Commercial Printing

Commercial printing comes in a wide variety of options and those who are considering projects that are too large for desk top jet ink or desk top laser printers will want to get the basics on some of the processes available. Because there are different avenues that can be taken in getting a large print job accomplished, those choosing the process on behalf of commercial agencies will want to get the basic information about which process will best suit the individual job, getting the best quality work for the money. There are also a variety of services many quality commercial printing companies offer to help further support clients and customers in meeting deadlines and deliveries. Communicating with associates, customers, and the general public is key to the success of any business or organization and using commercial grade print projects is something most professional agencies will need at one time or another. The Internet now offers a selection of different services and options, so those seeking will benefit by taking time to browse the companies advertising and utilizing the Internet.

Among the types of professional grade print options available, offset lithography is perhaps the most widely used selection. This type of commercial printing transfers an image or graphic through photography to metal, plastic, and various grades of paper. The projects that are most commonly used with offset lithography are magazines, brochures, and glossy, high quality newsletters. Flexography is a form of quality commercial printing that utilizes inks that dry very quickly. This form of print process is accomplished at a high rate of speed and can be used on many different types of materials. Flexography is best for plastic bags, candy wrappers, gift wrapping, large numbers of labels, and disposable paper products. Engraving is another type of print process that is used for specific projects. Wedding invitations, professional business cards and letterheads, and any specific job that needs a formal appearance are best suited for engraving. With engraving, an impression is cut into the paper with a metal die and then filled with ink, creating a raised surface. Thermography is a form of print processing that has a similar result as engraving, but is much less expensive. Thermography uses a powder types substance that is added to the ink and heated to achieve the raised look of engraving.

There are several different methods used for the printing of posters, artistic prints and signs. This type of commercial printing utilizes screening or the silkscreen methods. Silkscreen is also used for transferring images to clothing. Screen print processes also work with non-textile mediums such as CD labels. Digital ink print options are also growing in popularity. Digital processes are direct to plate processes and are now being used in a variety of job needs. Dye-sublimation is a technique that uses solid dyes under extreme heat for quality commercial printing that resembles original photography. Thermal autochrome is a method using light sensitive paper with ultraviolet lighting to produce a photographic quality. This technology is growing in popularity and is used widely with digital photography.

Depending upon the project and the targeted audience, many of the printers advertising services online also offer a variety of supporting services, as well. With postcards and newsletters or magazines, there are quality commercial printing companies that will also handle the mailing process. Print customers can simply upload their customer's addresses and the print services company handles the direct mail aspect, as well. There are also agencies online that offer design capabilities, offering professional designers to help with custom jobs. And, there are also faster and less expensive processes that have standard templates available, where customers simply fill in the information, giving a general postcard or brochure format a personal and unique touch.

Planning a large-scale project that needs professional or commercial printing services can be fun and exciting as there is great anticipation about response. Keeping a healthy perspective about business is important, however. The Bible teaches that we are to put God as a priority in all matters, even the business side of life. Business men and women can certainly make plans, but all things are ultimately up to God's discretion. "There are many devices in a man's heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand." (Proverbs 19:21)

The Internet has become the premier location for finding services in the print industries. Because jobs can be uploaded, downloaded, and handled electronically, quality commercial printing companies are now much more convenient. Proofs can be approved and discussed online with speed and accuracy. Try browsing the many different options of printing and services through the Internet to get a good feel of the market and pricing structures. There is sure to be a company offering the exact print service needed to get the desired communication or graphic printed and out to the targeted audience.

Commercial Color Printing

All commercial printing services use either digital or offset printing methods to produce four color print projects. A commercial color printing service may offer only one or sometimes both methods to produce high quality products. There are many things to consider when choosing the appropriate production method for any project which will inevitably include price. There can be a wide price variation between the different options for producing color graphics and text on printable surfaces. An individual or business that requires a print job must consider the purpose, quality, price and time frame that will be involved in the production.

Both businesses and individuals from time to time have need of professional printing projects. Brochures, booklets, annual reports, business cards, letterhead stationary and many other company related items must generally be outsourced to other printing services. Individual consumers will generally need the services of a commercial color printing source as well for items such as wedding invitations, anniversary announcements, party invitations, personal cards, personal stationary and perhaps even flyers from time to time. Non-profit organizations such as churches and mission groups also have need of printed projects throughout the course of their ministries. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." (Psalm 119:105)

Without the availability of desktop printing equipment and skill, it is impossible to produce four color projects at home or the office. Some offices, churches and even personal home offices have various types of equipment that make it possible to produce acceptable color items. It is still difficult, however, to produce slick, professional copy without really qualified personnel and proper equipment. For small jobs like simple brochures, low quality business cards and general stationary, inkjet printers may provide all the quality anyone needs. When it comes to high quality, multiple items, commercial printing services are really the best way to go for either a business or individual.

Laser or digital production is used by many professionals to produce clear, four color items that pass the inspection of anyone who values quality. A lot of commercial color printing is accomplished through laser productions especially when price and time is of importance. Laser production is easier to set up since it is operated similar to a copy machine. The laser beam is used to create the graphic or text on paper and it is reproduced through a much simpler format than the offset printing methods that are used by many commercial printing services. In fact, it has become possible to create pretty professional looking items in a home office through this method.

This ability has created a desktop revolution for homes and business offices that are satisfied with moderately slick products. Of course, these offices must insure that they have the personnel that is trained in some desktop publishing skills and who are quite computer literate. Digital color productions have put a dent in the need for high end offset production methods but by no means have diminished the requirement for quality from those who really know the difference. Some of the best quality productions still come from commercial color printing services that use offset production methods for most of their important projects. Most novels, corporate productions, and advertisement items are still produced en masse through offset production methods.

Offset productions require more time and layout design for any item that is produced. Four color offset methods must use carefully selected color tones for ink, metal plates designed with graphics and text and a stamping process that ultimately produces clear, vivid images on the preferred surface. One of the huge differences in offset productions is the setup time involved and its subsequent cost. Setting up a job that is produced through an offset press is much more expensive than the setup for a laser or digital job. However, once the setup is accomplished, an offset project is generally pretty cheap through commercial printing services. That is why first time lay outs and designs are always higher than a repeat production of the same item.

For those who prefer the ultimate in quality, offset methods are still the preferred method even though laser or digital has its own important niche. Many small, Internet companies that use digital methods to print books and promotional items are making a nice income through the cheap overhead required for this commercial color printing method. Desktop design companies can produce one or thousands of the same item because price is not affected by the amount of output as is the offset method. Of course other issues such as paper, binding and packaging that relates to any project will affect purchase prices through any type of production company that is chosen. There are many online sources that offer further help in determining what type of production method is best for a particular project.

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