Wooden Jewelry Boxes

There are a myriad of wooden jewelry boxes available online for shoppers to consider when the desire to buy something a little special or unusual is hard to resist. In addition, carved jewelry boxes are also part of the varied options that consumers will have facing them when making the decision to purchase these specialty items. Prices and sizes vary, depending on the manufacturer and whether or not they are constructed and carved by machine or hand. These gifts are perfect for both men and women and will provide years of useful and enjoyable storage space for various personal items. While online vendors that sell these products are just a few clicks away, the following information might prove valuable before beginning the window shopping experience.

Wooden jewelry boxes are made with a variety of common and exotic woods. The more common woods would include cherry, pine, cedar, walnut, oak, redwood and mahogany. Storage units made with these more common woods would be less expensive and more common on websites offering these items. However, there are a number of exotic woods that are used to make high end wooden jewelry boxes and carved jewelry boxes. These exotic woods would include cocobolo from Central America, Makassar ebony from Indian and Ceylon, wenge from West Africa, zebrawood from Africa, tiger maple, olive ash, rosewood, tamo ash and bubinga. Units that are made from these very exotic woods are well over five hundred dollars, many of them coming close to one thousand dollars because of the rarity of materials. As the rarity of materials rises, so does the craftsmanship of the products, many of them featuring book matching, which is a term used to describe the attempt to make all sides of a box in balance with one another aesthetically. Dovetail and chevron joints are often used in these high end accessory storage units as well as modern adhesives.

For the more budget minded, the manufactured line of wooden jewelry boxes can provide an excellent resource for many choices and options. Boxes designed for women can come in painted units of many colors offering a large array of different drawer numbers, storage bins and side pull outs for hanging necklaces. Many of these manufactured units can be included in the carved jewelry boxes category with flowers and landscapes and children carved into the tops and sides. In addition, many of the fashion accessory storage units can have built in picture frames for children's or grandchildren's pictures. These lower end boxes are usually made of painted pine, maple, oak or birch and stained cherry or walnut in various depths of stain shading. Of course many of these beautiful pieces can include the ability to play music, and many of these same boxes can offer the choice of a number of tunes played. The designs of these fashion accessory storage units can be Contemporary, Art Deco, Victorian, Elizabethan or Classic, and often look like very miniature models of fine bedroom furniture.

A search for carved jewelry boxes online brings up possibilities from woodcarvers in the Ukraine, Alaska, Thailand, the Middle East, Poland and Russia as well as other locations. Many of these carved boxes are not necessarily labeled as jewelry boxes, and therefore lacking a protective lining, but are very inexpensive, many for under ten dollars. One site offers a hand carved jewelry box of the Russian church, St. Basil's Cathedral for a little more than thirty one dollars. The handcrafted products from the Ukraine are also encrusted with colored glass, beads and metal to give them a distinctive style and look. Carved jewelry boxes from Thailand and the Far East include mosaics on the lids made of various gemstones. "For we know that, if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." (II Corinthians 5:1)

Giving a fashion accessory storage unit as a gift to a man can be tricky because many men have little or no jewelry to place in them. Fewer men wear watches because of cell phones, and even fewer men wear French cuffed shirts requiring cufflinks. Yet the heart of a woman is often bent on giving a gift that she herself would like to receive, and that would include a fancy place to store her jewelry. For a man to give one of these beautiful gifts to a woman is a no brainer. It would be a gift instantly appreciated and used. However, if a woman gives a man a beautiful storage unit, she should probably expect it to eventually end up with golf balls, nuts and bolts, an old air freshener from the car, a pen that doesn't work anymore, and a dozen other items that are definitely not items of the fashion accessory genre. But that's ok, because they are items that he values enough not to throw away.

These wooden jewelry boxes are items that might be considered heirlooms in many families. Passing something on as personal as a small jewelry box that had sat on someone's dresser for decades can be rather moving if the receiver chooses to be pensive about the experience. For in that little manufactured container were small items that the loved one felt comfortable wearing or having in his/her pocket. At some point, the box contained reminders of good times and bad times, times of joy and times of sorrow. But buying a gift of this sort may have more of a life than one might ever realize on the day of purchase.

Large Jewelry Boxes

Custom jewelry boxes come in all shapes and sizes so as to provide the best storage and protection of treasured collections. Sparkling diamonds and luminous pearls adorned on silver and gold chains, rings and baubles are not only thrilling to wear but can harbor sentiment as well. Precious metals and stones are also highly collectible and can not only be worn for some added sparkle, but also collected and passed down from one generation to the next. Valuable pieces such as these are often small and can easily be lost if not properly stored and cared for. Large jewelry boxes are perfect for storing and displaying large amounts of necklaces, earrings, brooches, and other fine accessories. Over the years storage for fine accessories and valuables has always been needed, as kings of old had so much wealth that boxes were not enough and quantities were placed "...into the treasure house" (Nehemiah 10:38).

Hundreds of tales have been told of buried treasures buried in exotic locations or gold and jewels lost at sea. Almost always such lore and fables are accompanied with the discovery of antiqued treasure chests hidden by pirates or lost by royalties. These chests are most often wooded, weathered, and pale in comparison with the glittering wealth hidden inside. Yet occasionally the chests are as valuable as the jewels held within, being inlayed with gold and encrusted with jewels. However the box or chest might appear to be constructed, they all aid in setting off the contents, adding not only another layer of value, but an additional element of intrigue.

The need for large jewelry boxes is great as necklaces, bracelets and other accessories are easy to collect and quantities can rapidly become quite plentiful. A pair of diamond earrings or a lovely pearl necklace are all fairly common gifts to women on gift giving holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Pendants and bracelets are given as gifts, collected by individuals and even crafted by hand. Adornments and accessories are not only common and popular, large quantities can accumulate at rapid rates, making the need for adequate storage important. Small pieces can easily become lost or displaced, chains can become tangled, rings jumbled together. All this can be prevented by employing the use of large jewelry boxes, especially as there are many different styles to choose from are not only perfect for storing small possessions but also for keeping them organized and protected.

There are many options for the storage of expensive trinkets and adornments that offer not only a place for safekeeping, but lovely additions to a room's decor as well. Most custom jewelry boxes are finely crafted out of wood and feature unique hardware and unique detailing. Options can include personalization as engraving initials to a portion of a box is possible, and makes for not only a lovely piece to look upon and store jewels in, but works as a possible heirloom as well, to be passed from one to another. Customizing allows for a chest to be designed to fit the decor of a room, or the needs of a collector. Many people feel that gold, silver and precious stones need not be shut out of sight, and choose chests with doors crafted with small panes of glass, allowing for the possessions to still be gazed upon even when not in use.

Custom jewelry boxes are ideal for those who crave a way of displaying jewels in a way that is unique. Many are crafted by hand out of materials as simple as wood, expertly fashioned until the finished product is every bit as lovely as the trinkets placed inside. Options are virtually endless when it comes to custom design. Many boxes have tops which lift up to reveal the treasures inside, gently laid out on top of velvet interiors. Compartments for earrings', hooks for necklaces and drawers for bracelets and other items are common and can be fashioned in the way that the customer sees fit. Sweet chimes of a favorite tune can be heard upon opening a door or drawer by the strategic placement of as small musical mechanism. Small chests can even contain small mirrors that are affixed to a lid or door that when opened provide a convenient looking glass for one to view the reflection of possible selections.

The shape of a box which provides safekeeping for precious jewels need not be limited to one shape. Indeed, custom jewelry boxes can be virtually any shape, from the traditional chest to one with more of an octagonal design. Free form design is even possible which allows for unexpected lines and unique shapes, making storage both whimsical and fun. Personalized details make for interesting detailing, such as a phrase carved into a top, or a photograph placed inside a lid. The strategic placement of mirror fragments and pieces of glass can enhance a box by reflecting light in such a way that it catches the eye and adds even more glimmer to the jewels resting inside.

A piece of jewelry given at the right moment can define a memory that could last a lifetime. Large jewelry boxes are almost like photo albums for the storage and display of memories. A collection can be treasured no matter the size, and what better way than by a lovely box or chest crafted with the intention of harboring cherished memories and honored heirlooms. Hearkening to the times of old where pirates horded treasure in chests and the tales of lost treasures, new tales can be told centered around beautifully crafted pieces, or simple, plain boxes. Everything has a place, and collections of jewels, silver, gold and other precious metals and accessories belong in specially crafted collections of small drawers lined in velvet.

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