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Sin And Suffering
Lamentations 3:31-42

The Sin And Suffering Bible scriptures located in Lamentations 3:31-42 explains directly from God's Word the Sin And Suffering topic.

Lamentations 3:31  For the LORD will not cast off for ever:
Lamentations 3:32  But though he cause grief, yet will he have compassion according to the multitude of his mercies.
Lamentations 3:33  For he doth not afflict willingly nor grieve the children of men.
Lamentations 3:34  To crush under his feet all the prisoners of the earth.
Lamentations 3:35  To turn aside the right of a man before the face of the most High,
Lamentations 3:36  To subvert a man in his cause, the LORD approveth not.
Lamentations 3:37  Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?
Lamentations 3:38  Out of the mouth of the most High proceedeth not evil and good?
Lamentations 3:39  Wherefore doth a living man complain, a man for the punishment of his sins?
Lamentations 3:40  Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the LORD.
Lamentations 3:41  Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God in the heavens.
Lamentations 3:42  We have transgressed and have rebelled: thou hast not pardoned.

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