Digital Printing Service

A quality digital printing service is an absolute necessity for any business owner who wants to see their venture grow. A major benefit of these providers is that short print runs are usually no problem. If a customer has only a small order, quality prints at reasonable costs can be a reality. Four color results with quick turnaround schedules are also common features that are offered by most digital offset printing companies. Digital printing capabilities are what make these fast results possible. Gone are the days when publishing any quantity of items involved tedious and time consuming typesetting. There are now a wide variety of vendors who offer print on demand services. Most of these providers also offer professional assistance with graphic design as well. Online print providers offer the consumer the opportunity to place an order from the comfort of home. Many of these web sites will guide the customer through the process of uploading files and information and then help the client prepare the files for print.

A wide variety of products and services are available from digital offset printing companies. If an organization or an individual is in the market for any kind of business related stationary such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards or forms, most vendors can supply the need. Other products that these vendors specialize in could include brochures, booklets, CD or DVD sleeves, manuals, newsletters, flyers, stickers and decals, catalogues, greeting cards, signs, banners, and posters as well as post cards. While speed is important, a wise consumer will consider quality as well, and request samples of the provider's work before placing a large order. The Bible talks about the blessings of an aptly timed word. "A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!" (Proverbs 15:23)

Most digital printing service providers offer copying solutions as well. A small business may find themselves in the need of a few hundred copies of a large document. Many printers will create copies of the document, collate it, bind it and have it ready quickly at a reasonable price. Companies that do not have large secretarial staffs can benefit from the convenience of these features and find the price for such services worth the work and time saved. Whether the need is for color copies or black and white, the order can be met. Customers can often contact the vendor online and place an order as well by uploading the documents to the printer's web site. High volume copying as well as oversize products are generally available as well as finishing services such as cutting, numbering, folding, binding, scoring, stapling, laminating, padding and dry mounting . Clients who need help in creating certain computer files such as JPEGs or PDF files can usually receive assistance in these areas as well.

Many digital offset printing providers can help a client create a professional corporate identity. With a choice of available clip art and type fonts, simple company logos can easily be created. For the business owner who is looking for something a little more individualized, many of these providers have graphic design professionals on hand who can assist. These logos can be used on all business correspondence including stationary, brochures and business cards. These same graphic arts professionals are also trained in digital photography and photo restoration. If a customer needs a stock photo for a brochure or newsletter, many digital printing service providers can supply this. If an individual has an old family photograph that has seen better days, many of these vendors can digitally repair or enhance even the most tattered photographic family heirloom. If a large format solution is in order, this is a regularly offered service as well. When a client needs a poster, banner or floor display, the need can generally be met in a timely manner. Other features that are frequently offered for large format jobs might include laminating, framing, mounting and lighting. Some vendors can produce these products using special inks that will stand up to ultra violet light, making the end product resistant to fading and suitable for outdoor use.

Another feature that is offered by some digital printing service providers is a line eco friendly products and services. Many companies are taking steps to take advantage of alternative energy sources. Other ways that these print providers stay green might include using recycled paper that is not whitened with chlorine. Many use inks that are soy rather than petroleum based. These vendors also reason that by establishing an Internet presence and making all of their services available via a web site, through telephone or e-mail and offer delivery through the postal service, the unnecessary use of gasoline is eliminated.

Businesses large and small can benefit from well place promotional pieces and these print providers can be of assistance here as well. A business owner may be looking for ways to improve his company's presence at a trade show or simply wish to thank loyal customers or motivate hard working staff. There are a wide range of promotional products that are generally available from digital offset printing companies. Those promotional products could include standard trade show posters and banners or could be a little more creative. Many of these providers could suggest unusual but innovative solutions such as customized water bottles with the company name, logo and pertinent information printed on the label. Thirsty potential customers are likely to remember the company that handed them a free bottle of water. Other solutions along this line could include customized phone calling cards, key chains, CD openers, or personalized mints in custom printed tins.

Calendar Printing Services

With the help of calendar printing services, the average person or multi-billion dollar business can have a personalized calendar. If a family is ordering a wall display, many times it can simply include personal pictures or scenes from a family gathering. However, when businesses contract with a calendar printing company, they usually do so to promote their products or services. With the necessity of organizing our days and keeping track of the quickly fleeting months, giving away calendars with the corporate logo, photos of the products or scenes from the various locations is a practical way to put the corporation in front of the client's eyes on a daily basis. Marketing is always more effective when the logo or product name becomes part of the prospective client's daily life.

The calendar has been around for centuries, and is an organized way to view days, weeks, months and years, and also gives a specific date to be associated with each day of a particular month and year. Throughout history people have used even primitive calendar printing services (insect ink on parchment or dried animal hide) to record and prepare for religious or political events. By necessity, early record keeping of days was determined by the cycle of the sun or moon. The simplest system of organizing days and dates is the Julian system. Julian calendars simply count the days from a designated starting point. However, most systems of date organization have at least two levels (month and day), and almost all modern systems have three (day, month and year). These three-tiered date organizational tools include the Islamic, the Hebrew and the Gregorian calendars. With today's fast-paced life, an average calendar printing company will also produce personal date organizational tools that include the specific weeks and even divide days into time increments. Within these aforementioned date organizing tools, there are two broad classifications. One is based on the phases of the moon, hence called lunar. The other is based on the sun or perceived resulting seasons, thus dubbed solar. In ancient Egypt, the calendaring system was centered on Venus. Though this only seems reliable in countries near the equator.

The solar dating system counts a day as the period between sunrise and sunset. "And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day." (Genesis 1:15) This results in a variance of day length. The days are then averaged to form the mean solar day. The lunar dating pattern numbers the days in each phase of the moon. Because the phases of the moon are not an even fraction of the tropical year (the time to complete the full cycle of seasons) the lunar system of organizing days soon does not match the seasons. However, because tides are also linked to moon phases, the lunar dating pattern matches the tide pattern. These are not concrete distinction, as the Hebrew system of organizing dates is a lunisolar, which means it considers both the phases of the moon and the seasons resulting from the Earth's orbit around the sun. Many global businesses still find it easy to combine both the Gregorian system and the Hebrew style of date organization.

Creating a dating system following the seasonal changes was created originally to assist in farming. However, the days of a tropical year do not add up to become a whole number. As a result, a tropical year cannot be divided equally. Solar and lunisolar organizational systems adapt for this "left over time" by having an extra day every few years. Hebrew calendars have an extra day in February every fourth year. Even lunar calendars cannot divide the seasonal cycle into equal fractions and must compensate in some way. The various forms of compensating for the indivisible tropical year are called intercalation. A calendar printing company has elaborate programs and applications to intercalate, regardless of whether it is printing lunar, solar or lunisolar calendars.

The typical reason to utilize calendar printing services is to have a visible way to plan a future event, agree or disagree on availability and to record past events to remember the date and commemorate them in the following years. Not only does a calendar printing company provide a way to plan future events, but also to recognize the significance of certain days. For example, most calendars display religious celebrations, civil or political holidays and important governmental dates, such as tax day. Furthermore, individuals can organize their schedules using calendars. This is especially true of families who have multiple school, church, business and sporting activities scheduled in an average month. Prudent business owners can easily have their logo or corporate insignia visible each time a busy mom records another duty on the cluttered family calendar. By utilizing calendar printing services, a family will glance at the photos of products each time a new event is added or another month's page is turned to the next. Many businesses and individuals hang or place calendars in a prominent spot. This serves another marketing purpose, as each person who enters the home or each client who walks into the business will look at the images on the calendar and see the endorsement for the corporation who hired the calendar printing company to print it. This type of advertisement is especially effective when beautiful landscape pictures or artistic images are chosen to adorn each month's page. Now it is not only an effective form of advertisement, an efficient date keeping tool, but then also becomes a unique conversation topic.

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