Onsite Computer Repair

The real value of onsite computer repair is often only discovered after a major breakdown occurs. Anyone who has experienced the frustration of a PC that goes on the fritz at a crucial moment knows that the sooner things can get back to normal, the better. For businesses or individuals whose livelihood depends on this technology, time is the enemy when a system fails. The ability to access quality onsite computer help is crucial. A little advance planning in this area can make all the difference when disaster strikes. The wise consumer will have located a reputable service provider long before a breakdown occurs. There are a number of web sites that provide directories to local repair services. Other businesses offer an all in one service that subcontracts local help for businesses and individuals. With the rise of companies and individuals who are dependant upon computers for day to day functions, quick, efficient system restoration is a major priority. For the individual, the inconvenience of dismantling a home system and dragging it in for repair makes the idea of a PC professional who will make a house call a real benefit. For the business owner with a network of machines, a repairman who will come to a place of business is an absolute necessity. It goes without saying that prompt service is an absolute must.

The need for providers of onsite computer repair has grown dramatically in recent years and continues to grow. Whether performing issues of maintenance, system upgrades or repairing down machines, these professionals can make all the difference in how a business functions. Repair services can generally provide prompt, professional help in such areas as diagnostics, both wired and wireless networking, printer repairs, or creating custom systems. Most of these providers can also set up a service contract with their clients, ensuring that systems remain in good repair at all times. Security issues such as firewalls, and virus detection or removal are just some of the other problems addressed by these professionals. Many even offer same day service along with a willingness to make after hour calls. Whether the PC system serves business or personal needs, or a combination of both, computers are major investments that require regular maintenance and upgrades. Simple procedures such as regular cleanings can prolong the life of a system. These onsite computer help professionals can perform such maintenance on a regular basis, keeping a machine healthy and functioning well.

Even owners of home computers who do not use their machines for business purposes appreciate prompt, professional help when a PC needs restoration. When a vital system is down, the prompt response of onsite computer help can be a real blessing. The Bible talks about the importance of having a friend nearby. "Thine own friend, and thy father's friend, forsake not; neither go into thy brother's house in the day of thy calamity: for better is a neighbor that is near than a brother far off." (Psalm 27:10) Many of these service providers also make helpful recommendations to their clients regarding software needs and the availability of free software, resulting in considerable savings for the client. These onsite computer repair professionals can also offer assistance in such areas as PC setup and installation, troubleshooting, motherboard replacement, memory upgrades, and testing security systems. Any home or business that operates two or more computers might benefit by networking these machines. This is another service that these technicians can offer. Among the benefits of networking a system is the ability to share internet connections, files or a common printer. Many consumers favor a wireless network, adding flexibility to their system, particularly for owners of laptop and notebook computers.

Getting started with an onsite computer help provider usually requires a basic new client registration. This process generally involves sharing information and securing a deposit by credit card for the first hour of work. Many of these providers offer nationwide service. A business owner who has multiple locations across the country can set up a maintenance or repair schedule for all of these locations through one web site. The cost of these services usually runs somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred dollars an hour or less. If a client cancels an appointment, there may be a cancellation fee assessed. This fee could be in the neighborhood of fifty percent of the hourly rate or more. Some of these providers act as contractors and hire local technicians as subcontractors. This removed relationship can sometimes mean that the service provider that was originally hired by the client is not responsible for the actions of the subcontractor who actually shows up for the job. If this third party relationship is uncomfortable for the client, a business owner or individual might be wise to hire a local service themselves and skip the middle man.

Providers of onsite computer repair also offer a variety of services including broadband installation, hard drive recovery, kiosk installation, DSL configuration, data protection, tradeshow set up, recovery in case of disaster, and onsite training and tutoring. Special classes for senior citizens are sometimes offered and can be beneficial, particularly for retirement communities or senior citizen centers that wish to offer computer labs or special classes for their members. The developmentally disabled can also benefit from training and tutoring on location. For the personal user, learning PC skills from the comfort home on their own machine can be a very appealing feature. When businesses need to train a number of employees at the same time, on-site training can be the most efficient way to achieve this.

Computer Repair Companies

Choosing computer repair companies has turned, in many cases, into the same kind of nightmare as finding a reputable shop for mending whatever ails ones car. Sad to say, investigative journalists have conducted undercover research and found that in sometimes as many as five out of ten PC fix it companies from various national and local stores took advantage of unsuspecting and unknowing clients for often times hundreds of dollars more than what was actually needed for the PC to be fixed. Just like in the mending of many automobiles, the computer repair services industry can easily take advantage of a customer who knows only how to click his/her way through the day or night with the PC and wouldn't know RAM memory from REM sleep. With over one hundred million PCs in the United States, the restoration of one's desktop or laptop is near the apex of personal priorities for many Americans. In fact, in a recent poll, a surprisingly large percentage of the United States population insisted that the love of their PC was higher than the love for food. Surfing before sustenance!

Experts looking out for the consumer public suggest some of the following guidelines for choosing from the many PC fix it companies. First, know that there are some people out there who do not know what they are doing and others that will take advantage of a client and some that are both and many that are reputable businesses who not only know what they are doing but also will only charge for the parts and labor to fix the machine. Know also that national computer repair services are also likely to have some scam artists among them and are not immune from abusing customers any more than Mom and Pop stores are in any local town. If a trusted friend can repair the PC or has knowledge of a reputable store, that would be a good start. Check with the Better Business Bureau for customer complaints for the repair shops being considered. Get three or four different estimates for any computer repair companies on one's short list, and ask to see all certifications that were obtained from specialized training. Of course this all takes some time, and if the computer must be fixed right away without all the investigative hoo-hah, then a person can just hope that the choice is a good one.

For computer repair services, there may be very rough years ahead from a legal standpoint, however. In Texas, a recent ruling has now forced computer repair companies to only have repair people that have either a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice or graduated from the three year apprenticeship program for private investigators. The reason for this rather strange ruling is because technicians are exposed to the temptation of looking at the personal files of customers while the machines are in the shop being repaired. Any repair having to do with viruses, searching through possibly corrupted files or other internal "surgeries" on a PC will be forbidden. Only certain hardware issues will be allowed to have an address by the technician of record.

But if computer repair services remain up and running despite the legal wrangling, there are some ideas for keeping the fix it costs low. If the customer has any tech savvy at all, a person could actually try some of the live chat rooms that specialize in helping people for free. These chat rooms are manned by computer specialists and the sites could be a source of saving a lot of money. These sites have input from thousands of tech savvy people from around the world and make their money by allowing ads on their sites. There are even some podcasts that can be downloaded for answering questions to tough computer repair questions. "For Thou are my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake lead me and guide me." (Psalm 31:3)

Yet many problems are above any self fix it chat rooms, so what then? For a start, the customer may choose to have the tech come to the business or to the residence of the sick PC. Most of these businesses will charge a fee for showing up at the doorstep, even if no work is completed. The "Have Demagnetized Screwdriver Will Travel" option may be a good one if a customer is afraid of privacy issues regarding certain files or information on the desktop or laptop. IN this case, the customer can sit down right next to the tech and observe everything going on. Perhaps not every foray into private files can be spotted, but many will, or it just may discourage them from happening in the first place.

Computer repair companies can often be an agent, only supplying the clearinghouse for computers to be brought in and dropped off. The actual work is performed by a number for private contractors that the agent uses for its repair business. A customer will have to ask up front who will work on the computer, and whether it could be taken to a third site for the actual repair. Turnaround time is also very important for many PC customers. Some PC fix it services do offer same day service, but of course this will be much more expensive in many cases, because other jobs must be laid asides to complete the same day project. But as almost anyone knows nowadays, a day without one's computer is a day without...one's computer. We'll all survive that dreaded day.

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