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All online business card printing is not alike. Nearly everyone has run into ads offering free or very low-priced cards, and wondered how these businesses survive and whether it is worth looking into the details of these products. After all, a business card is the first piece of advertising presented to a prospective customer. A person would not want to give a wrong impression by presenting a card done on inferior stock, with careless printing techniques. Although the giver may be a very conscientious professional, some products present a very different picture. It is regrettable, but people tend to judge others' professionalism by appearance and other outward factors. Having a professional-quality card which contains useful information about the company is an important first step in ensuring that the product or service being sold is attractive to potential customers.

Choosing to make use of discount business card printing may save some money initially. Yet, losing a potential customer because of a bad first impression is not wise. In one transaction, this person may make a purchase which brings in more money than was spent in obtaining quality cards! Some outfits which offer free cards require that their logo be displayed on the back of the cards. This sometimes signals to observers that a business is unwilling or unable to acquire a professionally done job, which can speak volumes. It is understandable that some level of frugality may be necessary when advertising a new company. However, there are times when one has to spend some money in order to make money, and this is one of those times. For the most part, quality online business card printing is relatively inexpensive compared to the revenue which it may generate.

Of course, an Internet search will reveal many great deals on discount business card printing. Some have money-back guarantees for their work. Choose a company that will back up its work with this option. Also note the type of design tools which are offered. These tools are meant to help design a unique item which still meets the company's production requirements. Most companies offer two main types of design programs. There is the basic design tool, which in point-and-click format offers choices between various formats, colors, backgrounds and other design elements. Basic templates are often offered for free, along with helpful articles about various aspects of designing and using business cards. As an earring of gold, and an ornament of fine gold, so is a wise reprover upon an obedient ear. (Proverbs 25:12)

Usually, there is a more advanced design tool featured as well, for those whose needs and experience demand a bit more freedom to control the design process. These programs may allow the designer to upload his or her own graphics or other elements. Design services may also be part of the value added to these offerings, or such help may be available for additional fees from discount business card printing companies. Color is another consideration. There are generally two main printing options: 1-2 color and full color. Full color business cards are printed on high end printers and are useful for making a strong visual impact. A broad range of colors can be created, using patterns of thousands of tiny dots of cyan, magenta, yellow and black dots. These merge into a visual impression of a full spectrum of colors. These types of cards are very desirable for those in a field related to the visual arts: graphic designers, advertisers, photographers, architects and many others.

The 1-2 printing option is the corporate standard for online business card printing. This procedure uses a high-end offset lithography process. This option may not be available from some discount business card printing companies, because it is a more expensive and labor-intensive process. Colors look crisp and clear at any level of magnification. This is excellent for creating a strong, professional impression which is attractive to corporate clients.

Many of the online business card printing services advise their clients to add something special to the normal array of information which is usually found. Aside from name, address, phone, fax, website and e-mail information, put in something which gives the contact a reason to hold on to the card instead of discarding it. A coupon, calendar, or other useful information can be easily included. Make use of the space on the back of the card if necessary. Include an interesting background or memorable logo. Plastic cards are sometimes used. These may be more durable. However, it is best to request that the backs of the cards are left uncoated. Some people jot notes about contacts on the backs of business cards, an option which is not available if both sides are coated. There are magnetic cards and a whole range of other options. One may have cards printed vertically instead of horizontally, for example. Others feature folded cards, which provide even more room to include further details about the products or services which are offered.

Acquiring a professionally done card from an online business card printing firm is just the first step in using this advertising tool. Many of the articles about the use of cards for business contacts stressed the importance of regularly handing out the cards to all new contacts, whether one views that person as a potential customer or not. (Sometimes people collect cards in order to share the information with a relative, friend or colleague.) Follow up on significant discussions with a short note a few days later. This shows an advanced level of professional interest and courtesy and may result in a new customer in the future. Forgetting to use this tool can lead to a loss of potential customers, while regularly using this tool can help to slowly yet surely build a solid base of repeat customers.

Business Card Printer

Business cards printing is available through a variety of options today, and choosing the right business card printer is truly an important decision to make. With so many do it yourself business card options available through printing sources right at our fingertips with home computers and laser printers, a business card can be designed, printed, and ready to hand out within minutes or hours. But, when promoting a business and wanting to attract serious customers or clientele, business owners and entrepreneurs may want to look into the advantages of having a professionally made business card to hand to their potential or reliable customers.

A business card is more than just a paper with a name and number on it. A business calling card may also serve as a major advertising component in your marketing strategies. The business card that represents you and your business will be the most used and distributed piece of information and savvy business people know this. Investing in a card that leaves a lasting impression and investing in a card that offers important information is an advertising investment that does not need to be overlooked or hurried through. Your business card is what will get you and your business noticed, remembered, and networked through the needed business channels.

There are marketing tips and advice for those choosing a new or improved means to promote their services or products. Those looking for a good business card printer will want to first consider what information their business card needs to explain to the recipient. Are you working with a company that has a logo? Does your current business have a logo, or need one? Logos are easily recognizable, and should be carried throughout all correspondence and advertising components. Once a logo is repeated over and over, the image is burned in a persons memory, giving your products or services and edge when the customer is making buying or selection decisions. If you are an individual or a new small business, then consider having a professional design a logo for you, giving you the opportunity to begin name recognition. When investing in business cards printing, your means of printing should be able to adequately transfer a logo.

Another important suggestion to consider when searching for the right business card and printer, is the double sided business card. The back of the business card could be valuable advertising or information space to further explain services or promote yourself. Remember that the more concise information a potential client has, the more likely your services are to receive a phone call or follow up! Too much information on a small space may also be a disadvantage, so carefully consider phrases or simple statements that sell or represent your products and services.

There are many different professional business card printer agencies that can offer further advice for your specific promotional needs. Local print shops can offer one on one consultations for design and artistic work on your calling cards. There are also Internet agencies that offer templates for designing your own cards, but with articles and tutorials on how to get the most effective look for your small space. Business cards printing does not have to be difficult, but should be thought through and never rushed. Take the time to speak with the professional business card printer about your unique needs and design options, getting the help of those who are in the business and have had experience in helping others promote themselves or their products and services. A good business card printer that has expert help will be worth the time and money invested.

Business cards printing may be researched online through the Internet. As mentioned before, there are many different options in business cards printing, and taking the time to investigate may be the difference between having a dynamic tool for networking or a simple piece of paper that gets lost in the shuffle. You may want to have a hand in your own design, and there are many options for the various desires and styles that compliment the many diverse businesses today.

Many Christian businesses and business people use their business cards to not only promote a line of work, but to also make a statement about their faith. The use of Christian symbols and scripture have become popular and are effective as a ministry tool. The Bible tells us to live every part of our lives as witnesses of Christ. Even our business dealings should be examples of the Christian character and nature. "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." (Colossians 3:17) Placing a scripture or Christian phrase on the back of a business card could be the opportunity to share your faith or to let your business acquaintances know that you conduct your business dealings in a manner that will bring God glory. The business card could be a tool that does much more than share a name and phone number!

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