Computer Keyboard Drawer

Many computer keyboard accessories provide for a more enjoyable computer experience. Considering the hours which people spend using these devices, it is not surprising that some thought has been expended in order to make the time spent at computers both comfortable and productive. Some more basic adjustments have been made by utilizing a computer keyboard drawer or tray. Other items provide for using a mouse or other tracking device. Accessories are available for comfort, productivity, and safety reasons.

There is a difference between a computer keyboard drawer or tray. Both of these products are intended to free up space and provide an ergonomically inviting workspace. Ergonomics involves the relationship between people and their working environments. Generally, when people speak of ergonomics, it is in the context of speaking about some product which makes the work experience more comfortable and productive. Adjustable trays have many names. They may be known as articulating arms or platforms. Whatever term is preferred, this refers to an adjustable arm which bolts to the underside of the workstation and an attached platform which provides a height (and angle) adjustable resting place for the keyboard and mouse. This provides a comfortable work area and also frees up precious desk space.

Some trays are made of heavy-duty plastic, while others may be made of stainless steel. Most utilize ball-bearings for smoothly sliding out of sight when not in use. Adjustments can be made for mounting the tray at various heights, acccording to an individual's needs. Most kits come with all mounting hardware, and require only minimal, do-it-yourself installation. Before purchasing such computer keyboard accessories, check that the platform space is adequate for the intended equipment. Some trays have extensions which slide out from the side of the platform for accommodating a mouse or other input device. Options are usually available for right or left-handed individuals.

A computer keyboard drawer is another solution if desktop space is at a premium. These are also helpful if the work surface is uncomfortably low. Drawers are usually more economical than trays, probably because there are less options for multiple positioning. They are useful in situations where there is no space under the work station, such as some laboratory facilities. Also, the drawer can easily be moved to accommodate workplaces which have to adapt to changing conditions and where workstations are frequently repositioned. There are also computer keyboard drawers which mount under the workstation if space does happen to be available, and tray systems which can be placed directly on the desktop. Some are ergonomically correct yet category-defying hybrids of both types of systems. These have an above-desk, height-and tilt-adjustable drawer featuring a pull-out, adjustable, under-desk keyboard. (Try saying that sentence three times!) Basically, systems can be designed for whatever needs the workstation presents.

A low profile computer keyboard drawer which integrates an LCD monitor, keyboard, and pointing device is another option. This is a complete unit which glides gracefully out of a rack cabinet on dual ball-bearing slide rails. The monitor can be pulled out separately, if desired. The LCD monitor has a special coating to help resist cracking by impact. A keylock is installed on the front of the panel to lock the whole set-up neatly inside the rack when not in use. Add the fact that all this installs into a standard 19 rack cabinet and takes up an incredibly small amount of space, and these systems with their sleek accessories will be on everyone's wish list.

Speaking of computer keyboard accessories, there are many products designed to make the time spent at computer tasks more productive and comfortable. There are thin, fitted plastic membranes which protect surfaces from dust and spills. This makes it easy to keep a computer clean and can be particularly useful for hospital and laboratory use where the spread of contaminants is especially undesirable. In the same vein, there are mini computer keyboards which are water resistant and designed to function in harsh or difficult environments. Without seams or crevices, they are fairly contaminant-proof. Since they have a sealed, rigid surface, they are well-suited for marine and medical use. Industrial use or any application where durability, cleaning and water resistance may be an issue is also appropriate.

Key inhibitors and labels for international language use are two other interesting computer keyboard accessories. Inhibitors prevent specific keys from being used by locking them mechanically. This function may be useful in situtions where sensitive written materials are being handled. Converting to a bilingual board with the use of language labels is an attractive option in these days of global communications. The characters of the second language are printed underneath the durable labels so that they do not wear out with continued use. These characters are also positioned in such a way that the original keyboard characters remain visible. Be sure to verify that the operating system is able to support language layouts before such items are purchased. Some require additional software to install accessories which involve a second language. Large print label kits are also available for use by the visually impaired. In Leviticus 19:14, the Bible says, Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumblingblock before the blind, but shall fear thy God: I am the Lord. These labels are one way of enabling visually impaired people to live productive lives. Boards with 1 square keys also aid persons with visual disabilities. These may also be appropriate for individuals with a variety of physical or learning disabilities. Some preschools use them for starter computers for young children. For making the use of computers more comfortable, secure, and even at times, possible, a computer keyboard drawer or tray, along with other computer keyboard accessories, is certainly useful.

Cordless Computer Keyboard

A cordless computer keyboard would be someone's dream of having, so that while relaxing in one of those lounger/recliners, surfing could occur on a big screen television instead of the minuscule twenty two inch monitor. Actually, a wireless computer keyboard can be a very exciting addition to one's home office arsenal that is meant to make the user more productive. Consider first how a cordless computer keyboard works. There are actually two types of the devices. The first type runs by an infrared beam from keyboard to PC. The second type runs on RF, or radio frequency, much like the wireless router works. Both give great freedom to the user by being able to move away from the computer site itself, but there is a drawback to the infrared type. A direct line of sight must be maintained between the wireless key board and the computer with the infrared type, but the RF applications need no such restriction.

The cordless computer keyboard means that as more and more peripherals sit on ones desk, the clutter can be at times overwhelming. Consequently, the opportunity to pull away from the desk and work a ways away from the PC can be very appealing. A no wire data entering device has a controller which scans the matrix to see what keys are being depressed, and then sends a signal via either infrared or RF to the PC where it awaits a signal that they key has been released. These devices enable many users each with a RF enabled wireless computer keyboard to enter data at the same time with the same computer.

A look at some of the wireless devices on the market and their features may entice a reader to look into these unique pieces further. A very simple, straightforward key entering device is offered for twenty nine dollars which is spill resistant for those lounge chair experiences! Consider a device for about sixty five dollars made by the world's largest maker of software innovation. This particular keyboard or data entry device (DED) has the now familiar ergonomic design and has a battery life of about six months. The keyboard also features a mouse with optical tracking technology as opposed to a mechanical device and this mouse also has a control wheel that tilts to maneuver through pages of data. "For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of his holy angels." (Luke 9:26)

At ninety-nine dollars, a no-cord PC keyboard offers a mouse than can be used on a desktop or waved through the air, and a DED that has fifteen located hotkeys for almost instant identification. A keyboard/mouse purchase of a hundred and fifty dollars will give the consumer a Bluetooth connectivity capability with at least thirty feet of distance capability away from the computer. The DED is ergonomically designed and has an LCD display to notify of incoming messages as well as time and date check capability. And for the same price, a consumer can purchase a mini wireless computer keyboard device that is palm-sized and Bluetooth wired for thirty feet of range between user and computer. The small device has backlighting for low light conditions and glows in two different backlight colors, one for cursor mode and one for media control mode. With this particular DED, the ability to connect PC to television is there to download movies and videos from the palm of the hand.

It wouldn't be difficult to see a cordless computer keyboard flying off the shelf a DED at a time at Christmas by a wife who is sick and tired of all the cords in and around the workstation area at home. Experience says that guys don't mind cords and wires much at all, and most women despise them, so the more wireless speakers and keyboards that can be around, the better aesthetically for the appearance of the house. This idea of a no cord DED which has been around for over twenty years just might be a marriage saver from time to time! But as a person begins to seriously think about the purchase of one of these devices, it would be wise to try and get as many reviews about the device as possible. A wireless computer keyboard can be a finicky peripheral to add on, to which many user reviews can attest from various brands and models. While these devices can be quite the convenience, it is buyer beware.

The ability to move away from a desktop that is permanently placed and sit in front of a picture window to watch the wildlife might make the purchase of a cordless computer keyboard worth it all. Of course, access to the monitor has to be present, but perhaps even pretending to do work might be pleasant! The fact that technology is making such incredible strides almost weekly might make the dream of a wireless device to capture thoughts and ideas and put them into a word processor might not be too far off. Imagine the ability to sit in a log cabin and writing a novel to a desktop five hundred miles away. Now that's wireless!

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