto one necklace, so a charm item may solve this dilemma. There are many different ways to wear the gemstones of one's beloved, whether a shopper is looking for something cute, elegant, or uniquely trendy.

The first step in choosing this kind of jewelry is selecting the appropriate stone; gemstone options vary according to ancient, traditional, and modern standards. This is actually a very good circumstance because it may give people who do not like their standard birthstone color a few choices. The modern designations are as follows: garnet for January, amethyst for February, aquamarine for March, diamond for April, emerald for May, pearl for June, ruby for July, peridot for August, sapphire for September, opal for October, citrine for November, and topaz for December. Shoppers hoping to find another stone for their birth month should do a little online or in-store research, as they may discover a different option that better suits their taste and budget. For example, an October birthday girl who doesn't like opals might prefer pink tourmaline for a personalized birthstone charm necklace.

As always when shopping for gemstones, buyers need to be aware of the different types of stones; most important is the stone's origin. Natural gemstones come to the buyer straight from the earth, only cut, polished, and affixed to a jewelry setting--these are generally the most expensive because they are already high-quality and don't need to be altered in any way by humans. Still, a stone can be genuine without being natural; this simply means that it has been treated to improve its appearance, either by heat, radiation, laser, diffusion, or some other laboratory process. Synthetic stones, however, are entirely human made and laboratory grown; generally, they are the least expensive. Synthetic stones are a good choice for shoppers on a budget, especially if the heart birthstone necklace is for a child, as young wearers tend to lose and break jewelry pretty easily.

Deciding on a birthstone charm necklace doesn't mean the shopping is over because the possibilities for such an item are endless. Pendants may come in the shape of hearts, crosses, rings, angels, shoes, or even figurines of children. Chains may be in yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, or platinum; and accented with diamonds, engravings, or other designs. In addition, shoppers will also find rings, earrings, bracelets, and more to match their specially chosen gift. One creative idea is to buy an entire set of birthstone jewelry, presenting its recipient with one piece at a time, perhaps at each holiday or life milestone: a necklace on her birthday, a ring at Easter, earrings at Christmas, a bracelet on graduation day.

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