Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Buyers can find wholesale sterling silver jewelry from a number of different places; bringing into their merchandising strategies, a diverse selection of good, quality pieces that are unique or outstanding. It's true that retail markets for jewelry are hotter than ever, and many establishments are claiming that earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings seemingly fly off of retail shelves and displays. As exciting as these prospects are, it also has opened the door for many retailers that would not normally purchase wholesale silver jewelry, increasing the retail competition. Today's buyers will need to be selective in their choices and look for suppliers beyond the traditional route. There are several ideas to consider and when buyers take the time to research distributors, designers, and manufacturers that are not in the main stream of retail jewelry sales, they will find an exciting array of choices and pieces at affordable prices.

The wholesalers' markets are every bit as competitive as the retailers' markets. This is true for most industries, but it is especially true for the wholesale sterling silver jewelry industry. The wonderful news for retailers that sell jewelry is that with the climate of competition comes discount pricing and great deals to be found. There are a number ways to take advantage of competition, and the following suggestions can help those looking for wholesale silver jewelry, find the best deals available.

To begin the search for great pricing and products in wholesale sterling silver jewelry, buyers can browse the Internet where gemstone and silver designers advertise their products. There are also many distributors that promote online as well. This is a wonderful place for the buyer to find the current fashion trends and to discover what pieces are selling across the nation. Some of the distributors online will even offer discounts for shopping through the Web, so it may be an opportune time to apply for a resell account with these manufacturers and designers. But, some of the online suppliers can also cost more than buying directly from a physical location, so be sure and take the time to investigate prices and cost-compare.

A wonderful opportunity to view the latest creations throughout the industry is to visit large jewelry shows that visit the major metropolitan cities every year. At these shows, distributors and designers showcase their goods to retailers for several days. The distributors travel to the city that hosts the show and often there are show specials or over-stocked items that can be purchased at great savings. Wholesale silver jewelry buyers will love being able to browse hundreds of distributors and easily price-compare and select, all within a few days and at one location. The distributors will often sell displays or sample items at considerable savings after the show. Buyers may want to ask about after show display deals during the show, reserving any pieces that they would want to purchase.

Another idea to finding good pieces at affordable pricing, is to network, talking about store needs with others. There are many undiscovered designers that will offer their exquisite pieces at great savings. Talking with friends and family about the need for unique wholesale silver jewelry may give buyers the opportunity to find a new designer who has not distributed nationally. Custom designs are being made by many and are at an all time high. There are artists who dabble in the profession that rival some of the greatest designers ever. Being open to new and innovative designers will bring into a retail establishment a creative edge. Even if the original designs are not the fastest moving, having a few really unique wholesale sterling silver jewelry pieces on display will give shoppers the idea that there are things that can be found in the store that cannot be found anywhere else.

It may be a good idea to also look for Christian jewelry designers. Expressing faith through the wearing of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings has become quite popular. Many Christians seek to demonstrate their faith and to signal to one another that they are believers in Jesus Christ. Wholesale silver jewelry made into Christian symbols will not only sell well, but will give the retail shop owners the opportunity to share their own faith. "I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth." (Psalms 34:1)

Taking the time to research online, to visit large market shows, and to talk with others will open many doors of buying opportunities and will also expose buyers to new pieces and competitive pricing. When traveling for business or vacation, it will also be a good idea to keep an eye out for local designers and jewelry distributors. All of these activities should help keep a fresh inventory of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings before the consumers that are shopping for the ultimate piece of expression.

Discount Sterling Silver Jewelry

Discount silver jewelry is continually growing in demand as the contemporary culture bypasses yellow gold in favor of the "white" metal. Modern discount sterling silver jewelry is worn by all ages, but especially among the teen and young adult culture of this era. Perhaps due to some retro intrigue with the '60's counterculture who wore dangling, silver earrings and authentic spoon rings from the same metal, silver is worn, dangled, pierced and displayed on young men and women in rising numbers. The jewelry business is booming and there appears to be no lessening of the interest in the soft, white metal in today's society.

Intrigue with 'argentum' as the Romans first called it has gone on for centuries since its discovery. The first reference to this white metal is noted in the Book of Genesis. Considered a precious metal next to yellow gold throughout much of history, there have been many purposes for using the metal including money, jewelry, ornaments and even bullets. The natural element is soft and can be fashioned into wire or flattened into kitchenware. Its malleable properties have been useful for all sorts of purposes throughout the centuries but the element remains today as one of the foremost discount silver jewelry options. Silver has been used by craftsmen like the silversmith and offers properties that are easy binding agents with other metals which can make the element stronger.

Native American Indians such as the Navajos used this metal to make indigenous artifacts that are still on display today. Noted for their superior silversmithing ability, American Indian artifacts are available today throughout the southwest. The Spanish influence is also seen in art and jewelry that were produced through expert craftsmanship. For people who still enjoy the southwestern flavor in discount sterling silver jewelry, some pieces of ancient design have been reproduced for purchase. "Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established." (Prov. 24:3, 4; 16:3)

Turquoise and white metal accented jewelry are a timeless collectible for many people who treasure the Southwest charm. The intrigue with the Old West continues to produce a demand for the down to earth beauty of discount silver jewelry set with turquoise, gemstones or inlaid with other elements. While there continues to be an interest in a broad array of discount sterling silver jewelry, the price has remained reasonable for most consumers. This has further enhanced its popularity by making its beauty available for those who can only afford a modest piece of jewelry. Silver does not hold up to wear as well as harder metals and does present a problem with tarnishing.

This has given rise to designer methods of dealing with the one offending problem for some buyers. Some solutions to the problem of tarnishing metal have been applied to decorative pieces, but the covering usually distracts from the soft appearance of the natural metal. Some manufacturers apply a chemical solution that will coat the metal in order to preserve its shine and brightness. Unfortunately, the natural properties of the metal are sometimes glazed and for some buyers the natural beauty of the metal is distorted. A popular designing trend that is applied to many pieces of contemporary discount silver jewelry is an antiquing method that gives new pieces the look of an antique piece from yesteryear. This process usually uses a painting effect which coats crevices and carving areas of a piece but leaves highlighted portions in the lighter metal tone.

Many rings, necklaces and bracelets are manufactured in this style and for many consumers, discoloration is no longer an issue. This trend in discount sterling silver jewelry has continued to grow among young buyers. Many stores have been careful to stock certain designs and pieces in this new look that are name brand items from notable designers that specialize in antiquing methods. The drawbacks of softness and the tendency to tarnish has not smothered the revival of interest in bright silver or antiqued pieces to wear for any occasion.

Even though the price is generally lower than for other metals, trendy designers and novelty sellers have cleverly found a market niche that will pay a pretty price for inlaid stones and gems within decorative silver mounts for all styles. Bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, boot tips, saddle decorations, home decor, and many other items are fashioned with one of the most popular and reasonably priced metals of all time. Discount silver jewelry companies continue to provide contemporary designs with old time flair that is sure to please just about anybody that purchases it, wears it or gives it. Check out many discount warehouses and stores throughout the Internet that offer great prices, free shipping and full warranties for all their products.

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