Catalog Printing Services

Before choosing a catalog printing service for the catalog or informational guide being published, those designing the pamphlet, book, or buyer's guide will want to first make a few decisions about what they want this publication to represent. Any type of published guide or listing of products for sale is a valuable tool for the manufacturer or distributor. Having pictures of products and information about these items in the hands of the consumer is giving the consumer the option of shopping and browsing from the convenience of home. Catalog shopping is also convenient for Moms who sit and wait on kids at soccer practice, business folks in long lines at the bank, or office personnel at lunch. Each may be motivated to buy when leisurely flipping through pages that are full of color and enticing advertising. And, if the publication needs to lean more toward organized lists of inventory, then those wanting to publish these types of catalogs will want to utilize the publication to make a good impression on clients and customers.

Choosing the right publication company is an important decision. To help sift through the many catalog printing services available today, there are a few suggestions that can be followed, finding the best catalog printing program to fit individual or business needs. Anyone or business spending money on publications will want to maximize the publication's effect, so taking the time to investigate the options available and taking the time to pre-determine the objectives of the publication are the first steps in beginning the journey of selecting a good printer partnership.

There are many commercial publishers who suggest that full color advertising is the only option for companies show-casing products. There are generally two to four color options available, but merchandisers sing the praises of full color advertising. Today's consumer is in the habit of being wowed by fast changing images on TV and emotional appeals from commercial dramas. The days of old with black and white pictures on newspaper print catalogs will get over-looked for the flashy, colorful flyer or booklet that creates a feeling. The costs between full color and black and white print projects are considerably different, of course, so, budgets will need to be determined before selecting the full color option.

Paper is another major consideration when wanting to print a booklet or advertising medium. The cover of the project is the single most important page to be printed. Generally, a heavy weight paper is chosen for the outside, or front and back, of the booklet. This heavy weight stock brings durability and a sense of class to the project. The inside pages may be printed on a lighter paper, but the cover should have that extra punch, luring the seeker to open the book and browse the pages within. And, if the entire project cannot be printed in full color, then at least the cover should host some color to catch the eye of the consumer. Those interested can speak with the catalog printing company about the most popular trends.

There will also be options for book bindings with catalog printing services. Depending how large the project, different bindings can bring different elements of style. There are staple bindings, which is called saddles stitching, and there is perfect binding. In perfect binding projects, the pages are actually glued to the cover's backbone. This type of binding is generally used with thick publications of eighty pages or more.

Some catalog printing companies will also offer design work as a part of the fee for the project. Many have expert designers on staff who can work with customers, getting the right feel for the entire project. Also, with the great technology offered by the Internet and computers today, those getting catalog printing services may take their own images, downloaded off the Internet, into the publication office. Most catalog printing companies offer a variety of services and supports with their printing expertise.

When looking into ways to promote products or to get information into the hands of consumers, business executives and owners should always remember to thank God for his provisions, and to use every publication to God's glory. What an opportunity to present products to the world in a manner that would not disgrace the Lord. We must remember that we are the children of God, and not the children of the world and present even the business side of life as pure and lovely. "Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; and walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour. For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of the light." (Ephesians 5: 1-2,8)

Once all of the above has been carefully considered, then it is time to search for the right printing services to fit the publication project. There are catalog printing services online that will operate exclusively through uploading content. There are also local printers located in most major cities, offering one on one help with many different types of projects. Most all printers advertise online, so begin evaluating the different services by logging on today.

Wholesale Catalog Printing

Full color discount catalog printing enables commercial enterprises the opportunity to showcase large product lines or services to a diverse audience. If one picture is worth a thousand words, then 100 pages full of vibrant, colorful photographs speak volumes about a company's goods and services. The combination of professionally photographed products printed on high gloss 100-lb. stock with aqueous or UV coating presents irresistible images to consumers who love shopping with the eyes! A well designed catalog offers consumers an up close look at products and services before they buy. Wholesale catalog printing benefits advertising and marketing agents who are assigned the task of taking a client's inventory or service and presenting it in an attractive format which appeals to a target audience. Wholesale or discount printing enables agencies to mark up prices and make a profit.

Who uses discount catalog printing? Fine dining restaurants, real estate brokers and developers, banks and financial institutions, hotels and resorts, healthcare facilities and insurance agencies, colleges and universities, and retail merchandisers. Almost every corporate entity can benefit from a color catalog which presents a beautiful face to potential buyers. A restaurant's publication full of mouthwatering delicacies tempts new patrons to stop by for a taste test. Real estate brokers frequently use full catalogs to help sell exclusive properties to upscale clientele. Books featuring slick photographs of an estate's amenities are well worth the cost of printing when properties sell. Healthcare facilities utilize 24- to 32-page full color publications to convince shareholders and donors of the hospital's benefit to the community. Ivy and junior league colleges and universities ply prospective students with booklets full of photos depicting dorm life, academia, and campus activities.

Wholesale catalog printing is a retail merchant's best friend. Almost everyone over the age of 40 remembers the Sears Roebuck catalog, which debuted just before the start of school in the fall. Page after page of sweaters, skirts, shoes, and coats along with photos of the latest home appliances and power tools tempted Mom, Dad and the kids. Catalogs brought the world to a family's front door. Over forty years ago, families seldom traveled outside of their hometown, and television was a luxury owned by few. A full color product catalog brought the world of consumerism into everyday homes. Today, in spite of the glitz and the glam of the Internet, HDTV, and web-based videos, there is still a huge niche market for the printed page. Savvy merchandisers, entrepreneurs, and service providers can take advantage of the power of print to attract buyers of goods and services. While print is a powerful advertising medium, nothing compares to the power God gives to men to become His children: "But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God." (John 1:12-13)

Working with wholesale catalog printing providers is a relatively simple process. Most customers rely on graphic designers, photographers, writers, and advertising agencies to pull together the raw material for a premier publication. Before contacting providers of discount catalog printing, business owners should solicit the services of qualified designers to prepare electronic files. Printers will expect to have completed digital files ready for upload via FTP, or file transfer protocol, to servers. PDF files of a completed catalog from 8, 24, 48, or 60 pages and up should be submitted to a select printer in sequence, along with embedded fonts, artwork, and graphics. Standard catalog formats are 8-1/2x11 or 5-1/2x8-1/2. The smaller size is preferred for student handbooks or manuals.

Before uploading electronic files to a printer's server, several decisions must be made regarding production and final finishing. Premium full color catalogs are printed on heavy 100-lb gloss stock, then coated with a protective aqueous or ultraviolet (UV) coating to resist water, stains, and scuffing and help ink colors retain their brilliance and original hue. Customers have several binding options, which are determined by the number of pages in a publication. Catalogs with smaller page counts and thicknesses of approximately 1/8 inch may be folded in half and saddle stitched using two staples. Booklets with more than 48 pages and spines of 1/4 inch and more are usually perfect bound. Specialized equipment binds, glues, and wraps covers around inside pages to form a square spine. Most magazines and books are perfect bound. Plastic coil binding, which makes turning pages easier, is found in cookbooks and other multi-page volumes. Finally, wire-o binding is used similar to plastic coil binding, but with a more durable metal, which comes in varying widths. Wholesale catalog printing offers two options in finishing: self covers or separate covers. Self covers use the same paper stock as inside sheets, while separate or "plus cover" order requests require heavier stock with UV coating on one or both sides.

Once customer orders have been confirmed and proofs checked and corrected, discount catalog printing can proceed. Slick publications are printed using a web offset press, which generates a high volume of pages on coated stock. This is not a job for digital printing. The nature of premium publications requires traditional production methods, such as registered color separations, metal platemaking, and high quality latex or oil-based inks. UV or aqueous coatings are applied after drying and prior to trimming and folding. Finished catalogs are usually mailed to customers from Internet vendors or delivered via trucks or parcel post from local print shops. Some vendors may provide direct mail services for distribution to a targeted audience waiting to leisurely browse vibrant pages of beautifully photographed products and services.

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