Custom Computer Cases

For PC users who like a little flare, custom computer cases can bring some pizzazz to what can ordinarily be a nondescript piece of crucial office equipment. Rather than settling for the basic plastic and metal tower casing, consumers with an artistic flare can dress up their machine with any number of creative designs. From flames to artic scenes, these custom designed tower covers make a statement that is out of the ordinary. Who knew that ordinary desktop computer cases could become so unusual? Companies that specialize in these decorative office products allow the consumer to choose from a wide variety of designs and themes. Whether the owner desires an abstract approach or have tastes that tend more toward the traditional, almost any choice can be accommodated. Landscapes, scenery, floral prints, even animal fur can be chosen. These cases can even be adapted to a children's decor theme with a variety of favorite cartoon characters that are ready to adorn any system. Whatever choice a consumer might make, a decorative PC case is a great way to add a little individuality to a home or office. The Bible tells of a God who is the father of creativity. "Let them praise the name of the LORD: for he commanded, and they were created." (Psalm 148:5)

In an office or home, wood grain can be a popular decorating choice. Many of these producers of custom computer cases can manufacture a case that will match the wood grain of a consumer's choice from walnut, to cherry, to anything in between. If a floral theme is desired, this can be achieved as well. Other interesting choices include fruit patterns, perhaps to be used on PCs that are kept in a kitchen area, snow landscapes, ocean themes, or even sculls and crossbones are among the available choices. Matching keyboards, monitors and mice can also be coordinated with any theme. If a company wishes to have a logo attached to each machine, these accessories can be created as well. These generally come with an adhesive backing and can attach on the aluminum tower or plastic monitor front. In addition to company logos, sports teams, schools, branches of the military, geographic locations, animals, flags, or any number of possible choices are available. If a consumers prefers to have a hand in designing a cover, hand etched appliqus or case tattoos could be the answer. These come in a wide variety of design choices as well. When it comes to customizing the desktop computer, the range of choices is endless. Even customized thumb screws and fan grills are available.

For the PC owner who wishes to explore the inner workings of a computer system, a clear sided case could be just the ticket. Many of these covers have utilitarian goals as well as decorative ones. With features such as built in air ducts and fans, processors are kept at optimum working temperatures for the best performance and machine maintenance. Some models even come with a liquid crystal display temperature gauge. Other examples allow the consumer to set the speed of the front fan. For consumers who prefer desktop computer cases, similar customization choices are available. Manufacturers who produce covers for PCs generally make them in full tower, mini tower, mid tower, or desktop styles. These same manufacturers also tend to create covers for other appliances as well. Aluminum covers can have a traditional appearance or might also come in a wide variety of styles that will set a PC apart from the standard issue machine.

Computer users who love special effects might enjoy custom computer cases that employ a variety of lighting techniques to make them stand out from the rest. Some can come in the form of simple case adornments such as badges that adhere to the PC tower, monitor, speaker, or keyboard. These decorative accessories store power and illuminate a chosen design. Made of a flexible material, they will even stick to curved surfaces. The fact that they generate very little heat is an added benefit. In addition to tower covers and desktop computer cases, power cables can also be accessorized with lighting. Neon lights, LED lights, cold cathode lights, ultra violet lights, and light tape are other ways to use light to decorate a PC. For the creatively incline system owner, three dimensional objects that can be applied anywhere on the case can be a nice addition. Interior LED lighting that illuminates the interior workings of any system is also available. Glow in the dark stickers that are specifically geared for use with personal computers allow the consumer to do their own customization.

Do it yourselfers who prefer to build a system from the ground up can especially benefit from these products. Thanks to the availability of custom built computer cases, no one needs to be tied down to the basic black or beige cover. Cases that come equipped with special cooling mechanisms are of interest to PC owners who are also gaming aficionados, since many gaming accessories are known to generate extra heat that can be harmful to a processor. Covers can come in aluminum, steel, plastic, or acrylic. These varieties of materials have opened the door to new shapes and designs in the area of desktop computer cases. Consumers with more traditional tastes may shy away from the more flamboyant choices that are available, but can still find a wide array of out of the ordinary choices in custom computer cases.

Rolling Laptop Computer Cases

Many laptop owners have discovered that rolling laptop computer cases are convenient, affordable, and protective of one's sensitive equipment. Since laptops today are becoming thinner and sometimes less durable, having a protective case is essential to transporting and storing this expensive belonging. The beauty of the rolling case is that even heavy laptops or computers with extra equipment can be transported with ease. Heavier cases can really put a strain on the back or shoulders. Other computer users can't lift heavy objects. Some people spend thousands of dollars on a laptop, so putting it in any old case would be foolish. A high quality bag with padding and reinforced sides is not necessarily that expensive if shoppers know where to look. Discount computer cases are out there, especially online, but shoppers need to know what to look for in a quality case.

Browsing through rolling laptop computer cases for one that is durable can be tricky if a shopper can't touch the case or see it in person. An easy way to avoid this problem is to seek out local stores that carry these products. Visit these stores and take a look at the items. If this isn't possible, the Internet is a great source of customer reviews. Even computer magazines will write reviews on products like cases. Some customers will even post video reviews of products to share with shoppers what they liked or disliked about the product. Take a look at these reviews and pay special attention to any negative reviews regarding durability. Any reviews that mention a case being flimsy or easily scratched might be red flags for the shopper.

Storage space is extremely important when looking through discount computer cases. A good case needs to have several pockets or sections included inside with at least one compartment on the outside. These compartments or pockets should be different sizes to accommodate different items or accessories. There should be a place for pens, thumbs drives, wireless cards, portable, mouse, and other small, necessary items. A pocket or section to fit a notebook or portable mouse pad is also essential. Travelers will enjoy the convenience of extra pockets for carry on during flights. Travelers want to purchase a case which can both fit into both an overhead compartment while also storing a book to read, notebook, laptop, MP3 player, and other items for work and entertainment. Manufacturers now make laptop cases which double as overnight bags. These are perfect for laptop owners who frequently travel.

Shoppers also need to be on the look out for rolling laptop computer cases which have the ability to lock. "Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble." (Proverbs 3:23) Not only must the item be protected from physical damage, it must also be protected from thieves and hackers. Locking mechanisms vary from case to case. Some may be so sophisticated that they have a combination lock built into the case. Others will simply have hook built into the zippers, so a small lock can be installed. Making the choice between a combination lock and a key lock is a matter of personal preference. Shoppers who have trouble remembering combinations may want to choose a key lock. Other people may not like keeping up with a key, so a combination lock suits these owners better. Either way, security is essential, especially if the owner does a lot of traveling with the laptop.

Prices on discount computer cases can be as low as $30 and as high as more than $150. The good news is that a top-of-the-line product doesn't have to be over $150. Many shopping and auction websites will sell these items used and therefore significantly cheaper. It may be used because the original owner needed to purchase a different style case or some other unique circumstance. Whatever the reason, the shopper will need to make sure the seller is reputable. When it comes to price and brands, though, shoppers have to remember that they will get what they pay for. A lesser known brand at a cheap price may not hold up in the long run. Shoppers will want to seek out brands that are known for quality. Known suitcase manufacturers tend to be a good choice as these companies are already experienced in creating products for storing and protecting items during transport. If there is a suitcase manufacturer that the shopper is already pleased with, it might be wise to see if the manufacturer also produces laptop cases.

Purchasing rolling laptop computer cases isn't easy if the customer wants to get the right item without any work. Although, there is one quick way to get it right. If the customer has a friend or family member who can recommend a great product, this can reduce shopping time. If the friend or family member would allow the customer a chance to also test out the case, that's even better. In most cases, though, shoppers will have to get their hands dirty in the search for the right product. The Internet is really the best place to start and also the simplest tool for searching. The key is quality. Good quality discount computer cases will be secure, durable, and long-lasting. The price can still be reasonable if the shopper is open to purchasing used item or bidding on auction sites. In the long run, reading reviews and searching high and low should lead to a purchase that the customer won't regret.

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