Letterhead Printing Services

Business stationery produced by custom letterhead printing services may be the first point of contact with potential customers, so a company is wise to make the most of the occasion. Well-designed letterhead produced on high-quality paper stock can speak volumes about the professionalism which will accompany other offerings from the business. Even if a corporation has only been in business a short time, custom printing can help level the playing field, at least regarding initial impressions. Accompanied by matching business cards and envelopes, this creates a particular look and 'feel' for the new endeavor, and can signficantly influence a customer's perceptions about the organization. Of course, such perceptions need to be backed up with actions for a good business reputation to take root. For if a man thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. (Galatians 6:3) Having custom letterhead in iteself does not guarantee a business' success. However, professional business stationery may at least help earn an initial hearing from potential clients. This needs to be followed by professional actions and standards in every other area of the company.

The look and feel of a business' stationery items can communicate to clients and associates a distinct and professional image. It is best to utilize a four color (full color) process done by professional printing presses, for images done at home on regular ink-jet printers may appear jagged around the edges as they are enlarged. Also, a home-made look may be charming for some businesses, but generally is not appropriate for those seeking to project a corporate image. Use quality paper for all printing materials. Generally this will mean about a 70 lb. paper stock. Some custom letterhead printing companies give a choice of paper stock, and most will be willing to send samples for potential customers to see and feel.

Creating letterhead materials can be fairly quick and easy with some assistance from letterhead printing services. Most have several options for accomplishing the creative aspect of the project. Free templates are available for use by customers in designing materials for custom letterhead printing. Many companies offer either a step-by-step guide to the process or some form of design wizard to help in creating and formatting files for the project. Logos or special graphics can be uploaded to the websites of most services, or one can make use of the extensive graphics libraries which are generally available to select appropriate images. Of course, for those who do not wish to become involved with the creative aspect of designing letterhead, creative services are usually offered by the company for additional cost.

Design services may well be worth the additional expense. It is important to try to capture and reflect something of the spirit of the business in its advertising materials. Although one may not think of business cards, letterhead and envelopes as being related to advertising endeavors, these are items which on a day-to-day basis reach potential customers in the course of daily communications. Potential customers may either be impressed with a company's professionalism or reject materials (and perhaps the organization) with a judgment that these are poorly done. Needless to say, these observations will reflect either positively or negatively upon the business as a result. Whether the intent is to communicate a clean, minimalist image or make a bold, artistic statement, custom letterhead printing can have a significant impact upon a business' bottom line. Therefore, one needs to carefully consider the impression which various types of images, paper stock, and print colors will convey. This should be consistent with the image which a company desires to project.

Costs for letterhead printing services are reasonable, especially considering the impressions these materials can generate. Some companies offer a choice of standard or premium paper stock, or a 1 or 2 color process instead of full color printing. Many services offer discounts for packages of business printing items -- business cards, letterhead and matching envelopes. Additional items may be available for future endeavors, such as posters or doorhanger advertising. Keeping a uniform 'look' even while employing a variety of advertising materials can be helpful in establishing a company's brand in the public eye.

Speaking of costs, there are websites whose sole purpose is to obtain estimates for potential customers who are interested in custom letterhead printing or other services. The quotes are free. The only thing which a customer has to do is fill out an online form about the specifics of the upcoming job. After answering a few questions, the form is e-mailed to the printing companies which are associated with the site. Companies which believe they can offer competitive rates then email the customer directly with a quote. The individual can then determine which of the companies can meet the request for the best price. Time is often a factor for customers of letterhead printing services. Most companies have a turnaround rate of 2-4 days. Options exist for rush orders, although these items will incur additional costs. Many printers offer some type of guarantee for their work. Some online sites display a sample of the finished design before the final order is confirmed. The greater the quantity of materials ordered, the lower the cost per item, and the greater savings available to the business.

In summary, letterhead printing services may make substantial contributions to a company's success. Do not skimp on quality materials, for funds invested in professional stationery will likely be more than repaid by the potential customers which they may help to attract. Be sure that these materials are not false advertising, though. Back up claims to professionalism with actions which surpass customers' expectations in every area of the business.

Envelope Printing

Envelope printing online includes a large selection of business envelopes such as self-seal, clasp, window, and double window, and others. Quality printing with a professional edge is provided by publishing companies online with a variety of sizes and colors. Some companies offer custom made for commercial needs including side seam, diagonal seam, booklet and catalog sizes, inter-departmental, and document holders. Printing companies can take care of all types of publishing needs including special customized forms and publication of catalogs. An alternative to using a printing company might be feasible by purchasing equipment that can handle multiple jobs. Using envelope printers can provide a fast way to handle bulk mail processing with speed and can usually handle mailing pieces of all sizes.

Samples can be provided through envelope printing companies and many online establishments have a catalog of stock with the capability of customizing forms, envelopes, and other documents. Proofs can also be viewed through PDF format on the Internet and can allow for views of personalized information on the document of choice before placing an order. Some organizations offer discounts for larger orders and free shipping. Email promotions provide additional specials on various products and services.

Customized envelope printing will usually include a logo, company name, and address. Placing an order will include various choices on font size and style, color, document choice, and additional text. It is possible to choose more than one color on documents at no additional cost. Free samples can be mailed to a desired location for perusal before placing an order. Publishing can be done with laser or ink jet if so desired. Online ordering is simple through some sites and samples of a completed order can be reviewed before submitting.

Purchasing equipment to take care of document needs can be found over the Internet and it is possible to do a comparison through different sites in order to get the best deal. Some envelope printers are based upon ink jet technology including black ink with some color models available. Resolutions vary but usually range from 150 to 600 dots per inch. Costs may vary depending upon speed and quality and leased models are available if purchasing one isn't cost effective. Consider purchasing equipment an investment and take into consideration the costs of labels and the time it could take to seal and apply the labels to documents. Quality publishing could make a difference with marketing effectiveness so this should be a consideration as well.

Marketing effectiveness is often realized in the professional documents that are seen by potential customers. Envelope printing may be the very thing that gets the attention of the prospect and makes them want to read further. When sending out marketing information think about including an attractive business card with a brochure or flyer that is eye catching and enjoyable to read. Publishing companies online provide any kind of document that a company could possibly be interested in. Have some letterhead printed up with company logo and address information to send out with advertisements. Place a bookmark inside as a free gift and have "free gift enclosed" printed on the envelope.

Business correspondence that has a professional touch will help to create a branding image and provide name recognition with customers and prospects. Envelope printers will provide the first impression seen by prospects and customers. Laser technology provides high volume outputs with speed and automated envelope stuffing solutions. Other features included with laser equipment are packing slip inserts, sealers, and automatic feeds. Personalized features include script and handwritten fonts with capabilities of publishing on any time of card stock or glossy surface and standard size paper.

Design custom documents online through companies that offer thousands of design features. For customized envelope printing choose background scenes by viewing selections on the Internet. Designing documents is easy through some websites and the capability of uploading a finished design makes previewing instant. Design a card that has a bible scripture on one side and an inspiring saying or quote with a photo or inspirational photo on the front. Use these as a way to minister to others throughout the day by handing them out. Friends and acquaintances will appreciate one's thoughtfulness. "Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established" (Proverbs 16:3).

Some publishing companies online offer mailing services for printed documents. This may be a consideration for a company who has an occasional mail out that doesn't have an ongoing need for envelope printers or other equipment. Free quotes are available from various sites for pricing on mailing services. The cost will depend upon the quantity of documents and the service class options chosen for mailing. Businesses that offer this service have choices available on mailing options and can answer any questions on sealing or other needs for a specific project or mail out.

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