Custom Built Gaming Computers

Custom built gaming computers make playing games a lot more fun because they have fast processors, more memory, bigger hard drives, and the best audio and video money can buy. Some of the online choices include a motherboard that is upgradeable and provides lots of slots for additional memory and other hardware. High end gaming computers are usually equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse along with the latest operating system. Some have up to 24" widescreen monitors, surround sound speakers, and the most up to date and highest quality graphics card. "Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise" (Psalm 33:3). In order to play skillfully a person must not only put out the best effort he or she must have the necessary equipment to do the job well.

Personal computers that are made specifically for playing games usually contain high-end components. Custom built gaming computers can be outfitted to maximize the gaming experience. Retailers online that offer custom design personal computers can make them to enhance the effects with accelerated processors, enhanced sound processing, and 3-D graphics with higher resolution and clearer graphics. Of course these computers are not going to be cheap but it is possible to find someone who builds computers to do so for less than what a retailer would charge. The only drawback to that is the computer should have a warranty at least for the first year of service and some individuals do not warranty their work.

Out of all the parts used to make up a personal computer that plays games well, the graphics card is the most important. A good 3-D graphics card will have at least 256 MB of memory but the best ones will have at least 1 GB. High end gaming computers that are used for playing in high resolution need to have enough memory or the performance will be affected. The computer itself must have sufficient memory as well in order for playing to be maximized. Sufficient memory is 1 GB but more would be better for playing high-end games. For optimal performance 2 GB is premium.

The faster and bigger the hard drive is the better. A faster hard drive will make the games load much faster. Games will take up so much space on a hard drive and space is not hard to find so the main concern when purchasing one is speed. A popular size for a computer is 750 GB and the speed at 7200rpm with a 16 MB cache. Custom built gaming computers usually come with an optimal hard drive but for those who want more and do not have room in the case retailers online offer external drives that can be plugged in through a USB port. A player can try to run a disk-defragmentation on the hard drive and acquire more space if the computer is running slow but if this does not help then one should consider replacing the hard drive.

Processors used for playing games should be the latest and fastest that are out there especially for the new games because they will perform much better if the processor is up to speed. A processor can be made to run a little faster but in clocking one up there is a chance the processor will burn out. A clocked up processor will run really hot so installing an extra fan or two might help to keep it cool enough so that does not happen. High end gaming computers will work better and more efficiently with the installation of extra cooling fans. If extra fans are needed to keep the processor and other components cool a professional may need to take care of the installation since there need to be mounts to handle the installation and the fans need to be connected to the power.

Every PC needs to be equipped with two DVD drives and one of them needs to be a DVD-RW so that it can be used to burn information or music to. Internal DVD drives are less expensive then external ones. Write speeds vary from 16X to 20X for single layer media to 8X for dual layer media. Single layer media are the least expensive in comparison to dual layer media and are highly recommended for burning video. Single media is best for audio, photo storage, archiving music and data, multimedia presentations, and large data files. Dual media is good for data backup and software. Custom built gaming computers may come with the newest type of drives available that enable the user to etch a label on the CD or DVD after burning it. In order to use this newer technology the CD's or DVD's must be made specifically for it.

A typical gaming computer will have a computer case that shows off the internal components. In addition, high end gaming computers are made to provide cooling for all of the working components. There should be plenty of room inside for expansion and changing out of components. The size of the case may have to be determined by the type of motherboard. So that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a case alone. Some cases are designed specifically for a certain type of motherboard. The motherboard is the largest component of the computer itself. The motherboard provides the electrical connection of all of the other components. The microprocessor, memory, video slots, sound card slots, modem, and other devices are plugged into the motherboard. The motherboard is one of the most important decisions that needs to be made when contemplating custom built gaming computers.

Cheap Gaming Computers

Screaming gaming desktop computers were the dream of the seventeen year old that lived, breathed and slept the world of video gaming. The young man was a player on line almost every night with friends' computers but he was close to getting one of his own. The teens budget was limited but the young man started off the investigation with the best of the best. The machine the young man looked at was the top of the line pro gaming systems and it was not for the shy or the weak player and it was anything but it was not an example of those cheap gaming computers a person could buy at a local big box store. This machine was built for nothing but speed and was akin to a small Japanese car loaded with a huge nitrous oxide tank in the back seat just begging for a street race.

As the young man would soon find out, heat is the major enemy of souped up game machines. Advice all over the Internet warned that upgrading gaming desktop computers with high performance sound cards, CPU and other components meant that the power system had to be upgraded and that means a lot more heat than the standard factory installed fan can handle. So the young man's dream machine stared at him from an inviting website. Cooled by three and a half liters of one hundred percent non-conductive ionized water that is pumped around the cabinet by a chilling radiator, this machine behemoth is also cooled by eight fans inside the cabinet to protect the vital components from burning up. The young man's eyes grew wide as the teen saw the brushed aluminum case and understood that taking this monster to a local LAN competition or other video game tournaments would make him the envy of everyone there.

But this beauty was over four thousand five hundred dollars. It was simply not in the teen's budget, but one day when the young man graduated from video gaming design school, he vowed that it would be his first purchase. So the search continued for cheap gaming computers, but the window shopping online would also continue. As the search began, the guys that really knew gaming desktop computers told him that the three most important components of any gaming system are the video card, memory and CPU. The video card does most of the work, but needs plenty of power to make its full potential shine. The memory has to be large enough or the games can slow down to molasses speed and if the CPU or central processing unit is not fast enough, the video card will not get a full workout.

The young man discovered that one way to build cheap gaming computers is to self build one. There are instructions online that describe the steps in building video game capable computers, and there are some tips on what to do as a person gets started on such a project. These tips include: Do enough research to know where a person can cut corners and which components should not be skimped on. Some parts, such as the CPU, memory and sound card must be the best a person can afford, so a builder must make an effort to understand the function of each and every part of the machine. Stay up on the latest technological trends to that mistakes aren't made in buying out dated components. Shop around extensively for the parts that are needed and use parts from old computers as much as possible. Finally, try and buy refurbished parts because they often have guarantees and can cost up to forty percent less.

The young gamer was a clever lad, but building a self made computer didn't sound like his cup of tea, so the search went on for cheap gaming computers. The decision was made that seven hundred and fifty dollars was the most that could be afforded for a gaming desktop computer. Unfortunately, our young man would quickly discover that the computers in his price range have a sound card built into the motherboard that pulls power from the CPU and Ram. This can result in poor quality video presentation and can often cause the machine to run very slowly when using video game programs involving more speed and memory than the computer can handle. True gaming desktop computers have a separate and rather sophisticated game card (usually costing between three and five hundred dollars) that has its own processor and memory to make the video presentation seem life-like. "Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered." (Psalm 32:1)

The young man knew that his dream of getting one of the true gaming desktop computers would not be realized with his limited budget. The machine bought in this price range would do homework, memory friendly games and video watching with ease, but little more. So the young man decided that if he were to buy one of the cheap gaming computers of this dreams, the machine would be bought at a store that made customized computers where the entire system could be upgraded at a later time, but still offers basic capabilities now. Included in the custom machine were plenty of extra expansion slots for video cards, and no name or generic hardware that can be plugged into any computer chassis. The no brand parts would certainly keep the price down, but could be swapped out at a later date for more high performing components.

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