Ergonomic Computer Mouse

Purchasing an ergonomic computer mouse could prove to be a major investment in good health. While the device has changed somewhat over the years, this lowly technological tool was invented over forty years ago and has only recently begun to see a face lift to its original design. Those changes are in large part due to health concerns that have arisen around the repetitive use of this pointing device and its impact on the muscles and wrist. As more and more workers spend the greater part of the work day facing a computer monitor with keyboard and mouse close by, the repetitive motions needed to manipulate these tools begin to take their toll. In the decades that have passed since the PC became a part of everyday life, the words "carpel tunnel" have become very familiar to workers and physicians alike. New designs that have made this simple device less hazardous to the health of the user have become popular. The wireless computer mouse has also become a popular option and can feature the same kind of ergonomic design elements.

Some of the health concerns that have come to the forefront concerning the use of these mice belong under the heading of cumulative trauma disorders. Simply put, this means that the repetitive nature of movement that is required to operate these devices can cause serious trauma to the muscles and joints. The need to modify the work site has resulted in the development of the ergonomic computer mouse. Because the original design of these tools tended to keep the wrist at an awkward angle, the development of wrist rests helped to reduce injury. The speed of the computer mouse can also be a determining factor in the development of carpal tunnel disease or repetitive stress disorders. If the device is set at too low a speed, extra effort and repetition are required to use the tool. This problem presents one of the simpler and more economical work station fixes. Some of the warning signs associated with the cumulative trauma disorders and carpal tunnel disease are persistent pain, a deficiency or weakness in the ability to grip objects, numbness, dexterity loss, spasms or muscle cramps.

Whether in the market for a standard or a wireless computer mouse, there are a wide variety of ergonomic designs that promote ease of use and maximum comfort for the user. These mice come in a variety of shapes and styles. Some have the vertical appearance of a gear shift or a video game control, while others have more of a rectangular and upright design. Because the older technology required the user to turn the forearm so that the palm can face down toward the mouse, extra pressure is put on the wrist and forearm. Some of the newer designs allow the user to rest the wrist and click with the thumb. In addition, optical tracking technology allows for more accuracy and smoothness in use. Since hands are not all the same size, one size of mouse does not fit all users. The ergonomic computer mouse generally comes in a variety of sizes, allowing the user to find the fit that is most comfortable for them.

Most of these devices also offer wireless technology, making it possible for the ergonomically minded consumer to purchase a wireless computer mouse that also protects them from workspace health issues such as repetitive stress disorders or carpal tunnel disease. In addition to better control and ease of use, many of these new mice also offer a vertical scroll feature that works more precisely than the old fashioned and awkward scrolling wheel. These products also are usually available in both left handed and right handed models. Traditional mice can require uncomfortable movements such as continually pressing down on the right button while scrolling down to select text. Many of the newer mice offer a click lock feature that eliminates the need for this uncomfortable movement. Whatever choice a consumer might make in this area, finding a device that will prevent future health problems is an important priority. The Bible talks about the gift of health. "Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." (Psalm 42:11)

Another type of ergonomic computer mouse is the no hands device. These mice allow the user to work the pointer function with their feet. While eliminating the awkward wrists positions associated with traditional mice, these mice also remove the need for wasted motion as the hand goes back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse. The user saves motions and is able to keep their eyes focused on the monitor. These hands free models generally come with two foot pedals, one to control curser movements and the other to control clicks. Wrist rests and pads can also encourage the user to keep the wrist in a more relaxed position.

There are other options beyond the wireless computer mouse or the ergonomic computer mouse. Some businesses are investing in special software that reminds workers to momentarily stop and stretch. This programmable software periodically appears on the monitor screen and leads employees in brief stretching and relaxation exercises. The thinking behind such products is that encouraging workers to stop and stretch will not only reduce injury due to repetitive stress issues, but will also increase productivity and employee efficiency. The employer can decide how often these mini breaks take place and can choose from a library of possible stretching exercises.

Custom Built Notebooks

Having custom built notebooks specifically designed may be the best long-term option for getting the most for the money. Many computer needs and jobs are specific in today's specialty markets. What were once work positions that accomplished a host of tasks have become acute detailed and highly specialized tasks that require expert training to master. Work environments like these call for computers and technology that can meet unique situational challenges. Custom built laptops that can offer users exactly the tools needed are becoming quite a market. Because the hard drive in a laptop cannot offer the power of a desktop, those needing powerful programs on the go will especially appreciate having a computer designed and developed for their individual work and play desires. Many of the top name computer brands offer these unique machines and there are also lesser known computer manufacturers that will build a customized and quality product. Researching what is available on the market now is a good place to begin determining what programs or specifics will be needed, should the decision be made to invest in a customized notebook computer.

There are many different people groups that could benefit from having a computer that hosted programs specified for work, school, or play. Those who love games and high technology will be inspired to have custom built notebooks because these techies want the types of machines that can have high standards and capabilities with maximum specifications. Students may not need all of these bells and whistles, and instead opt for a basic model that has become difficult to even find in the stores. And, workers may have special programs that need to be run to meet their job demands. Having custom built laptops can be cost effective for any of the above mentioned groups - or for anyone - because the specifications can be ordered directly from the manufacture and components that will never be used can be eliminated. This could save on time and money in the long run, negating the need to update or add programs. And, valuable space will not be occupied by unused programming. Though a customized machine may cost more initially, these individualized computers can actually save money in the long-run.

With so much technology available at the fingertips of just about everyone, now is the perfect time to consider having custom built notebooks created to meet personal and business needs. With so many programming options available, it is hard to know what computer to consider. One computer offers options A, and another computer offers options B. There are also machines that have combinations, but leave out components that may be required to complete work. To avoid confusion and frustration, or to avoid having a distributor add this program or take away that program, maybe a consideration for custom built laptops is in order. Generic or cookie cutter does not have to be the only option when choosing the ultimate computer. There can be one created just for the job, the person, or the business; as individual a machine as the user is a person. Some computers can even be made in custom colors!

As the demands for customized machinery increases, more manufactures are considering taking orders. A few of the smaller computer manufactures have been creating custom built laptops for a few years now, but as the market for these individualized machines grows, now major name brand computer companies are getting in on the action. Some of the top names in computers are offering a department that will take specifications and build a laptop that is totally customized and without generic components. Again, this may cost the buyer more, but many are finding the options to be well worth the price.

Most technical aficionados that would be interested in hardware and software specifics know what they want or need. But, with the new popularity of custom built notebooks, there are those who recognize the need, but are not sure of what to specify or ask for. Speaking with others who have had machines built to specification or talking with manufacturers about options will help educate about current and available technology for a laptop computer. Actually, talking with others who have expertise in a field is Biblical. The Bible is a book full of practical application and this can apply to even purchasing technology in today's world. "The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge." (Proverbs 18:15)

The Internet has commentaries and articles about the up and coming popularity of customized computers. When wanting to consider custom built laptops, it may be a good idea to first spend some time browsing the information online, getting a good idea of what is available and price-comparison shopping. Log on today and discover that there is a machine that can be created with your name on it, and it just does not get anymore special than that.

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