Free Online Computer Help

Most computer owners could use a little free online computer help from time to time. The internet is a good source of aid on a variety of subjects and PC problems are no exception. Whether the issue at hand deals with hardware or software issues, viruses and spy ware, wireless technology or any number of potential problems or questions, there are a wide variety of web sites that offer assistance in these areas. Anyone who needs computer tech help can easily find support online that is free of charge. Whether a PC owner is a beginner or an experienced user, helpful information is readily available online. A consumer might be looking for a quick answer to a simple computer related problem, or they may be interested in full blown tutorials or classes on a variety of subjects. Helpful tips and maintenance advice are also available. Glossaries of terms and acronyms that are associated with computers can lend a hand in taking the mystery out of complicated technical lingo. Answers to important security questions or basic trouble shooting are readily at hand on the web as well.

When a system is on the fritz, computer tech help can be easily located on the internet. Some web sites even have interactive features that allow a user to find the answer to their particular issue, simplifying the trouble shooting process. Visitors to these web sites do not need to be PC wizards themselves. By explaining things in simple, laymen's terms, these sites guide the user, helping them pinpoint what is wrong and facilitating a solution. If the issue is beyond anything that the owner can handle themselves, these sources can also guide the consumer so that they know when to call in an expert. Whether the issue concerns simple problems such as cleaning a mouse or keyboard, or more complicated topics such as how to back up a system or maintain a hard drive, simple guides are available on a variety of web sites. Some sites even have support teams who can provide answers to e-mail questions.

These sources of free online computer help can also advise the PC consumer on how to upgrade a system when the need arises. If a PC user is seeking answers to questions concerning hardware installation they can find guides that will show them how to perform these procedures. Perhaps the desire is to install a new CD burner or DVD player, but the consumer is not sure how to proceed. These helpful sites can show them how, usually in an easy, step by step format. Instructions on how to install extra memory, sound cards, or even hard drives is often clearly illustrated on these sites. For some PC owners, even removing the case cover on their system can be an intimidating process. These sites can provide the information and advice that take the fear out of dealing with simple PC problems. These sites are also good sources of information on the types of free software programs or utilities that are available online.

Another service that these free online computer help web sites might provide are directories to various online guides that help the consumer deal with any number of internet issues. Whether the need is for information on child safety on the internet, how to handle e-mail issues, how to stop SPAM e-mails along with how to report them, how to use a search engine, or find a reputable web hosting service, there is usually a guide available and these sites can help the PC user find them. These sites are not only great sources of computer tech help, but they can also provide information for the novice computer user who is interested in expanding PC knowledge or making the most of an internet connection. The Bible talks about the kind of help that can be found in God. "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered." (Romans 8:26)

In addition to computer tech help that is free of charge, there are a wide variety of computer lessons that are available online at no cost. For the novice, there are web sites that offer tutorials on basic operating systems as well as tips and tricks. The PC user who is interested in improving their skills in word processing can find online classes and lessons in a variety of well known programs. If a consumer finds spreadsheets confusing, they can learn to master popular spreadsheet programs through these free tutorials. Graphics and digital photography are two more subjects that are frequently covered by these online classes. When a PC user wants to create a web site there are a wide array of readily available tutorials on just about any type of web building software, along with a basic understanding of web training and HTML.

PC owners who are searching for free online computer help can also learn about such issues as audio and video technology. Primers on networking, web caching, FTP and popular networking software are also readily available online. Tutorials on programming that cover well known software, databases and basic tools are also available. When a computer owner finds a solution to a problem, these web sites often dedicate a page on the site that allows users to share solution with others. Frequently asked computer questions are also popular pages on these sites. Since most of these online sources do not charge for their help or expertise, many will accept donations to help cover their expenses.

Free Laptop Computers

A free laptop for students is what many people are looking for, as young people in middle schools, high schools, and colleges are discovering that their work assignments cannot be completed without access to the Internet. The Internet has become the world's largest data base of information and as assignments become more sophisticated and advanced, students need to browse the limitless information that is available on just about every topic known to mankind. The need to put free laptop computers into the hands of the learning, span from elementary class room needs to college campuses. Computers have become a basic staple in learning environments. There are grants, foundations, and even businesses that give away laptops when certain criteria is met. There are also online promotional services which often give away products, including computers, for participating in marketing campaigns. With the realization of the extreme need of technology in the classroom and in the hands of students, perhaps more organizations, both charitable and corporate, will champion the cause and aid those who cannot afford to utilize this most valuable tool.

Most school districts are challenged to meet the every-growing needs of the student body. As society continues to spin out of control with the break down of the family unit, the decline of basic Christian values, and the increase of violent crimes, public schools are now addressing many more issues that go beyond academics. Educational monies are being spent on so many diverse programs, it is hard to attack any need with excellence. And, as academia changes with the centuries, so must the methods in which a youth learns, evolve. Technology is here and increasing every year. The youth of today must be exposed to the problem solving techniques of tomorrow. Free laptop computers are what many classrooms could use to bring an advantage to students that may not have the opportunities to use computers at home. And a free laptop for students in college could mean equipping the student with the most favorable tools for success.

The Internet is the ultimate library, giving anyone researching information instant access documentation and information that before was limited in accessibility. Recent research has cited that the Internet is an essential aid utilized by students from ages twelve to seventeen. Most parents surveyed expressed that the Internet served as the primary source of information used in important school projects. And the dependence upon the Internet has also flowed into the classroom with email being the primary source of communication between staff and administration and also from staff to parent. Some reports cited that communications between parents and staff were improved because of the instantaneous nature of email. Increasingly, teachers are assigning projects that require Internet research and computer technology. Without a computer in every classroom, teachers are very limited in their ability to function in today's technical environment. Free laptop computers for every classroom in public schools would not only benefit students, but teachers, as well.

Colleges and universities now require so much work to be accomplished online, any student who does not have a PC at their disposal will endure great struggles. Admissions and registrations are accomplished online, teacher emailing and class assignments are all communicated through cyberspace. A free laptop for students could make the difference between completing graduation or dropping out of college within the first year. As educational systems change the demands upon students and the methods in which students are expected to learn, those seeking to complete secondary educations need to have the tools to meet these demands without extreme financial hardships.

The Bible explains that those who are blessed are to share their blessings with those who are in situations of need. Considering the great need that many students and schools have for computers, giving free laptop computers as charitable donations could be one method of sharing. Giving a PC to a class room or individual is giving a gift of education; a gift that continues to give and benefit for generations to come. "...For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." (Luke 12:48) As Christian ministries give school supplies to families that cannot afford to purchase them, ministries may want to consider extending technology opportunities, as well.

There are agencies online that offer, from time to time, a free laptop for students. These agencies operate in a variety of ways, and anyone interested in obtaining a PC at no charge should consider researching options found throughout the Internet. There are also commercial contests and promotions that offer PCs, but most have criteria that must be met. Log on today and begin browsing through the various means for finding technical support for advanced education. And, those who are willing to give can also browse the different agencies offering support to pupils that need access to technology to enhance their school experiences.

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