Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies

As interest in beading grows, demand for jewelry making tools continues to rise. What was once a childhood hobby for young girls at tea parties has blossomed into a lucrative industry. Triggered by both a lean economy that doesn't give room for luxury expenses and the current trend to take part in and interact with our own purchases, the design and construction of an individual's own personal accessories is quite common. As creating bracelets, necklaces and earrings becomes more common place, the supply of beads, wires and implements runs to keep up with the growing demand. With endless possibilities in choice of beads, fixtures, wires and strings, there is a very real need for catalogues and internet stores to carry an abundance of wholesale jewelry making supplies.

Having the correct resources at her fingertips allows an accessory artisan full creative license when starting a concept or design. It is seldom the case that a jewelry maker will conceive of a design and wait patiently as she goes to store after store in search of the right clasps and beads for the project. It is more time efficient and economical to have a wide variety of clasps, beads and wires at her disposal during the creation process. The introduction of wholesale jewelry catalogues and online stores brought the variety associated with retail bead shops into the living rooms and studios of the artists. Beyond the common trays, clasps and bobbles in days of old, wholesale jewelry making supplies have diversified to include: gold testing kits, scales to measure the carats of gemstones, silversmith materials, metal for fabrication and casting. With the on slot of information at everyone's fingertips, the internet has opened up an avenue for the layperson to join the ranks of the skilled. Online courses and eBooks give detailed instruction in all aspects of accessory creation, and online stores provide the instruments and items needed to venture into the world of jewelry making.

The variety of beads alone is truly staggering. Most vendors of jewelry making tools offer acrylic and glass beads, but the list doesn't stop there. Rare bone and porcelain beads are sought for their unique textures and colors. Nut and wood beads come in deep, rich hues and subdued tones for subtler accessorizing. Gemstones and rare crystals can also be utilized for a more sophisticated look. Visiting a local bead shop in a town with a population of 3000 won't be able to yield this cornucopia of options. Ordering wholesale online or over the phone now erases geographical constraints that would have limited the types of beads an artist could use. For the enthusiast, the internet even offers bead-making supplies, such as: clay torches, bead hole brushes and glass shears. The creator is free to dream and able to make everything the vision reveals. With a simple order, an average person can make clay or wooden beads and can learn how to work with the glass and crystal options. Shopping for utensils and bobbles over the internet also allows beading hobbyists and enthusiasts alike to order abroad. Years ago, buying a bead or clasp from India or Mozambique would have necessitated travel or a vast amount of funds. Now, it merely requires the cost of shipping and handling. The variety and quality of wholesale jewelry making supplies has no end.

The strings on which these varied beads are strung come in unimaginable varieties as well. Memory wire is already in the shape of a necklace, ring or bracelet. It retains its shape to become a form on which to build a detailed bracelet or necklace. Copper wire can easily be dyed in a rainbow of vibrant colors. There is clear, stretchy string for versatility in size. This comes in handy when the recipient is unknown, and the bracelet or necklace may need to stretch to accommodate many sizes. Threads made of silk, hemp and leather can also be used to give an accessory more of an "earthy" feel. These wires and threads also come in different diameters. This is referred to as the gauge of the wire. Placing the beads on the wire and securing them also require special tools. Even a novice will do well to purchase pliers and wire cutters. When working with small beads and wire, wire cutters make the breaks exact, and pliers allow for easier twisting and closing. Though creating accessories isn't an exact science, it is often hard to undo or redo a project. Most sets of jewelry making tools include a tray for this very reason. It allows the artist to layout the beads, wire and clasps before the project gets underway. The trays are relatively inexpensive and are often given away free with purchases of other wholesale jewelry making supplies.

Advanced jewelry makers can even order silversmith utensils, raw metal for casting and even gold testing kits from the same companies that carry the beads and threads. This type of "one stop shopping" allows for uniformity of merchandise, alleviates the time delays between product arrivals and expedites the creation process. With more time now available to be used toward making jewelry, rather than hunting down the right implements, the artist can be more productive and time efficient. Purchasing jewelry making tools either online or over the phone also lowers the cost per item. Even as long ago as Bible times jewelry was so valuable that it counted as an offering to God. "They came, both men and women, as many as were willing hearted, and brought bracelets, and earrings, and rings, and tablets, all jewels of gold: and every man that offered, offered an offering of gold unto the LORD."(Exodus 35:22) Buying jewelry wholesale is allowing those hit by financial hardship to feel valuable again. Feeling worthwhile is truly priceless.

Replacement Watch Bands

Replacement watch bands can be found on the Internet ranging in price, size, quality, color, and style. A person will be able to choose the material the band is made from and the type of fit. Some materials include exotic, sport, metal, and fabric. Leather watch bands are the most popular type that people purchase. Genuine exotic include alligator, crocodile, shark, snake, lizard, ostrich, and pigskin. Measurements are available on some jewelry sites online. A measurement strip can be printed and then used to measure the wrist. When choosing a band for a watch a person should look at the piece itself and try to find one that matches it well. Online jewelers also offer watches, rings, pendants, accessories, and choices of items that include gemstones and are made from platinum, stainless steel, and white gold.

An alligator narrow strip or band comes in different colors. The wide width ones are usually for men's watches and the narrow ones are for women and children. Some of the colors include brown, green, blue, red, purple, white, and pink. Exotic alligator strips come in more colors than other exotic choices. Many of the other exotic choices typically are available in brown or black. Replacement watch bands found under exotic bands are usually linked by size and then by color. Measurements are usually by either millimeter or inches. Following the instructions on merchant's sites online can help a person to order the correct size. Many merchants offer customer service and an 800 number to contact a representative to help with issues such as size and style.

Popular leather strips are braided oftentimes with color variations. The color combinations vary and often include green with brown, beige with brown, red or pink with brown, and blue with brown. Leather watch bands are often the most popular because they usually last longer and hold up better than other materials do. Other choices that include leather also have fabric. These may have brighter color variations that include red and yellow as well as other colors. Some of the fabrics are made from nylon and suede. "Syria was thy merchant by reason of the multitude of the wares of thy making: they occupied in thy fairs with emeralds, purple, and broidered work, and fine linen, and coral, and agate" (Ezekiel 27:16). Products and merchandise are mentioned in the Bible especially as being popular with certain merchants.

Metal expansion strips come in gold-tone, stainless steel, and two-tone with both. The two-tone may include black and stainless steel or rose gold and stainless steel, as well as other choices. A black and stainless steel strip would go well with a watch face that is stainless steel. Replacement watch bands that come in metal include other variations as well. The metal expansion strips are often popular because they can go on over the wrist with ease and they have some room to expand so they provide a good fit. There are usually a large inventory of metal strips that come in either gold tone or silver.

For a sports piece there are strips that are waterproof. Many sports bands are made out of rubber and are adjustable as well as flexible. These types of replacement watch bands come in a multitude of colors. The most popular color is black with a silver buckle where the attachment is. Some of the sports pieces have a strip made from fabric and Velcro. These can be taken off and put in the washer under delicate wash but do not dry them because the material might shrink. Kids like the sports strips with Velcro because they are easy to put on and take off. Sports strips with Velcro are also very lightweight and often can be matched up with any type of piece. The most popular color for these is black but other colors are available as well and some come in two-tone colors.

Online jewelers may also include hole punchers to extend a band, link removers, polishing cloths, screwdrivers and other tools, as well as leather treatments for leather watch bands. Link removers work well for metal strips and the hole puncher works well on leather pieces. Treatments can make leather clean and shiny and polishing cloths can help to shine up metal pieces. Before purchasing bands online a person should have the knowledge to attach the face to the strip. This will depend upon the type of watch face and the strip that is chosen. Kits can also be purchased to change out batteries and help when changing bands.

Different clasps to choose from include butterfly, diver, and flip. These are mostly for metal bands. Leather watch bands normally have the strap with holes making them adjustable. A piece that needs a new strip will probably be easier to replace if it is similar to the previous one that was on it. For a completely new type of band a person might want to see a jeweler to find out if it will work with the style of the watch. A measurement of the watch face where the strip connects would be beneficial with a replacement. Some jewelers online offer colorful collections when purchasing bands. This makes it possible for having a different color for various outfits and they usually appeal widely to women. A man might prefer different tones of browns and blacks that are offered in a collection. A search online for replacement watch bands will reveal lots of choices.

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