Online Digital Picture Printing

Consumers on the look out for cheap digital photo printing need look no further than their home computer. For a cost that starts at a few cents per print, photographers can easily obtain physical copies of their digital work on line. In addition to low costs, these web sites offer an ease and convenience that consumers have come to expect in this technical age. Aside from photographic processing, most of these services offer a wide array of photography related products that allow the user to expand their creative possibilities while producing one of a kind, personalized gifts. Since the quality of prints can differ, a wise consumer will take advantage of the free trial offers that most of these venders advertise. In addition to processing, many of these online digital picture printing web sites also offer free storage and sharing services. Some web sites also work in conjunction with various businesses and offer the customer in store pick up options rather than waiting for prints to come through the mail.

Another area where a customer can save money by using online digital picture printing web sites is the area of travel expense. Since all the necessary steps for processing can be accomplished from the comfort of the customer's home, no gasoline is expended. Most of these web sites can guide a customer through the process of uploading photographs and make it a relatively simple process. If a consumer prefers, they can simply e-mail the photo files to the web site and let the vendor handle the uploading procedure. Another popular option is downloadable software that is generally offered free of charge by most on line photography businesses. This software enables the user to upload pictures directly from the consumer's camera or USB drive, a process that greatly speeds up the task of uploading. After the files have been uploaded onto the vender's web site, the customer can place their order, choosing the size, finish, or number of prints that they wish to have processed. These web sites offer cheap digital photo printing as well as convenience.

Cash is not the only thing that can be saved by using online digital picture printing services. Time is another valuable commodity that can be greatly conserved thanks to these venders. Most photographers, whether professional or amateur, love to share their work. These web sites often allow the customer to store their photographs online. Personalized galleries can then be shared with friends and family by simply e-mailing interested parties an invitation and a link. This service is generally offered free of charge and can benefit the vender as well as the consumer. Customers can quickly connect with loved ones and the web site receives an increase in traffic and the possibility of new business should one of these visitors decide to purchase prints. The advantages of features such as these have many benefits over simply e-mailing pictures to the intended recipients. Digital photograph files can be very large in size and are sometimes too large to be delivered by e-mail or will take up too much space in the recipient's in box. Consumers who wish to can even create group rooms on these web sites where they can post and receive comments as well as share photos. The pictures can even be viewed in a slide show format if the customer wishes.

For photography enthusiasts who enjoy taking a creative approach, many of these web sites offer on line photo editing and enhancing features. The Bible talks about the God who created the entire universe. "For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him." (Colossians 1:16) Before the digital photo files are submitted for online digital picture printing, the consumer can make any number of changes or improvements by taking advantage of these photo editing features. Thanks to this editing software, pictures can be cropped, color can be balanced, or red eye can be removed. If a photo is under exposed, this flaw can often be corrected in a digital picture. A wise consumer should check out all of these features when they are in the market for cheap digital photo printing.

Almost all of these web sites also offer a wide array of photo related gifts. Photographs themselves always make wonderful gifts and businesses that are known for providing cheap digital photo printing usually over a wide variety of photographic enlargements at reasonable prices. But for the consumer who is looking for something that is a little more unique, personalized photo calendars or posters that feature a collage of family pictures are gifts that most loved ones will treasure. Other examples of unique gifts that feature photographs could include coffee mugs, greeting cards, scrapbooks, flipbooks, or stationary. Wedding themed items such as favors or thank you notes are also available. What better way to introduce a new addition to the family than with birth announcements that feature a picture of the new arrival? Other possible gift ideas could include baby bibs or tote bags, clothing or coasters. Many sites even offer photo related jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces or key chains that incorporate a favorite picture. Special treatments for family photos are generally available including the opportunity to print the photograph on canvas and create a work of art that can be handed down for generations.

Digital Art Printing

For the artist, digital art printing presents the opportunity to marry creative process with technology. Most providers of quality art prints can help the artist achieve the highest potential with any work of fine art. Every artist wants to see their work showcased in the best possible way. Regardless of the method that is used to create the piece, whether it is photography or any other medium, skilled print service providers can guide a client through each process, from file transfer through scanning and imaging, all the way to the final result. Printers who specialize in creating exhibition quality images generally offer a wide variety of choices to the discriminating art lover. Some customers are interested in help with imaging and retouching photographs through computerized means. Others have large format jobs in mind and seek out vendors who can provide giclee technology. Still others are interested in investing in digital canvas printing. Whatever the need, there are many businesses that are dedicated to creating quality pieces for the client.

In the area of scanning, a consumer should research the methods that are available for capturing the image before it goes to print. Questions that should be asked up front before pursuing digital art printing with any business are the file size that can be created. Generally, a larger file size will yield better results because a large file allows for considerable leeway in the size of the final work. A small image file can only be enlarged so much before it begins to become pixilated, resulting in a very poor quality end result. Most printers will provide a client with a CD that contains the image file of their artwork for later duplication, sometimes at an additional fee. A large file can accommodate not only the quality image that the client wishes to create at the present time, but gives many options for any extra prints that they may wish to create later. A drum scanner is an example of a high quality scanner that can be used to create exhibition level scans.

After an initial scan has been accomplished, the work is far from complete. Skilled professional who know how to use digital imaging software to bring out the best in any image file are well worth the investment. A wise consumer will question digital art printing vendors on how charges are accessed for this service. Is there a flat fee or does the business charge by the hour. If a file will need a great deal of attention in this area, a flat fee will usually be a more economical approach. If the image needs only minimal attention, obviously an hourly charge will be the best option. Many print vendors will supply the finished file to the client in a format that allows a client who is proficient in imaging software to trace back individual changes to the image and make any alterations that they choose before printing without causing any harm to the image. Whether the choice is to create a final product on paper or to invest in digital canvas printing, proficient imaging technique is very important. Many vendors will employ staffs who also create their own works of fine art and so they are able to fully understand a client's needs. The Bible talks about the beauty of God's holiness. "Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness." (I Chronicles 16:29)

The process of digital art printing is an area that presents many choices to the consumer. One popular method is called giclee printing. The word giclee is French in origin and is defined, roughly, as a print method that involves spraying. These prints can be done on acid free, fine artistic paper or can even refer to digital canvas printing. A finished giclee print should be framed under special glass that protects from ultra violet rays to preserve the work. If the final result is to be printed on canvas, a traditional frame and glass are usually not desired. In these cases, the application of some type of protective coating is a good idea after the canvas has been stretched on a wood frame. A final work on canvas can create an image that is a combination of beauty and texture but also reflects the latest in print technology. Large image files are usually required to get a good result when printing on canvas. Skilled professionals will also know how to use the latest in imaging software to prepare the file specifically for canvas printing. Once the image has been printed, the job of mounting begins. This is not a step that should be ignored or taken lightly. A canvas print can be mounted on a solid medium or it can be stretched on a wooden frame as if it were an actual painting. Whatever choice the client makes, this is not an area for cost cutting. A poor job will of mounting will certainly take away from the final effect, no matter how skillfully the image was printed.

A second method of digital art printing involves a more traditionally photographic technique that creates an image on actual photographic paper. This method involves incorporating laser light with the digital file. The final result is processed using RA-4 chemistry and is more similar to an actual color photograph. As with traditional photographic processing, the final image can be done in a choice of finishes including matte, glossy, or high gloss. Whatever option is chosen, whether to print the final image on photographic paper, fine art papers, or to pursue digital canvas printing, there are many printers who can help the client create fine works of art.

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