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A brochure printing company can offer a dazzling array of ideas, colors, designs and methods of distribution that can make any project an appealing way to get a business's or organization's message out to its targeted audience. Commercial brochure printing has made startling advances in the method and quality of color publishing as well as the speed with which the job can be accomplished. With the onset of almost any kind of business being able to be transacted online, customers have a choice of going to a local printer in their hometown, or now choose some of the many online printers that can upload a customer's own files, do some enhancement and have the product shipped within five or six days in most cases. Surprisingly some online printers advertise twenty four hour turnaround times. So what should a person look for when choosing printer to handle a four color folded ad project?

If a person goes to a mom and pop commercial brochure printing company in his/her hometown, the customer can probably verify pretty easily and quickly how long the service has actually been in business. Checking local references, checking with the Better Business Bureau and other verifying resources can bring reassurance or doubt to a company's veracity and commitment to quality. It is not always true, but a person might find that the local publishing companies may have sterling reputations but are also more expensive. In addition, the company may not be able to deliver a brochure as quickly as needed. This may be especially true if the local printing company has a small staff.

If a customer is considering an online printer, some of the advertised commercial brochure printing companies that appear to be actual printers may only be middlemen. In other words, these companies do not have or own printing equipment, but only serve as the set up and ordering source. In some cases, this could prove to be a little frustrating to a customer wishing to make a late minute change to an order. But still there is the reality that these online printers do have some very intriguing prices as one searches through all the possibilities. A most interesting facet of the online printing buying experience is being able to choose every option available with a click of the mouse. Then, upon making all options clear, a final cost can be seen clearly on the screen.

When dealing with a brochure printing company a person must choose such things as the heaviness and finish of paper stock, including matte and glossy finish, full color or four color, folded or not and both front and back printing or only one side. But if a person is doing a brochure, that's a two sided project in most cases. Then, typically one must choose the turnaround time, with the shorter time being more expensive. The reason for that is that the printer must lay aside some other projects to get the requested shorter turnaround time fulfilled. "Though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and though I give my body to be burned and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing." (I Corinthians 13:3)

Commercial brochure printing is truly a way to set oneself apart as a first class organization from those business philosophies that still haven't realized the power of first impressions. From churches to banks to realtors and non-profits, handing a visitor, a prospect or just someone on the street a well done and attractive four color foded ad is a personal but subtle way of getting noticed and perhaps even considered. In comparison the organization that still tries to cut corners with literature that is fresh of the copy machine can pretty much expect to be quickly ignored and discarded. Americans have quickly come to demand high definition television, and the same goes with the "Get to Know You" printed material handed out by an organization. And in fact, that is exactly what most brochure printing is all about: getting to know an organization and/or the special services or products it offers.

One of the biggest ways to cut down on the price that any brochure printing company might charge is to have the entire layout camera ready, or in today's parlance, computer ready. The price quotes from various local and online printers are come on prices and will not include design, layout and any other time consuming chores that precede the actual printing process. Many experts suggest using brochure design software to lay out the exact design a customer wants, including all photos and then submitting those files to the printer. One should make sure that the printer, either local or online sends a copy of the ready to go layout for final approval before the color drums start rolling. Nothing worse than a company selling tuna fish having to pay for ten thousand brochures advertising puma fish instead.

So if a small company wants to use a commercial brochure printing company to do a small, one sided brochure, how much will the project cost for five hundred copies? Some online companies offer the printing done for as little as fifty dollars, not including shipping. Will it be quality work? Who knows, but it is four color and one sided. Maybe it will be printed on tissue paper. Maybe paying more means less headaches, by going with a local printer, but a well done brochure can be an important part of an overall marketing strategy.

Brochure Design Printing

A business looking for brochure design printing services to help market a new software package at a national sales convention will have several factors to consider before making a decision. First will be the strength of the design team at the printing company. Second will be the turnaround time and third will be the cost factor. The choice will come down to an online printing service offering very competitive prices and quick turnaround or a local service that has a very talented graphics design team, but higher cost and slower production dates. The company is envisioning a trifold brochure printing design, but may be open to other options.

Brochure design printing has become a true art form, mainly brought on by the demand of the American public to have high quality visuals in all areas of life. The biggest single factor in driving high quality print media may have been the splashy and very glitzy fashion magazines of the eighties and nineties, but sped up quite hastily by the onset of high definition television. Few if any individuals would choose to sit in front of an analog television picture when one seat over is the same picture in high definition. In the same vein, the public has demanded of businesses, by judging all else as inferior, high quality visual ads and marketing schemes. Indeed, any commerce venture that does not accede to this high standard is indeed thought to be shoddy if not untrustworthy commercial venture unworthy of personal business.

So the pressure is on any business, if that business accepts the premise that a multi-pronged marketing plan must include personal printed material, is to produce a medium that can be felt and handled personally by potential clients of the finest quality possible. When looking at any company offering brochure design printing, almost all services offer to produce a single sheet, a twice folded, or even a trifold brochure printing product. And there may be types of folds that the reader may not have heard of, but have probably seen. For example, there is the close sister of the trifold called the Z-fold. Folded in the shape of a Z when left standing partially open on a table, the printing and message is not as easily detected inside and makes it a little more of a curiosity piece that begs to be explored. There is the gatefold which closes both outside edges into the middle of the paper, giving a kind of gate opening effect to the presentation. And finally there is the bifold, which is a standard piece of stock folded in the middle. "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." (Ephesians 6:11)

Even before considering a brochure design printing layout, the decision will have to be made about how the product will be folded. Every decision regarding the placement of text and graphics will hinge on how the client wants the story to unfold, no pun intended. Describing a process or an actual story in the layout would favor a panel by panel expose, offered by the standard trifold brochure printing design, perhaps in the Z-fold configuration or the standard paradigm. In the case of the computer software company, the brochure was intended to be an unveiling of a brand new product and so the gatefold was approved, which really has the same amount of folds as the trifold brochure but is not placed in the same genre. Upon further investigation, the software company also found out the gatefold is the configuration many high end companies use to unveil very important products, but also because that fold design was proven more likely to be passed along to another individual if the first prospect showed little or no interest. In addition, it was shown that this type of folded brochure would be more likely to be held on to by the reader than other types of folds.

A brochure design printing project such as the one undertaken by the software company faces the same danger as any other advertising plan. If the project isn't done right, it's worse than if the project wasn't done at all. The phrase "It's better than nothing" may apply to Christmas presents and a warm glass of water after an hour workout, but the phrase does not apply to advertising. Any trifold brochure printing project that looks like corners were cut will immediately brand the company or organization sponsoring the brochure project a second tier company or worse. With so much riding on this multi pronged marketing approach to unveil their software, the company chose to allow the pros do all of the design work and write all of the copy for the printed project. In addition, the company chose a heavier, matte stock paper to give the feel of elegance to the unveiling medium.

There is something good about holding a well conceived and high quality printed piece in hand. It speaks of thoroughness and responsibility and a certain well-heeled attitude that invites trust and further investigation. That kind of printed matter makes a person sitting in an airport with nothing to do think, "Hey, where is that brochure I got back at the sales meeting, it looked interesting." That kind of first class medium will make the traveler root through his carry on luggage or briefcase until it's found and a quiet seat is acquired for a through investigation. The brochure may pass through a number of hands before being discarded. That track record may beat a lot of TV ads that invite a trip to the refrigerator instead of staying for the punch line.

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