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Businesses that are interested in wholesale postcard printing will find that there are a wide array of options and services that are currently available. Many corporations are finding that direct mail marketing through the use of custom printed postcards is a great way to get the word out about their products or services. There are many organizations that will guide the customer through the design, print and mailing aspects that can lead to an effective method of business promotion that is both cost effective and relatively easy. Whether represented by a physical store or a web site, these postcard printing companies can lead a consumer step by step through the design process. Many of these print service providers can even get direct marketing cards in the mail for a client. A wide variety of price and design options make this approach a viable promotional tool for businesses both large and small.

When choosing a provider of wholesale postcard printing there are a number of things to consider. The experience level of any vender is of course a prime consideration. Questions to consider in evaluating a potential print service provider could include the services that they offer as well as a list of their past clients. Many postcard printing companies offer design services that might include a variety of templates and graphic design choices and will include the consumer in design decisions. Some offer design tools on the web site including stock images and unloadable designs. The ability to proof a design before the final purchase is another important feature. A provider may offer various mailing list options as well including helping a client build a targeted mailing list. Many print providers will also assist the customer with mailing the cards out as well. Pricing can be handled in a variety of ways. A base price is just that and does not include special services such as the price of postage or more deluxe printing processes such as two sided color. Some print providers include everything in one price. Volume discounts are often available and the customer should always inquire about this if it is not offered. While many providers will offer this discount, others will charge a firm per card price.

Investing in wholesale postcard printing can be a wise decision for anyone who is thinking about using direct mail as a promotional technique. If an online business wishes to increase traffic on a particular web site, postcards can be an effective promotional tool and can be equally effective for physical stores. When designing a card, a simple approach is usually best. These promotional tools will be seen at a glance by potential customers. If the design is not complicated and the text is brief, the recipient will be more likely to actually read it. When mailing the cards, there is a lower postage rate for postcards, making this means of marketing less expensive than letter mailing. There are size requirements for this lower rate however. Generally a card should be no larger that around four by six inches and no smaller than around three and one half inches by five inches. Unlike letters, postcards tend to be more likely to be read since they do not need to be opened and have been shown to yield reasonably fast results.

Postcards can be a very versatile marketing tool. Some potential customers will keep the cards or may hand them on to other people, multiplying the sender's message. It is much easier to specifically target a market with postcards, making advertising expenses go further. Many postcard printing companies can help the consumer meet their budget through the print choices that are selected. Since these cards are small, many potential customers keep them on hand or bring them into a store with them. If a business has a new product or a special sale, these cards can be a good way to get that message out. If a discount offer or coupon is included in the card's message, a business owner can very easily track the response that the cards yield. The Bible talks about the importance of communicating with wisdom. "The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned." (Isaiah 50:4)

When a wholesale postcard printing vendor also offers mailing services, business owners can accomplish many goals using one single source. Venders who will not only print the product, but will also compile a targeted mailing list, address the cards, and get them in the mail offer significant services to business owners. Many of these print providers have creative teams that aide the client in copy as well as design. Building a thriving business from the ground up through the use of postcards is not an impossible dream. Prices can range from well under a dollar per card for and up. The print run can range from a few hundred to several thousand units, depending on the number of potential customers the business owner wishes to contact. Cards can be produced in all standard sizes and in custom sizes as well. In addition to business owners, professionals in all fields can reap the benefits of the services that are offered by these postcard printing companies. Doctors who need to remind patients of appointments or let local community members know about a new practice that has opened up can do this through direct mail postcards.

Postcards Printer

A postcards printer can offer a variety of crucial marketing options to clients, helping clients keep their name, products, and services in the hands and minds of the consumer. A beautifully printed card that arrives in the mail can capture the attention of the consumer, giving the consumer a first impression of the company being promoted. Even though the Internet is the growing advertising and promotional vehicle of choice today, direct mail is still a crucial part of any marketing plan. Keeping information about a product or service before potential buyers is an important and long-term promotional plan. The card or letter that offers information about a service or items for sale can achieve several different sales goals. Primarily, good information and sales announcements can generate immediate sales. Secondly, having a direct mail piece that has been professionally printed by postcard printers in the home will promote awareness, placing the company on the card into the minds of the consumer. This strategy is referred to as name recognition, and investing into name recognition is a must for companies that want to expand and increase sales.

Different marketing agencies will offer different plans to promote a client's business. The over-all plan should always include a direct mail option, and many of the marketing companies working today will even offer the postcards printer services. These agencies provide clients complete direct mail services. Selecting card materials, designs and graphics, wording, or even creating logos can be included in the support offered by an advertising and printing company. Most postcard printers will customize their services to meet the unique needs of those that are served.

Further service options may include purchasing mailing lists and having the postcards printer directly mail out the cards. The technology of today is making it simple and expedient to take an advertisement from conceptive thought to consumer's mailboxes, within a short amount of time. Those that have limited time or energy to devote to a direct sales marketing plan should consider working with a postcard printer that offers complete marketing services and support. These amazing services can upload graphics and trademarks, then email proofs back to their customers. All aspects of this business can be handled online, without the need to travel to the printing office.

Though holidays and special occasions are the time that most businesses consider incorporating a direct mail plan into their advertising campaign, anytime is really a good time to use postcard printers and send a card in the mail. Innovative minds can conceive hundreds of ideas for getting literature into the hands of the targeted audience. Mid year sales, over-stocked inventories, welcome messages, new items in stock, and appreciation events are all ideas that can be implemented throughout the year. And, of course those holidays will also provide a thematic reason to invite consumers to shop in the store, look up the company online, or give the company a ring. Putting a card or piece of paper into the hands and minds of the consumer several times a year will generate name recognition.

To find a printing service that will meet the needs and plans of advertisers, the Internet can be a good place to begin the search. Hundreds of post card printers have their agencies listed online, and some offer web sites than can interact with customers, allowing customers to utilize software in creating a card. Seekers may also find local agencies that offer printing services, but these agencies may be limited in the scope of options provided. The company looking for a turn key post card printer option will find many choices online.

Christians that are considering the services of postcard printers will want to take the opportunity put good, wholesome advertising before the targeted audience. Christians are called to even commit their businesses to the Lord and bring Him glory in every thing they do. A direct mail out plan could include a Bible verse or praise to the Lord for His abundant blessings. And, without a doubt, all advertising needs to be honest and straight forward. "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." (Colossians 3:17)

Once a direct mail programs and agency has been chosen, businesses will want to carefully consider the content printed on the card. A small card should have limited information on it and should quickly get the attention of the consumer. Small print and excessive wordings should be avoided. Creative images that evoke emotion or curiosity are popular and successful promotional plans. Take time to work with the postcards printer and plan any mail out that is going into the homes and hearts of consumers, finding away to make an effective impression that will last for a long time. And, remember, first impressions, good or bad, will last a very long time.

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